What Daylight Savings Time?

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Ok, where is that extra hour of sleep I was supposed to get? I still have not slept past 6am two mornings in a row! This morning I was up at 5:30 and poor Dave had not slept since 2:30!! Of course, that’s because the poor man cannot stop worrying. I guess we both have problems letting go and letting God sometimes.

I did a grueling assignment this morning that may not have been so bad had I not done better research and stopped putting pressure on myself to get so many other things done. It was supposed to be between 400-1000 words and I did about half of that, I’m sure there is a revision in my future! Oh well, live and learn.

Mondays are full of writing, reading, looking for paid work, housework, cooking and errands that need to be run. Whew! When will I find time to tend to my toenails and go get my new wig trimmed? I really want to so I can get Dave to take a nice picture of me in it and I can post it for y’all. I got this one from Paula Young and I love it because it is a feather light and the style is just perfect for me. Plus, it’s soooo soft!!

I returned the favor of Dave cooking us a lovely dinner last night by making his egg cups and what I hope turns out to be a delicious banana bread. I subbed part of the flour it called for with ground oat flour (made by me thanks to my Ninja)! I took the recipe from Pinterest but she took it from Simply Recipes.  This is the easiest banana bread I’ve ever made, you can vary the amount of sugar, play with your flours and add mix-ins like nuts or chocolate chips. My man likes plain old banana bread so the only add in was some of the pecans my Dad gave me. Y’all enjoy!

Are y’all sick of my egg cup pics yet?
MMMM! Hopefully, it tastes as good as it smells!

Notice how I always use parchment paper or  Silpat when making baked goods so I have less to clean up? I’m smart like that, lol!


Maybe later, if I get everything done that I feel needs to be ;), I can catch a cat nap!


6 Replies to “What Daylight Savings Time?”

  1. My problem is evening…I can’t stay awake for anything, be it an activity or a good television show. I’ll catch up and adjust by the weekend…at least that’s my hope.

  2. Don’t leave the Banana Bread out where I can find it. I love it! Of course that may be why my clothes feel much tighter, after the holidays.

    1. Aww, it’s too bad you don’t live close to me, we could share some over coffee. Don’t worry, my clothes are getting tight too after the holidays maybe I’ll get back on track. I did make my bread with mostly oat flour, and less than called for sugar, maybe that qualifies as healthy??? 😉

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