Have You Checked Out My New Website?

Afternoon everyone and how is your Tuesday going so far?

Mine has been very busy with writing projects and housework, the usual for me on Tuesdays. I’m about to get a break and go have some fun, however, because it’s finally time to go see the remake of the Stephen King classic, “IT”!!! I’ve been waiting a month or more for my friend Kathy to be able to go, tonight that time has finally come! Are you ready for some ¬†ūüćŅ and ūü§° ??? Well I am!


Plus, I got my baby back today, the shop had it raring, polished, and ready to go! Not that I didn’t enjoy the rental I was driving, but I was so happy to see my blue beauty back and the fact that they cleaned and vacuumed it didn’t hurt either! Thank you Caliber Collision!

Last night I played with my Canva app some more and created a new header image for my revamped website, Write Where You Are. It has my name in it and since the web address is my name.org, I am trying to better brand myself and make it easier for people to find me. Now what I don’t understand is how I have shared it on Pinterest and Facebook and my last post still has no likes, visits, or shares. What the heck am I doing wrong? I know I need to create a page on Facebook specifically for my website but you would think the other stuff would have garnered a notice or two.

So, I decided to mention it again here and see if y’all wouldn’t do me a favor and go have a look see, and maybe share your feedback, good or bad. I would really appreciate it! Click on the link and it will take you there straight away. ¬†I also created my own logo, but I’m not sure you’ll be able to see that, depending on the device you look at the website on. Share your comments and pray I don’t throw ūüćŅ¬†all over the theater tonite! Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Celebrations, A Weekend Wrap-up

Morning everyone and how is your Monday morning so far?

I thought I’d bring you a quick but picture filled wrap up of my busy weekend and let you know where we stand on the fundraising goal of the PKD Walk. Seems I’m in the tale of a comet this morning, everyone’s computers are malfunctioning and I can’t find out the total raised just yet, but at last check, it was close to the $70,000 goal they set.

Some Star Wars stars were there

I walked by myself but the weather was nice, cloudy and windy but not cold. I feel like there were way fewer participants than last year, maybe they thought it was going to rain. Then again, I was five minutes late so I may have missed seeing the bulk of the crowd.

Crossing the finish line

It’s all very anti-climatic, no one there saying, “Woo hoo” or “Way to go” but hey, those of us who walked know we were there. There were speakers and raffles, face painting for the kids and tables filled with info. I pretty much walked, got my t-shirt and said hi to Sally, the walk co-coordinator. Feeling kind of awkward and hungry, I left to go get breakfast.

Me post walk, about to go eat
MMM, breakfast “tacos” from Alvarado’s. I ate one and was full.

After the walk, I went to visit my Dad because he needed some new nutcrackers and because I wanted to spend time with him on his actual birthday. Sunday we were to do family birthday dinner but hey, a girl can spend extra time with Dad right?

My hubby worked 31 hours straight from Friday through Saturday around noon. Poor guy, he was so tired yet couldn’t wind down and fall asleep. I went on to Bunco and left him listening to his music on the patio.

We had a great time and our hostess for October, Starla, really went all out to show us a good time. We were short four players but everything worked out just fine. Check out her wonderful decorations and all the great snacks and food she had for us!

She made this adorable cake
Even her napkins were cute!

I wish I had the time, energy, and fabulous collection of decorations she has, even her front porch was dressed in tasteful, fall/Halloween decor! A great time was had by all of us, even those of us who didn’t win a prize this time. ūüėČ

Sunday was busy in preparation for the birthday dinner. My¬†hubby helped me clean the house, cook, and his¬†brother helped us to place our old rug temporarily in the living room (our furniture is beastly heavy) until we can get a new one. We ate delicious steaks, salad, and my hubby even made Chris’s favorite dessert, banana pudding. We watched the Cowboys defeat the 49ers, played pool, and had a great time visiting with family. Unfortunately, Connie (my sister-in-law) was down in her back so she missed all the fun.

I took some video of the guys opening their gifts and captured a few stills for yall to see.

This one’s my favorite, the birthday boys sharing a laugh over Chris’s card from Dad

I got my dad some pjs, cute boxers, and a bluetooth speaker so he could enjoy his music from anywhere.

Dad opening his speaker and other gifts
Chris and David joking around

I wish I had been thinking and took pictures of everyone, I did get one of Josh sporting his blue hair though!

Josh speaking to Sean, who was out of the shot-sorry.

Bubba was there with Stephen, Claudette was there and had on a lovely Halloween shirt. My brother Kevin was there sporting some new facial hair and I missed the opportunity to share all of this, maybe because I was sampling some delicious Cabernet that Bubba so graciously contributed to the event. Who knows, but a good time was had by all. How was your weekend?

Sorry I have nothing useful this morning other than entertainment value. Maybe that will change later in the week, meantime I’m going to be busy writing and looking for a publication to submit it to. See y’all later and have a fabulous day!!



Where Do You Write Best?

