Have You Checked Out My New Website?

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Afternoon everyone and how is your Tuesday going so far?

Mine has been very busy with writing projects and housework, the usual for me on Tuesdays. I’m about to get a break and go have some fun, however, because it’s finally time to go see the remake of the Stephen King classic, “IT”!!! I’ve been waiting a month or more for my friend Kathy to be able to go, tonight that time has finally come! Are you ready for some  🍿 and 🤡 ??? Well I am!


Plus, I got my baby back today, the shop had it raring, polished, and ready to go! Not that I didn’t enjoy the rental I was driving, but I was so happy to see my blue beauty back and the fact that they cleaned and vacuumed it didn’t hurt either! Thank you Caliber Collision!

Last night I played with my Canva app some more and created a new header image for my revamped website, Write Where You Are. It has my name in it and since the web address is my name.org, I am trying to better brand myself and make it easier for people to find me. Now what I don’t understand is how I have shared it on Pinterest and Facebook and my last post still has no likes, visits, or shares. What the heck am I doing wrong? I know I need to create a page on Facebook specifically for my website but you would think the other stuff would have garnered a notice or two.

So, I decided to mention it again here and see if y’all wouldn’t do me a favor and go have a look see, and maybe share your feedback, good or bad. I would really appreciate it! Click on the link and it will take you there straight away.  I also created my own logo, but I’m not sure you’ll be able to see that, depending on the device you look at the website on. Share your comments and pray I don’t throw 🍿 all over the theater tonite! Have a great Tuesday everyone!


12 Replies to “Have You Checked Out My New Website?”

  1. I understand. I am sorry you all had to go through that, one of the perils of living on the coast. I still want to get back to the ocean someday, maybe we will. I hope you and your town can recover and build again.

  2. Good morning Kim. Your new website is beautiful. Congrats! However I’m going to take some “serious offense” at your labelling of your car as”your baby.” Why? Because women have despectively reacted that way for years when I expressed my fondness for any car of mine and it’s about time to give them some of that medicine back. Equality has its drawbacks dear, including holding silent grudges like women did for centuries. By the way you did not care to send your affection for our suffering during Hurricane Irma that I duly expressed in a ” thank you” blog. I might still like you, I don’t know…
    Un baccione.

    1. I’m happy you stopped by to check out my sight, thanks for the compliments, however, I’m sorry if I missed an opportunity to express my sadness at your suffering during Irma. I’ll go re-read your blog, I’m sure I did once, but just in case. Have a blessed day!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Well, what did you think? I’m still trying to figure out the comment box or lack thereof. No follow button either. Maybe my theme doesn’t support it?

      1. Good Morning Kim 🙂 It is great! I just subscribed, you can like your page but not comment yet. I think the subscribe took place of the follow button 🙂 I look forward to getting a notification and even check out the previous post you have written there! Have a Wonderful Day!

  3. Your new website looks lovely. I looked for a place to leave a comment and saw none. Clicking like was the best I could do. This comment may not show up. Often, if I’m the first to comment, my words disappear into thin air. (Have you ever seen fat air?)

    1. You are so funny Anne! Thank you so much for checking it out and trying to leave a comment. I’ll go check on that and remedy the situation!

    2. Well, I looked at everything yet can’t find a comment widget or box! All it shows are recent comments, and there were none, fat or otherwise! Lol

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