Celebrations, A Weekend Wrap-up

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Morning everyone and how is your Monday morning so far?

I thought I’d bring you a quick but picture filled wrap up of my busy weekend and let you know where we stand on the fundraising goal of the PKD Walk. Seems I’m in the tale of a comet this morning, everyone’s computers are malfunctioning and I can’t find out the total raised just yet, but at last check, it was close to the $70,000 goal they set.

Some Star Wars stars were there

I walked by myself but the weather was nice, cloudy and windy but not cold. I feel like there were way fewer participants than last year, maybe they thought it was going to rain. Then again, I was five minutes late so I may have missed seeing the bulk of the crowd.

Crossing the finish line

It’s all very anti-climatic, no one there saying, “Woo hoo” or “Way to go” but hey, those of us who walked know we were there. There were speakers and raffles, face painting for the kids and tables filled with info. I pretty much walked, got my t-shirt and said hi to Sally, the walk co-coordinator. Feeling kind of awkward and hungry, I left to go get breakfast.

Me post walk, about to go eat
MMM, breakfast “tacos” from Alvarado’s. I ate one and was full.

After the walk, I went to visit my Dad because he needed some new nutcrackers and because I wanted to spend time with him on his actual birthday. Sunday we were to do family birthday dinner but hey, a girl can spend extra time with Dad right?

My hubby worked 31 hours straight from Friday through Saturday around noon. Poor guy, he was so tired yet couldn’t wind down and fall asleep. I went on to Bunco and left him listening to his music on the patio.

We had a great time and our hostess for October, Starla, really went all out to show us a good time. We were short four players but everything worked out just fine. Check out her wonderful decorations and all the great snacks and food she had for us!

She made this adorable cake
Even her napkins were cute!

I wish I had the time, energy, and fabulous collection of decorations she has, even her front porch was dressed in tasteful, fall/Halloween decor! A great time was had by all of us, even those of us who didn’t win a prize this time. 😉

Sunday was busy in preparation for the birthday dinner. My hubby helped me clean the house, cook, and his brother helped us to place our old rug temporarily in the living room (our furniture is beastly heavy) until we can get a new one. We ate delicious steaks, salad, and my hubby even made Chris’s favorite dessert, banana pudding. We watched the Cowboys defeat the 49ers, played pool, and had a great time visiting with family. Unfortunately, Connie (my sister-in-law) was down in her back so she missed all the fun.

I took some video of the guys opening their gifts and captured a few stills for yall to see.

This one’s my favorite, the birthday boys sharing a laugh over Chris’s card from Dad

I got my dad some pjs, cute boxers, and a bluetooth speaker so he could enjoy his music from anywhere.

Dad opening his speaker and other gifts
Chris and David joking around

I wish I had been thinking and took pictures of everyone, I did get one of Josh sporting his blue hair though!

Josh speaking to Sean, who was out of the shot-sorry.

Bubba was there with Stephen, Claudette was there and had on a lovely Halloween shirt. My brother Kevin was there sporting some new facial hair and I missed the opportunity to share all of this, maybe because I was sampling some delicious Cabernet that Bubba so graciously contributed to the event. Who knows, but a good time was had by all. How was your weekend?

Sorry I have nothing useful this morning other than entertainment value. Maybe that will change later in the week, meantime I’m going to be busy writing and looking for a publication to submit it to. See y’all later and have a fabulous day!!



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  1. Your weekend was full! From the showing of your likes quite a few people and I enjoy the reading about what is going on with you! That is awesome that PDK walk did so well! The bunco house looked awesome, and B-day party looked like everyone was enjoying themselves! Sounds like a great weekend! Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. It was a great collaboration of celebrations! How was yours? I also did more work on my website today and submitted a story to the CSMonitor! I’m hoping I get a yes within three weeks. I saw your post, whatcha gonna be? Have a good night, ttyl!

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