Photo credit: Pixabay

Hey folks,

I was going to share my new site on my social media pages and I realized: I haven’t written anything since revising it, so since the title of my website is Write Where You Are, I thought I’d ask the question of all you writers out there; Where do you write best?

  1. A poolside cabana
  2. A comfy chair in your office/study/living room
  3. Your patio
  4. A coffee shop
  5. On a beach
  6. In your bed
  7. A cabin in the woods
  8. On your front porch

I’m sure your answers will be some variation of whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. I bet you all have heard the term barefoot writer? It just means that as writers working from home, we could literally do our work in our pajamas if we wanted. However, in my experience, I have to treat writing like it is a nine to five job, so getting dressed and set up at my desk, coffee by my side and a pen and paper handy, is the where I write my best.

I have tried several of the options listed above and, although I’m the author of the blog Kimmy’s Patio, I don’t really write there, it’s more a state of mind I get into. Also, I get up early. In my experience, lollygagging around and putting other tasks before writing means writing does not get done. Or very little does. Maybe a blog post and answering my blogging buddies on social media or their own blogs. Not that that isn’t also important, it just isn’t enough. I don’t feel like I’ve ¬†done my due diligence if I don’t spend 5-8 hours either writing¬†or looking for writing jobs.

My “desk” needs work, I find chairs end up hurting my neck, so I have been sitting on an exercise ball with my laptop on some padding on a tv tray! How’s that for innovation! It is what works for me though, and it helps with my balance and core strength at the same time!

I have had to find a balance between writing and caring for the house, running errands, being there for my folks when they need me, etc. It can be done, it just takes discipline. Can you do all that and still write well you might ask? Yes! You simply have to manage your time wisely, try not to get distracted, make a schedule and stick to it. All easier said than done but it can be done.

Try changing up your routine or place you write and see if it doesn’t help. The two major changes I made when I decided to get serious about “this writing thing” was to (1) start early and (2) write every day. I write on my own blog, different platforms like Medium and Prose, and I do a bit of creative writing as well. I do it all in the same place. On my ball, at my “desk”, in my office.

That’s what works best for me for the time being. I’m hoping to someday get a real desk or maybe even a stand-up¬†desk ( like this one from Varidesk) I would love to hear what works for you and where you do your best writing.

Leave me a comment and let me know if I can help you in any way.



What My Busy Week Produced

*This post may contain affiliate links, please read my disclosure.

Good morning everyone and how is your Friday shaping up? Man, it’s been a busy and somewhat productive week for me, I thought I’d share a few reasons why with you today and also see if I could possibly broaden your reading horizons a bit by directing you to a couple of great places for reading and learning.

First, though, I want to thank those kind hearted people that contributed to the North Texas Walk for PKD in my name, I appreciate it more than you know! Like I said, I realize there are many causes out there that need donations (especially this year) so I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you helped with mine.

Next, I have been revising and reworking my writer’s website and it still needs a lot more work, but it’s good enough to make me stop procrastinating and I went ahead and launched/re-launched (whatever you want to say) it to the public, I even shared it on Facebook. It’s very scary when you’re not sure it’s right, but you have to start somewhere, right? Anyway, I named it Write Where You Are but in hindsight, maybe that should have been the tagline and I should just use my name. I’ll let yall check it out and give me some feedback¬†if you would be so kind.

By the way, I just have to keep giving a shout out to Grammarly for constantly correcting my desire to put commas where they don’t go. Thanks!

Before I get to the writing/learning stuff I want to share, I was also going to mention that I have been playing around in the kitchen this week, tweaking recipes from an online cookbook¬†by The Coconut Mama, and since I can’t share any part of the book, I’ll tell you how a mistake turned into something tasty (not pretty) and show you a cool thing I found and purchased last night at of all places, Burlington. So, I wanted to make her chocolate chip cookies (this cookbook is all about cooking with coconut flour, click the link and get yourself a free copy) and I screwed up and ended up with chocolate pecan coconut cookies. Not bad, kinda tasty in fact.

I told you, not pretty

What happened is, I mixed up all the ingredients like the recipe said, then realized it called for 3 Tbs of coconut flour, not ¬†2. So I tried to add it in… didn’t work, so I microwaved it and, you guessed it, the chocolate¬†chips melted and made my whole cookie base chocolate. So I threw in some of my recently shelled pecans-from-my-Dad’s-yard and voila!

The end result, still not pretty, but good enough to eat

I will admit, there’s a bit of a learning curve while working with coconut flour, if you don’t do everything right, you get a dry product. Still, with a nice glass of milk or a hot cup of coffee, they are just fine. Just a little bite to satisfy your sweet tooth and perfectly Paleo because the only sweetener in them is raw honey.

Speaking of little bites, here is my Burlington find, something I’ve been wanting/looking for for a while.

My new mini-cupcake pan!

Bonus…it even comes with the silicone liners!!!¬†And it was only $6.99!! Cool Beans!!!

