Day Three Lexington Marine Reunion-Shopping, Dining, Celebrating

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As the morning temperatures progressed from cool to slightly warm, we departed the hotel for a different kind of shopping experience at The Pearl Brewery shopping mall.

The Pearl Brewery and shopping mall
My pretty cappuccino design

First of all, the farmer’s market was taking place and evidently some kind of bring-your-doggie-dressed-for-Halloween event as well! We must have seen every breed imaginable, dressed up in their finest attire and they were so well behaved too! I wish I would have thought to take pics of them, however, we were all about which boutique to hit first once I made my way through what goodies the farmer’s market had to offer. I came away with some lovely and tasty coconut macaroons-totally Paleo which is right up my alley!

From there our group proceeded to several cute but pricey boutiques, stopping after a while for a coffee break where I enjoyed my first “real” cappuccino. Such talented artisans in that place! If I sleep tonight, I’ll be lucky! We all tasted something different from green tea to some lovely ice cream and coffee confection.

Too soon it was time to summon our second Uber of the day, what a great way to get around San Antonio effortlessly! Thanks to Rich and Barb for footing the tab on those little rides! While we waited I snapped a shot of some converted silos outside of Nao Cafe and close to the Emma Hotel.

Nao Latin Gastro Bar

It’s late and I have much to tell about the birthday girl’s dinner celebration so you’ll have to join me tomorrow when I finish up this little reunion tale, until then buenas noches!




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