How I Met My Inspiration

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Mornin everyone and have I got a treat for you!

This weekend (Friday night) I got to attend a conference by the essential oil and healthcare fitness guru himself…Dr. Axe!! My go-to guy when I talk about all these things on my blog, the guy I look to for recipes and info on essential oils…I actually got to meet!

The seminar was brilliant, he covered a few things I had never heard him mention before and then afterward, we had a Q&A session and pictures!!

Myself and Dr Axe at the seminar

He looks gigantic next to me, it’s probably the camera angle, then again, I’m super short!! 4’9″ to be exact!

This girl was in hog heaven, I recorded the whole speech, so I could refer to it here.

Dr Axe speaking to the crowd

He explained how the body has been treated since ancient times by how hot or cold, damp or dry it is, and how you don’t treat the symptoms of a disease, you find the source.  Like, when you have inflammation, that would be a symptom of it being hot or aggravated and something like Candida (yeast) would be too damp. Then the ancient doctors would treat the patient with foods like bone broth and herbal teas, or essential oils and tinctures.

Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut”

He talked about how emotions like fear and worry cause disease like cancer, which his mom had and conquered with chemo at first, and then when that didn’t work, she tried his way with ancient, Chinese medicine like bone broth, herbs, essential oils, and exercise. Today she is in remission and the best shape of her life!


He talked about how in Biblical times they healed the body with foods easy on the system, like bone broth and coconut oil, pears and blueberries, and herbal tea, because they are easy to digest. Changing the diet is the beginning of healing the leaky gut. He also explained how in our society we stay in a high-stress, flight or fight state and that we need to consume adaptogens like essential oils and herbs like holy basil and ashwagandha.

He explained so many things that it would be better for you to listen to the recording. The takeaway for me was how important it is to start eating bone broth to help strengthen my joints and give me a more youthful, wrinkle-free appearance. I need to get back to consuming turmeric and ginger to fight inflammation and improve digestion. I already use a lot of essential oils, yet there are so many more I had never heard of. Black seed, holy basil and milk thistle are some he mentioned several times. Bitter herbs fight dampness in the body and also detox the body of toxins from the food we eat and the environment we live in.

Nutrient-rich bone broth has many benefits

Lucky for us attending the conference, he had his line of essential oils and all of his bone broth products available for up to half off the regular price! So I got some coffee and grapefruit essential oils and did not want to wait in line for the bone broth protein, I got that Saturday night after our date at the Sunflower Shoppe, who sponsored the seminar. Thankfully, it was still half price so I got some chocolate flavored to make smoothies and baked goods with.

His line of products is called Ancient Nutrition and can be found online at Amazon, and at the Sunflower Shoppe which has three locations here in the metroplex or you can purchase online. I have no affiliation with any of these retailers or products, just trying to give some good info so it may help someone. 🙂 He also sells it at his own online store at

I have the recording if anyone wants to listen to it, I can email it to you, just ask me in the comments. I hope you try some or all of these products if for no other reason than to begin the healing process and reclaim that youthful glow. But remember, you can’t expect a miracle just using these products alone.

I hope you try some or all of these products if for no other reason than to begin the healing process and reclaim that youthful glow. But remember, you can’t expect a miracle just using these products alone. You have to start with a good attitude, a clean diet and at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Take a walk, swim, or ride a bike around the neighborhood. Do some research on essential oils and bone broth, read all the benefits and you and your doctor come up with a health plan that works for you. Have a great Monday and I’ll see ya later, on the patio! 🙂





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  1. hmmmm….I’m a sceptic where someone thinks their way will cure you…especially when they try to sell you stuff like bone broth, sorry Kim.. make your own, cost is pennies and probably so much better for you! I’m such a debbie downer…lol..

    1. “I ain’t got time for that!” lol, that’s why I was thrilled to find his Bone Broth Protein…for the convenience, the taste, and the versatility of the product. You can’t make Paleo brownies with real bone broth, lol. I know it’s good for you, but who has 14 hours and how hard is it to find the right type of bones, make sure everything is organic, etc.? I need to blend and go, so I can have my smoothie 3-5 times a week, or use it to make baked goods that are good for you. Just sayin. 😉

  2. Very interesting, I’m glad you got to attend the seminar. I love things about ancient times and methods. They are so much better than all this chemical stuff they give us.

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