Gettin Wiggy With It

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Happy Friday everyone!

I know it’s late, but I recently got home after getting my wig trimmed and wanted to do a big reveal, lol. I’m silly, I know. I’m going to show a before and after the trim.

Me before the trim
A selfie of me after the trim

I think it looks better, don’t you? I love this new wig, this one is from Paula Young, cost a fraction of what the longer, darker one cost, and is a feather light weight-which I really love. Still, it will take time to get used to seeing myself with so much hair on my head, plus dealing with the fact that it is kind of itchy after a while.

I got a couple of things accomplished today, another job for Crowd Comtent-sad to say that even after 3 hours of work it will pay less than $20, but that’s better than nothing and maybe that will drive me to seek out clients!

I also sent a story to The Southern Review Magazine, it will take several months to hear back from them. Wish me luck!!

Happy Veterans Day to all of you veterans out there! I am one too but I don’t feel I need recognition since I wasn’t in during war time. Yes, I’m proud I served my country but so many vets did so much more than that!

It is also the Marine Corp 242 Birthday! Happy Birthday USMC!!

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  1. Thank you, my parents will be side by side at the DFW National Cemetery when my dad passes, my mom passed first but he is the Veteran. My husband’s dad is there also.

  2. I like the new cut! Both my parents were Korean era US Army vets, and were both buried with military honors at Rock Island National Cemetery! Side by side!!

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