Do You Have A Particular Morning Routine?

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If So How Does That Help Your Productivity?

I just read an article on Medium by Annie Atherton about 7 things she tried to see which routine she liked best and what it did to help her productivity in the mornings. It was very interesting, but she doesn’t work from home, which has its own set of unique challenges. According to Romper, here 10 reasons working from home is harder than working in an office.

  1. You have to be more disciplined
  2. There are more distractions
  3. You are never “not working”
  4. Everyone thinks you’re available
  5. There’s little incentive to shower
  6. Staying overly organized is a necessity
  7. You hardly ever see anyone
  8. It can be stressful on relationships
  9. You can’t blame others
  10. Exercise becomes that much more important

My problem is that I try to cram all of that in on a daily basis, and I’m failing miserably. Like, little to no exercise, no organization whatsoever, no discipline some days…hey, just keeping it real here. My dogs are distracting, my constant worry that I’m not keeping up with the chores, and yes, sometimes even my family, although I’m happy to do whatever they need, all of that hurts my productivity, but family is everything and I will continue to do it,  and I find myself procrastinating at the important stuff (like making money with my writing) and wanting to only do the creative stuff, like writing stories, blog posts, poems or constantly reading and studying instead of actively searching for work.

So what is your morning routine and how do you keep it all together? Maybe your tips could help me out. I’m struggling the most with organization…you should see my “desk!” Papers and notebooks scattered everywhere, no idea what I’m doing day to day (not using my calendar, obviously), wanting to find clients and make money but worried my website is such a mess that I let that keep me from really reaching out to anyone. I’m a hot mess this morning.

My mind some days

Normally I have a certain kind of routine and if I stick to it, strange as it is, I do tend to get more done. That’s of course if I’m not distracted by the previously mentioned.

  • get up and immediately do my oil pulling routine
  • brush my teeth and take my meds
  • make my coffee or tea
  • feed the dogs
  • grab my phone, Ipad, e-cig and sit my butt in the chair

That is basically it on days I don’t feel the need to do chores or cook stuff or whatever else gets in the way of writing. Those days, the days I stick to the routine, I actually get more done. After what I deem is an appropriate amount of time spent writing, I will then get myself washed, made up and ready for the day-yes I mostly work in my jammies-go run errands or do what housework, cooking or whatever that needs to be done.

On a daily basis though, I have to contend with barking dogs, background noise, phone calls, nagging sense I should be doing something else, tinnitus so loud I have to have the tv on to drown it out, my dogs wanting my attention to play or cuddle with them, and a plethora of other annoyances (constant emails coming in), time sucks like facebook and medium. I’m sure I’m forgetting some things because my brain is all over the place this morning. The one thing I have to go out for today is to get my new wig trimmed so, I am about to go do that getting myself washed up and made up routine and get ready for my 1:15 appointment!

AAAAnnnd nevermind, I was just informed by Miss Sassy’s that I can’t go until tomorrow, she had a glitch in her morning too! no problem, she said because I had been so patient, she isn’ going to charge me! How sweet!

So see, now I can concentrate on getting some real work done…once I turn on some heat, my feet are freezing! Or maybe I’ll just get dressed first. And see, now the sun is shining and I’m thinking, “I really should go out and rake up all those acorns.” I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Stay tuned, I’ll see you tomorrow (maybe) from a very chilly patio!


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  1. Oh. I have a routine for literally everything. But different days have different routines. But, the evening before I look at appointments and must do items. I schedule all to do items in a time slot. I enter exercise time. I take into account how long something will take. I try to spread out my items that need to get done.

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