Which Car Is Best? Civic, Cruze, or Fusion?

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“I Want the Civic Dear” 

Specifically the Honda Civic EX-L w/Navigation

(that’s what I would tell my husband anyway)

If you are searching for a new car soon, which car is the best value, has the best safety rating and gets the best gas mileage?



That’s my choice among the three, I did a basic comparison, even throwing in a couple of other models, like the Hyundai and the Corolla.


In terms of price, they are very close across the board.

In terms of room, The Civic wins for front driver and passenger leg room.

In terms of safety, the Civic wins again with a perfect 5-star rating in Crash Test Results.


The Civic gets better gas mileage as well, 32MPG city/42MPG hwy compared to the Elantra which gets 29/38 or the Corolla, which gets 28/36 respectively. The Cruze gets 29/39 and the Fusion gets 21/32.


I do like the styling of the Cruze compared to the Civic or the Fusion, however, the model EX-L is $23,300 compared to $23,475 (Cruze) and $23,740 (Fusion).

As far as torque and horsepower, the Cruze wins over the Fusion and the Civic, so if that is important to you, take it into consideration.

For my money, the Civic is the way to go, however I could be biased in my opinion. 😉