Banner Days and Fall Ways

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Yesterday was a banner day as the dogs BOTH used the doggy door and ended up in the pool room together. Let me explain. I have been using this week to not only work my butt off on my freelance goals but to train my dogs to use the new doggy door my husband installed. Which means they have to unlearn where they used to go out and learn to go through the game room/pool room/man cave. Luckily, the doors can be closed so what I do is put them outside (through the doggy door) and then after putting their water and food and a snack in the room, I shut the doors and go on about my work. Well, Wednesday, Whiskey finally “got” it and came in by herself with no coaxing. Not Brandy though. 🙁

It’s tough going but they will eventually get it together. I think my youngest is on to something when he says they know how to do it, they just want our attention. They want us to get up and show them where to go, which is what I was trying to avoid, that and getting up and down at night letting them out to go potty!

Wednesday was also a good day with Dad. We ate lunch and I took him to the bank. When we got home, instead of heading straight to the pool table, we went out front and picked two bags of pecans. It seems like all it took was one cool night and they started falling. Now I have pecans to use and/or share with more on the way. His entire front yard is covered in pecan trees!

Dad picking pecans

After a while of picking, you know the good ones from the bad just by the weight of them in your hand. The squirrels and bugs have had a go at them so many of them are bad. And when they still have “jackets” on, they are usually bad.

One bad pecan
Pecans on the ground

I love picking pecans because it takes me back to my childhood when we picked them from my grandparent’s orchard every Thanksgiving at the family reunions. All of us cousins in a friendly competition to see who could please Grandmother by picking the most. Oh, and there was the dime a bucket she gave us also.

I’ve been so busy around the house and office I have not taken the time to decorate the mantel, I really need to change it up for Halloween/fall. I thought maybe I might do the front yard this year also…we will see. (I get tight with my money this time of year, birthday week is coming up, then Christmas arrrggghhhh!) I’m never ready.

I felt so productive yesterday but not in the area of writing. I got lots of other things done. Of course yesterday I could rattle them all of and it was a list as long as my arm, today I remember one thing, I made my oatmeal “muffins” that aren’t muffins at all. They are individual servings of oatmeal, frozen and ready to pop in a bowl, heat up and eat.

They turned out pretty, no? It’s because I used the silicone cupcake liners like I use when I make egg cups. Seriously, they make everything so easy, they just pop right out! Easy peasy and clean up is a breeze! Work smarter not harder right?!

I also attended a webinar by Dr Axe. It was good, but I’d heard most of it at the seminar I recently attended. Anyway, the bottom line was, he wanted to sell me on becoming an essential oils coach. I can’t afford that school right now and honestly, I’m not sure that’s what I want to do. I need to concentrate on one thing at a time here and my plate is already pretty full.

Later, I got hungry and had this, my favorite lunch: half a granny smith apple, with cashew butter (my newest love) and some sweet potato chips. Yum!

My favorite snack/lunch

That’s a little over a teaspoon, so creamy and delicious. Not much sugar either, two TBS have 3 grams and I barely had a teaspoon. Not crazy about the fact that it’s made with safflower and palm oils, but I’m not gonna stress about it either. It also has 4 grams of protein and 10 grams of carbs. Plus, it’s a healthy fat. I believe this is pretty healthy eating on a basic level. (not a hamburger right?) So, today maybe I’ll have a smoothy made with the bone broth protein I bought from Ancient Nutrition and feel even better about myself, lol!

Sorry I have not been doing the flash fiction Friday thing, hopefully I get back in the groove soon. Have a great weekend everyone!



4 Replies to “Banner Days and Fall Ways”

  1. Brandy and Whiskey will get the doggie door in due time! Thank you for the pecans and the oatmeal! The oatmeal was really good, and the pecans were delicious! Next time I see you I owe you $.10! Many hugs and much love! Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. Haha, you are so hilarious girl! I came home and made some spiced pecans that are so yummy! I’ll email the recipe to ya and maybe your Dad can make some with the pecans he shells. 😊

  2. We had pecan trees around the house, but the best trees were on the farm near the river. At least once a year our family of four would go, picking as many as we could. We went early in the season, because trespassers got everything later. My granddad keeled over and died while picking up pecans at his house. I think he was 85. What a way to go!

    1. He went doing what he loved, can’t ask for any more than that. 😊
      I’m glad you shared similar happy memories, being with family is what’s special!

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