Now the next time I’m called to host Bunco, I can make enough muffins/candy/fat bombs or whatever to feed the crowd! Yea!!

Ok, on to the good stuff. We all know what a time suck is right? Think Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…I could go on. But sometimes a timesuck can be that in a good way. For learning purposes, entertainment value, or a combination of those. I’m talking about Medium and all of the wonderful writers there. I could spend all day reading and learning because there are so many publications to choose from. If you are a writer, you can become a part of this wonderful community, gain a following, and help people all at the same time. (I myself write on a few of their publications as some of you know.) The Weekly Knob, 100 Naked Words, The Creative Cafe are some that are well worth following. The more I interact with other writers though, the more pubs I learn about, like The Mission, The Junction and so much more. Today I was entertained by my favorite cartoonist, Thunderpuff, with her post Scary Movies I Watched As a Kid (And a Few I Didn’t). I tried to link to the story, but all I know is you can download the Medium app, then search for her or find her on The Junction and you will not be sorry. I did share it to Facebook, so if you follow me there, you can see it.

The next timesuck that turns into something productive (for me anyway) is Skillshare.¬†Here with a free membership, you can access 1000+ classes on everything from web design to cooking pasta. It’s crazy how many classes there are so why not challenge yourself to learn something new?! You can learn more about creative writing, technical writing, copywriting, or something completely different. And¬†you can also learn how to teach your own classes which will earn you a following and money!¬†I’ve been contemplating that idea myself but I would not have a clue how to do it. That’s ok though because when I’m ready, they will guide me every step of the way!

Well, That’s all I have for today, If I find some extra energy, I will try to write a story for Flash Fiction Friday. I have much to do yet, and also, this is the birthday weekend!! My Dad’s, Chris (my baby is not a baby anymore :(), and my friend Kaye’s birthdays are all coming up. The 21st, 23rd, and 24th respectfully. My father-in-laws was on the 22nd and my aunt Connie’s was also the 24th, making October the busiest birthday month in my family. Please pray with me that Chris’s present arrives before his birthday does. That has always been important to me. He knows what it is but still. I want him to get it on or before his actual birthday. Call me silly.

One more thing, I guess some of you might notice the lettuce growing in the background of the cupcake pan picture, that is a new one, lol. While pretty, they don’t ever get really full like a true head of lettuce but its fun to watch them grow anyway. See you later, I’ll be watching, reading, learning and writing on the patio!










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Walk For PKD Soon Approaches!

Afternoon everyone, how has your Monday been?

I have been busy with errands, decorating my new coffee bar, and searching for writing jobs but before I did all that, I made my donation to the PKD foundation and I hope you find it in your hearts to do the same.

The Walk for PKD is coming up on the 21st of this month and 100% of each donation funds life-saving PKD research. Find a local walk or donate to help my team at walkforpkd.org.

Last year your support made it possible to fund $2.5 million for research, advance projects involving 5+ potential PKD treatments now in clinical trials, and walk the road with thousands of patients and families in 60 local U.S. Chapters.

I made my donation in honor of my mother, who passed away in 2014 from complications of the disease after 18+ years on dialysis. She was a trooper and followed all of the rules, yet still succumbed to the disease. Some of you may know that I found it in myself when I went to be tested to give her a kidney, which is just one reason why I am such an advocate for fundraising today.

PKD is a fatal disease of the kidneys, short for polycystic kidney disease and affects 600,000 people in the US annually.  Close to half the people diagnosed with PKD will end up with end stage renal disease or will need dialysis or a kidney transplant.  It can affect anyone but research shows females inherit it more than males and Caucasians inherit it more than African-Americans. Also, if you inherit the disease, your child has a fifty percent chance of having it, so they need to be tested at some point as well. Just make sure they have insurance first!

The hope is that once they figure out how the cysts in the kidney form and experiment with drugs that can inhibit or block that formation, ¬†that a cure will be found. Please get yourself tested if this disease runs in your family will you? The sooner you know, the sooner the doctors can monitor your progress, like they do mine. ¬†Thankfully all I have is too many cysts to count, ¬†yet they aren’t so big they interfere with kidney function.

This is what the donation page looks like

To donate in my name, go to support.pdkcure.org and search for my name. I am only $200 away from my goal, so if every one of my generous readers/followers only donated $5…well, you get the picture. I know there are many causes that need our attention this year, it has been a frightful year with all of the natural disasters that have taken place on top of the many people struggling with these and other diseases. Donate where your heart tells you and really, I do understand. Thanks in advance if you choose to donate to PKD. You can also donate in memorial of someone you knew that passed away or someone that is currently struggling with the disease.


Tomorrow I will have the MRI of my neck (on an unrelated issue) and I will keep y’all posted on that outcome as well. I’m hoping I can put the surgery off until after the holidays, but we do what we have to do right? Just keep me in your prayers and I will appreciate it. Y’all have a wonderful night, enjoy the cooler weather (if you have it) and I will see you next time on the patio!¬†