A Sunday Review

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Nice to be here on this mild Sunday afternoon, the first day of daylight savings when I should have slept in but woke up at 6:30 and then had to get up. It’s also November 5th and 90 degrees at 5:13 so that’s kinda different…but I’ll take it!

Friday I went to the neurosurgeon to find out what will be done about my neck and how soon, the prognosis is great and I’m so relieved! I will be getting an artificial disc called a Mobi-C Cervical Disc put in to replace two bad ones instead of the old-fashioned fix, a fusion. The short takeaway from this for me means hardly any “down” time, no neck brace, and I can return to driving within a week’s time…if everything goes as planned. I will try to be positive, my doctor has done hundreds of these procedures, so hopefully, all goes well. I was worried about being down and unable to drive for three months because that’s what the other doctor told me 6 years ago. Guess it pays to wait until technological advances are made!

The Mobi-C Cervical Disc

Now when is the question, and after the numbers get crunched with the insurance company, we will get going. So, hopefully before Thanksgiving. This should relieve the numbness in my hands, albeit, not overnight. Speaking of that, one night is all I should have to spend in the hospital and I should be up and around in a week. Fingers crossed!

Speaking of fingers, Connie did another fabulous job painting my nails today, she just loves doing it and I love the strange but wonderful coincidence that she started doing them for me around the same time my hands got so bad. I swear none of this was planned- she just started building up her nail kit and asked me if I’d like her to play around with my nails and of course, I said yes! It just dawned on me today that she’s been doing my nails a couple of months now.

Nails by Connie
the nails match my car!

And finally, a restaurant worthy dinner prepared by my hubby, Dave-yummy tuna with a buttery wine sauce, huge freshwater shrimp, baked asparagus and homemade coleslaw.

Picture worthy too!

All of this was done in the house, too hot to stand over the grill today. It was delicious, my Dave is a master in the kitchen! (and the grill!)

And you see I never stopped typing to eat dinner, lol. I was on a mission!





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  1. That is good news about your neck! I hope it works! gives me a possible lite at the end of my tunnel, they didn’t have much back in 1999 when I had a disc removed!

  2. I am so very relieved that there is a surgical answer to the medical issues! And, it seems like the best of both worlds..surgery to fix the problem with very very little downtime. Yea YOU!!!

    1. Thank you Suze, and I appreciate you stopping by. I’m sorry I haven’t been by yours in a while, been busy with the writing and trying to find clients. I’ll stop by soon!

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