Enjoying The Holiday

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Ok, so I took a little break from writing to prepare and enjoy the holiday with family and friends! I have enjoyed the time very much and as I prepare for my upcoming surgery, I’ll take all the slack time I can get!

Ok.  It hasn’t all been relaxation either. Cleaning, cooking , and today we went ahead and started decorating for Christmas in case I’m not up to it after surgery. That meant I had to find a place for everything we had placed on our temporary shelves and Dave had to clean the garage to get the shelves in there and make them useable.

Halfway done

We both did a good job but Dave’s effort was much appreciated!!

Dave got the garage cleaned in record time!

That made room in the dining room for the Christmas tree! (Pictures to come)

We enjoyed a nice dinner with family yesterday, even though a few were missing. Everyone contributed a little something and we all ate til we were stuffed. After everyone went home, Dave and I decided to check out a new Netflix series called Godless, starring Jeff Daniels about the old west and a villain bent on revenge and the good guy, an unlucky hero who befriends the supposed town harlot and her son. I’m not used to seeing Jeff in the villain role which he plays very well.

Dave was off today, so we went running ur errands and got more stuff to decorate with. Then, even though we had plenty of leftovers, we found ourselves on Northside and decided to dine at our favorite Mexican place, Los Vicaros. Now I’m stuffed again, tree is half decorated (but loooking pretty goood) and we are watching The Grinch.


I will take after pics and post them soon. I had to move the dining table out of the way so I could place the tree in front of the window. Then,  I made use of the trees Dad gave me last year for the front porch, they look pretty with only lights on them!

I truly hope you all had a relaxng, delicious holiday spent with family, friends, and feel as blessed as we do! Happy Holidays! 🦃🎄

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