Ghost Sightings Possible?

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Happy Friday everyone, I am so excited because today we are headed to the historic San Antonio, Texas for the Marine Reunion that my in-laws always attended. I am accompanying my mother-in-law and a good friend she made at the reunion a few years ago, Barbara as we make our way to the Crockett Hotel. Close to the Alamo, the Crockett is rumored to be haunted, with sightings of long gone soldiers and cold spots felt by guests in some of the rooms and the bar area.

The Crockett Hotel-photo credit

According to the website Haunted Rooms, the Crockett was built on the grounds of the Alamo in 1909 to be used as a fraternal lodge. It has been updated and then completely renovated in 2007 and has earned a place on the National Register of Historic Structures.

I’m not sure if the ladies I’m traveling with are aware that our destination is so interesting,¬†but I’ll be sure to clue them in along the way! How perfect that we are doing this so close to Halloween! Maybe we can take in a ghost tour while we are there. I definitely want to take them to the Menger Hotel, it is also haunted and sports the bar where the legendary Rough Riders used to hang out, an apparition of Teddy Roosevelt himself has reportedly been seen at the bar enjoying a drink!


Teddy Roosevelt-photo credit Wikipedia



Of course, us ladies will have to stroll along the Riverwalk, visit the Alamo and Rivercenter ¬†Mall while we are there, as long as Claudette feels up to it. She had round two of her chemo treatment Wednesday and Thursday and so far she is doing great! Her doc said that if the first round didn’t cause her any problems, its likely that the rest of the treatments won’t either. Let’s all say a prayer that she continues to do well.

I have to finish packing so I will cut it short today, however, look forward to more posts about our adventures in San Antonio!

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