How About A Quick Update?

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Not my neck

Today is the day I find out what is going on with my neck and what they are going to do about it. I’m off to visit the neurosurgeon at 2pm today, wish me luck! I have been dealing with numbness in my hands to the point that I keep dropping things. I can’t feel well enough to put on my own jewelry hardly, much less make any. (not that I have in a while). My shoulder blades have been numb for a few years, that wasn’t as bothersome as my hands though.

I just want to get my prayer warriors on board and ask that whatever they decide to do, it fixes my problems of numbness, my pain and that recovery time is quick. I’d like to get the surgery over with, but then again, I don’t want to be out of commission for the holidays. What do you think you would do? The bad thing is, once I recover from this, I’ll be looking into a total knee replacement next. Ugh. What a year this will be.

I just wanted to update everyone on the situation in case things happen faster than I expect. I will still try to keep up with my writing, thank God for voice texting, right? I will keep you all posted on my results, thanks for reading, following, and being a part of my family. Love you all!

11 Replies to “How About A Quick Update?”

  1. Kim, thank you for the update. Surely will be praying! This has been one year of health issues for loved ones, Family and friends. I think sooner is better than later on the surgery. Sending love and prayers! XX

  2. I’ll be praying for you. I don’t know much about numbness except for being called a numb skull once in a while. As to knee replacements, I walk like a normal person now after having both of mine replaced. All the pain is gone. I hope you will find pleasure (eventually) in yours.

    1. Thanks, Anne, yes someone told me knee replacement would be worse than this neck surgery to recover from, I guess we will see soon! I can’t understand why anyone would call you a numbskull! How rude! lol

  3. Good afternoon Kim. If you have persistent numbness in the upper extremities and significant limitation of motility, then it might be time to consider surgery. Good luck!

  4. I hope the doctor visit today goes well for you. Don’t wait too long Kim, if it has progressed to dropping things, it could cause a something more serious at any time.

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