Why Enter Writing Contests?

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Morning everyone, I guess the better question would be, why not?

I enter writing contests from time to time for the chance to win prizes like cash, fellowships, and of course notoriety in the way of published works. Not to mention, jump-starting your career!

There are many places to submit work for contests:

Winning Writers-I just entered a poem in the Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest and there was no fee! Plus, the possible prize is $1,000! Submit now through April 1, 2018

If one looked at Writing Career, one might find a plethora of interesting writing contests with prizes in the $10,000 range without fees!

We all want to make money for our writing, yet sometimes the creative bug hits, and we can’t help wondering if we have the right stuff to impress the judges and take a shot at winning some impressive money.

There are contests for poetry, fiction, non-fiction, feminists, and freelancers unable to work. If you are a writer, there is something for you, just browse their list that is put together by Brian Scott, editor-in-chief.

Another website for writers, ¬†AWAI, ¬†does a copywriting challenge and the top prize is $10,000! AWAI stands for American Writers & Artists Inc. and they have training programs on teaching the art of copywriting. They are the ones that inspired me to start writing from the beginning. This isn’t so much a contest as a challenge to write the best sales copy.

Another place I found challenges/contests for money with is Prose. Once you sign up, search for contests with monetary prizes and join the challenge. Many genres to choose from.

The downside to all of these contests is waiting for months to find out if you’re a winner. In addition, you need some kind of tracking system so you know what contest you entered and when. For me, it’s my trusty calendar, but for you, it might be a handy writing tool like Google Calendar, an app for iPhone or Android users.

The bottom line for us writers is, you’ll never know if you don’t try so, go on…what have you get to lose? More fitting, what have you got to gain?