Wine, Women, and Red Hats!

Oh, my gosh Y’all! I am so excited to tell you about last night and also this tea!!

First: Last night’s meeting was at the Siver Dollar Winery and I just have to say, what a nice, cozy little place that was. The manager and his staff were very accommodating¬†to our group, however, the wine was not half price like we thought it was on Tuesdays, but it was $2 off per glass. Win! They have a lovely Cabernet, and along with my appetizer of white queso and chips, I enjoyed two glasses, thanks, Dave! ūüėČ If you click the link, it will take you to their homepage where you can read all about their mission to build a reputation for award-winning Texas wines. I could get distracted from my post just cruising around their website, they even offer a wine club where you can have wine shipped straight to your door!

Second: The ladies of the 40/50 and over club were so much fun! I had a blast getting to know them and learn a little bit more about The Red Hat Society. I was so inspired, I think I will join their chapter! I may get in before the price goes up, I’m not sure so I will call on it today. Membership is easy, find your local chapter, ask the Queen for her member ID, and/or join on the website. If you would like to join, here is the toll-free number: 1-866-386-2850. Laura and the other ladies and I were there for a couple of hours, you know how it is when you get 3 or more females in the same room! So much to say, so many stories, just learning about each other. By the way, standard membership is only $20 per year, unless the price has already gone up, I will get back to you on that!

Me last night sporting my new shirt that Claudette gave me

Last: I got to play with my new tea maker/pot this morning and the first tea I tried was, of course, the caramel chai. O.M.G.! it was sooooo¬†good! Spicy and sweet (because I added in my Pyure sweetener) and very mild on the tongue, not bitter whatsoever. My tea was a rooibos type, not leaves so much but flowers, spices, and herbs. So much flavor with a nice blend of spices, clove notes with the slight taste of caramel that wafts up through the nose. Just awesome! Thanks to Teavana for introducing me to this tea and the magic little teapot (Perfecta Maker), the tea steeps while the pot sits on its coaster, then you lift it onto your cup and magically, with no mess, it then drains into your cup! Then you just empty out the leaves, give it a rinse and let it air dry. I love it…so easy! Plus, right now, if you go to the website and do your Christmas shopping, you get 2oz. free Caramel Truffle tea with a $50 order! Hey, I just realized I didn’t get my scoop! Just another reason to go back and visit them. Plus, I got the white tea maker with the pearlized finish, so pretty. (See yesterday‚Äôs post)

Basically the kit I got, sans scoop and sugar

Funny little story to end my post on today, I also visited Victoria’s Secret yesterday because I earned a gift card on with my Survey Mini app, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the bralettes and some of the sports bras were on sale for $10 each! Well, the guy must have been flustered at my use of the gift card because, when I got home and got ready to try on one of my two new bras, the shoplifter tag was still attached! To both of them! How did I even get out of the store??!! Now I have to go back there too¬†so he can take them off. Better not forget my receipt!!

You all have a fabulous day, it’s cold and rainy here, which I did not realize until I was up and seated at my dining table/desk and looked out the window! No wonder I did not want to get out of bed today! Leave your questions or comments below and enjoy your day, as for me, it won‚Äôt be on the patio!

Again, I’m not affiliated with anyone I’m talking about (yet), just trying to help everyone connect with good products, nice people and a place for everyone to gather for a good time!





What Is The Red Hat Society's Mission/Purpose?

I’m going to my first Meetup tonight for women over 40/50 in my area. I’m very excited to meet some new people, visit over a glass of wine, and learn more about the Red Hat Society. The lady who is the leader of this group is a Queen in the Red Hat Society. I will let you all know what I find out in addition¬†to this little bit of research I did in preparation for this post.

“It is an international social organization founded in 1998 in the US for women age 50 and beyond, but is now open to women of all ages,” says Wikipedia.

‘The Red Hat Society is an international society of women that connects, supports and encourages women in their pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment, and fitness while supporting members in the quest to get the most out of life.’

Official logo

Their motto is “Red Hatters Matter”

It’s become an international phenomenon and sounds like a wonderful way to meet new women, forge new friendships¬†and garner a support system. Plus, sometimes you just gotta take a break and play.¬†And all this started with a little old tea party. (Well, it’s a little more complicated than that) are you sensing a theme here?

Earlier today, I had a somewhat healthy breakfast and then about the same level of healthy lunch. I’m trying. Yesterday I had 1/2 of a small green apple¬†for lunch¬†with some cashew butter and a few sweet¬†potato chips. Plus supposedly healthy cereal for breakfast. With coconut milk. Again, I’m trying.

Homemade egg cup and banana bread
New soup to try and multi-grain crackers


Then, while I was out running my errands, I bought myself a cool gift! I’m so proud of myself, cause I hardly ever do this. I happened into Teavana in the mall and told her I had no clue how to prepare tea from the leaf form. Well, did she ever hook a sister up!! I got such a deal, a brand new teapot made just for this purpose at 30% off, a stackable tin with which to store said tea in at 75% off, 2 types of loose tea, Caramel Chai and Lavender Creme which were 75% off each….bringing the grand total before tax to $29.64!! Oh, and I checked their online store and they are doing the same sale there! Check it out by clicking the link.

