What Is The Red Hat Society's Mission/Purpose?

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I’m going to my first Meetup tonight for women over 40/50 in my area. I’m very excited to meet some new people, visit over a glass of wine, and learn more about the Red Hat Society. The lady who is the leader of this group is a Queen in the Red Hat Society. I will let you all know what I find out in addition to this little bit of research I did in preparation for this post.

“It is an international social organization founded in 1998 in the US for women age 50 and beyond, but is now open to women of all ages,” says Wikipedia.

‘The Red Hat Society is an international society of women that connects, supports and encourages women in their pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment, and fitness while supporting members in the quest to get the most out of life.’

Official logo

Their motto is “Red Hatters Matter”

It’s become an international phenomenon and sounds like a wonderful way to meet new women, forge new friendships and garner a support system. Plus, sometimes you just gotta take a break and play. And all this started with a little old tea party. (Well, it’s a little more complicated than that) are you sensing a theme here?

Earlier today, I had a somewhat healthy breakfast and then about the same level of healthy lunch. I’m trying. Yesterday I had 1/2 of a small green apple for lunch with some cashew butter and a few sweet potato chips. Plus supposedly healthy cereal for breakfast. With coconut milk. Again, I’m trying.

Homemade egg cup and banana bread
New soup to try and multi-grain crackers


Then, while I was out running my errands, I bought myself a cool gift! I’m so proud of myself, cause I hardly ever do this. I happened into Teavana in the mall and told her I had no clue how to prepare tea from the leaf form. Well, did she ever hook a sister up!! I got such a deal, a brand new teapot made just for this purpose at 30% off, a stackable tin with which to store said tea in at 75% off, 2 types of loose tea, Caramel Chai and Lavender Creme which were 75% off each….bringing the grand total before tax to $29.64!! Oh, and I checked their online store and they are doing the same sale there! Check it out by clicking the link.

New teapot and canister of two teas

They are gonna look so cute on the new coffee bar and I can’t wait to enter a new phase in my life, one of a real tea drinker! After visiting the website Plum Deluxe, I became intrigued at the thought of tea consumption from loose tea but had no idea how to start. So my trip to the mall was fortuitous, and now I can gain some experience, taste tea in a whole new way, and maybe someday blog on Plum Deluxe with my newfound knowledge! A girl can dream, right?

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6 Replies to “What Is The Red Hat Society's Mission/Purpose?”

  1. Well, I am just getting started so I’ve only tasted two kinds. I’m also anxious to try some from Plum Deluxe, so I’ll keep you posted on different flavors and my take on them.

  2. We have the red hat ladies here also, they do a bit of political stuff and lots of singing! I’ve had a couple tea balls in my drawer for years, I went thru a phase of drinking loose tea also, good stuff until it gets out of the tea ball and sticks in your teeth! lol..

    1. I’m having trouble getting ahold of them to join, no one answering their phone for two days now (keeps saying they’re closed!) so I will have to get ahold of Laura, my local queen.
      This cool pot/tea maker ensures you get no tea leaves on your teeth, go getcha one! I love it, but I couldn’t put my finger on what the Lavender Creme really tasted like last night, certainly not lavender!

  3. you will have a blast! Been a red hat for several years…well, okay, it’s been over 20 years. they can’t get rid of me now! lol

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