New Week New Theme-What Do You Think?

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I thought I would change my theme and start with something fresh and clean this week. It’s getting close to the holiday and also closer to my surgery date (Nov 30) so I was feeling like a change. I think it has one of those rolling headers that changes every time you look at it.

I also changed my profile pic on Facebook to the selfie in my new wig, since I will be wearing that a lot now that the weather is cooling down. When it’s warm, I’ll opt for a hat. I even tried a wig AND a hat one day, not bad!

I had a record writing week last week (according to Grammarly) and today I’m just not feeling it. Ever have one of those days? My challenging but interesting jobs at Crowd Content dried up and I looked for work for a while and then decided to take a break and clean up the house. Last week I blogged every single day without even thinking about it or trying hard for that matter, and today I’m just bleh. Grammarly is a great app to have because it corrects your bad grammar or other writing mistakes as you’re typing, so there isn’t as much self-editing to do! I posted my results on Facebook since I got a productivity achievement and all, lol.

Grammarly gives you weekly updates on your progress.

I did go to Bunco Saturday night, and Jenna Lasanta’s baby shower yesterday! So I have a couple of pics to share…I won’t share them all since some of you see/follow me on facebook, you’ve probably seen them already. Jenna is the wife of my son’s high school friend Ryan Lasanta.

Jenna and her sweet mom Donna
Snacks for the guests
Ryan getting his grill on before the big game
All the kids wanted to feel the baby moving, so cute!

A good time was had by all, we left early because we were doing family dinner last night. There was only five of us but we got all the gumbo, lol. I’m off to fold clothes and get more writing inspiration. Have a happy Monday everyone!


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