New teapot and canister of two teas

They are gonna look so cute on the new coffee bar and I can’t wait to enter a new phase in my life, one of a real tea drinker! After visiting the website Plum Deluxe, I became intrigued at the thought of tea consumption from loose tea¬†but had no idea how to start. So my trip to the mall was fortuitous, and now I can gain some experience, taste tea in a whole new way, and maybe someday blog on Plum Deluxe with my newfound knowledge! A girl can dream, right?

*Not affiliated with either Teavana or Plum Deluxe

What Daylight Savings Time?

Ok, where is that extra hour of sleep I was supposed to get? I still have not slept past 6am two mornings in a row! This morning I was up at 5:30 and poor Dave had not slept since 2:30!! Of course, that’s because the poor man cannot stop worrying. I guess we both have problems letting go and letting God sometimes.

I did a grueling assignment this morning that may not have been so bad had I not done better research and stopped putting pressure on myself to get so many other things done. It was supposed to be between 400-1000 words and I did about half of that, I’m sure there is a revision in my future! Oh well, live and learn.

Mondays are full of writing, reading, looking for paid work, housework, cooking and errands that need to be run. Whew! When will I find time to tend to my toenails and go get my new wig trimmed? I really want to so I can get Dave to take a nice picture of me in it and I can post it for y’all. I got this one from Paula Young and I love it because it is a feather light and the style is just perfect for me. Plus, it’s soooo¬†soft!!

I returned the favor of Dave cooking us a lovely dinner last night by making his egg cups and what I hope turns out to be a delicious banana bread. I subbed part of the flour it called for with ground oat flour (made by me thanks to my Ninja)! I took the recipe from Pinterest but she took it from Simply Recipes.¬†¬†This is the easiest banana bread I’ve ever made, you can vary the amount of sugar, play with your flours and add mix-ins like nuts or chocolate chips. My man likes plain old banana bread so the only add in was some of the pecans my Dad gave me. Y’all enjoy!

Are y’all sick of my egg cup pics yet?
MMMM! Hopefully, it tastes as good as it smells!

Notice how I always use parchment paper or ¬†Silpat when making baked goods so I have less to clean up? I’m smart like that, lol!


Maybe later, if I get everything done that I feel needs to be ;), I can catch a cat nap!


A Sunday Review

Nice to be here on this mild Sunday afternoon,¬†the¬†first day of daylight savings when I should have slept in but woke up at 6:30 and then had to get up. It’s also November 5th and 90 degrees at 5:13 so that’s kinda different…but I’ll take it!

Friday I went to the neurosurgeon to find out what will be done about my neck and how soon, the prognosis is great and I’m so relieved! I will be getting an artificial disc called a Mobi-C Cervical Disc put in to replace two bad ones instead of the old-fashioned fix, a fusion.¬†The short takeaway from this for me means hardly any “down” time, no neck brace, and I can return to driving within a week’s time…if everything goes as planned. I will try to be positive, my doctor¬†has done hundreds of these procedures, so hopefully, all goes well. I was worried about being down and unable to drive for three months because that’s what the other doctor told me 6 years ago. Guess it pays to wait until technological advances¬†are made!

The Mobi-C Cervical Disc

Now when is the question, and after the numbers get crunched with the insurance company, we will get going. So, hopefully before Thanksgiving. This should relieve the numbness in my hands, albeit, not overnight. Speaking of that, one night is all I should have to spend in the hospital and I should be up and around in a week. Fingers crossed!

Speaking of fingers, Connie did another fabulous job painting my nails today, she just loves doing it and I love the strange but wonderful coincidence¬†that she started doing them for me around the same time my hands got so bad. I swear¬†none of this was planned- she just started building up her nail kit and asked me if I’d like her to play around with my nails and of course, I said yes! It just dawned on me today that she’s been doing my nails a couple of months now.

Nails by Connie
the nails match my car!

And finally, a restaurant worthy dinner prepared by my hubby, Dave-yummy tuna with a buttery wine sauce, huge freshwater shrimp, baked asparagus and homemade coleslaw.

Picture worthy too!

All of this was done in the house, too hot to stand over the grill today. It was delicious, my Dave is a master in the kitchen! (and the grill!)

And you see I never stopped typing to eat dinner, lol. I was on a mission!





How About A Quick Update?

Not my neck

Today is the day I find out what is going on with my neck and what they are going to do about it. I’m off to visit the neurosurgeon at 2pm today, wish me luck! I have been dealing with numbness in my hands to the point that I keep dropping things. I can’t feel well enough to put on my own jewelry hardly, much less make any. (not that I have in a while). My shoulder blades have been numb for a few years, that wasn’t as bothersome as my hands though.

I just want to get my prayer warriors on board and ask that whatever they decide to do, it fixes my problems of numbness, my pain¬†and that recovery time is quick. I’d like to get the surgery over with, but then again, I don’t want to be out of commission for the holidays. What do you think you would do? The bad thing is, once I recover from this, I’ll be looking into a total knee replacement next. Ugh. What a year this will be.

I just wanted to update everyone on the situation in case things happen faster than I expect. I will still try to keep up with my writing, thank God for voice texting, right? I will keep you all posted on my results, thanks for reading, following, and being a part of my family. Love you all!