Ending the Year on a Good Note


Oh my goodness, I just realized this will be my 500th post on this here humble little blog! That’s how to end the year on a good note, with a record (to me anyway) number of posts. I want each and every one of you to know how much I appreciate you reading and following along on my journey, one that I hope gets even better with the coming year. I am reading and following as many of your blogs as I can (there’s only so much time in a day) and maybe next year I will carve out some time for some that I had to drop.

An update on me, I am getting stronger every day, taking less medication and down to only twice a day instead of every 8 hours. I’ve been cleared to drive but still have not ventured out due to my hatred of cold weather (I’m such a baby)plus, I don’t trust myself to drive under the influence of muscle relaxers and pain pills, even at half a dose. My physical therapists are happy with my progress and if you were to visit me, you may think nothing at all was wrong. Except for the remaining glue on my incision, I look and act pretty normal, I just have to rest my head against a chair or something every once in a while for an hour or two. I get very tired after hours of it being unsupported. The swallowing is much better, however, I’m still eating small bites if it is something like steak or anything hard or crunchy.

My next visit to the surgeon for a follow up is the last week in January, so I hope I’m all healed by then! My wish is for all of you to have a Happy New Year, don’t overdo it when celebrating, but if you do, try rubbing a drop of peppermint essential oil on your forehead, it works wonders! I love you all and look out for new things in the New Year from me. I’m working on a few new things, give me some time to recover and I will clue you in. Happy New Year everyone!!


Starting Out Bad, Hope it Gets Better

I woke up this morning (on my back, which is rare) and for a moment, I was pain-free…and then I rolled onto my right side, within minutes, my left shoulder was aching like a toothache. 🙁

I literally never heard my husband get up, the truck start, or the garage door going up and down- Must have been the extra Gabapentin I took last night! Well! I may have to do that again, at least I felt no pain until I woke up.

As I got up and started moving around, I realized I was very weak on my left side in particular, but really all over. My left shoulder feels like it’s being pulled down, and I really should be sitting in my recliner, but I wanted to get this post out for some reason. First, I spent too long on the usual distractions, emails, reading tons of other blogs (but I like that) and finding out if there was work available, there is, but I don’t feel like doing it right now. 🙁

I went about my usual routine, thinking when I’m done, I can go sit down…but then I thought, I really need to write today. I did my swish and held it while I made the bed, tossed in a load of laundry, put my contact in, then I spit it in the trash and brushed my teeth, but not before cleaning the sink out, and the dirty pan my hubby left on the stove. Then I fixed my coffee, got the dogs their food, and sat down here at the computer which is temporarily on my dining table.

Now that this is done, I will go fix myself some breakfast and reheat my coffee so I can take a pain pill and relax. Maybe I’ll just start with an Aleve and if that doesn’t work, I’ll add the pain pill. 🙂

Today’s breakfast, prepared on Monday-pop out of freezer to bowl and add toppings

Of course, I’ll do a set of my exercises first, that may help the most since it will get my shoulders moving and my blood circulating everywhere.

I hope it gets better and I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday and get all your Holiday shopping and prep done while it’s warm. That’s what I would do if I could leave the house. But I can’t so I may do my last minute shopping on Amazon. Btw, a note to Steph if she’s reading this, I changed my smile donations from the ASPCA to MDA, it covers every type of disability under MDA I believe (like FA).

Peace out and Y’all have a Merry Christmas if I don’t return for a while. I go for my check up with the doctor tomorrow, I may update you if there’s anything new to say. 🙂




Six Days Post-op, I’m On The Mend

I cannot believe it’s been six days since my surgery, but here we are again it’s almost Tuesday. I have not been doing much, reclining in a chair, watching a lot of movies…today’s big feats were getting dressed, physical therapy, and making oatmeal cups so I’d have easy, microwaveable breakfasts every day.

Last Monday, Whishey must have known something was up,she would not leave my side, even sat under the Christmas tree which is right next to my makeshift desk right now, aka, the dining table.

All I want for Christmas is my puppy dog….

My therapist says I look really good and despite how I’m feeling, which is weak, tired, anxious and like my heart is beating to hard, I’m doing better than most at this stage. I didn’t even take a pain pill yet today, just a muscle relaxer and an Alieve. I might need one soon though as I have been up and down several times in the last hour and now I’m hurting a little bit. Maybe after supper….

i know Dave is right and I need to slowly wean myself off the hard pain pills-although all I got was Tramadol, that’s not even a narcotic is it? Anyway, I don’t like how they make me feel, so I’ll be off them soon. Problem is, the more I move around, the more careless I become-thinking I’m all back to normal when I’m not!! Don’t tell anyone, but I even got on the stepladder briefly to reach some chips…btw, I can’t not reach over my head or I’d be in the chair all day. EVERYTHING is over my head, lol.

I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed, I’m on the mend and we’ll see what the doc says about me come Friday. Happy Monday y’all, oh, and don’t think I’m at my desk as I write this, I’m not. I’m in the recliner with a lap tray and my iPad. 😊

Today is the Big Day!

Well, folks, today is it. The big day, and I actually have time to post before I go in for my neck surgery since I don’t have to leave the house until nine. Surgery is scheduled for 11:30 and I have to be there at 9:30 (so I can wait, and wait…)lol.

I did find out that what stopped the procedure before was that my mono had re-activated, but I’m feeling much better now and I just want to get this over with, so I’m not going to mention it. If I don’t have fever,  it isn’t a big deal anyway. Nothing they can do about a dumb old virus anyway. They say that it takes 4-6 weeks for the virus to get out of your system. I ain’t waiting that long!

I just wanted to thank everyone for your prayers and concern and let you know I’ll be back as soon as possible. They say recovery doesn’t take very long. Fingers crossed! I’m trying not to think about anything this morning and just be patient, it’s hard when you’re hungry and you can smell your hubby’s coffee but not have it!

Y’all have a great Tuesday and I’ll be back as soon as possible. Hopefully, I will be able to attend my next Red Hat Function which is Saturday for High Tea. We will see. Keep those good thoughts and prayers coming, the surgeon needs a steady hand this morning! Oh yeah, Connie gave me a special nail job this time so my nail beds would be visible, but I’d still have something festive on my nails. Priorities people! LOL!

Nails by Connie

In case I’m away longer than I think, Happy Holidays everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!

Christmas Trees and Cold Weather

Brrrrr, good morning all from a very cold Kimmy’s Patio! It started out a chilly 22 degrees this morning and has now warmed up to a balmy 38 degrees, lol.

Oh yes, and I started the day by getting peppermint essential oil in my eyeball via my contact: lesson here is Wash hands after handling essential oils during oil pulling and before inserting contacts!!! Now on to the rest of my post.

It seems I have been setting up Christmas trees all week, and that is fine, I like to do it. First, I helped my dad and Sean (my oldest) set their tree up…

Dad and Sean looking for the plugs to turn on the lights

Once we got it up and decorated, it was really pretty. He still uses all the old ornaments from when we were kids and when Sean was little. That’s very cool.

The finished product

At first I thought he should go get new stuff, but after seeing his tree and how pretty it was, it is nice that he kept all that stuff all these years. Some people really care about tradition, I am more of a new-theme-every-year kinda girl.

Yesterday my brother called and asked if I would help with his tree, I did and then forgot to take any pictures. Doh!!!

I did take a pic of my breakfast though featuring the egg cups I made with the nutritional yeast flakes. They were good, but that orange was horrible! Super sour and weird texture, I kind of bit into each slice for a bit of juice and wound up tossing them out.

Egg cup and a bad orange

The night was not a good one for sleep, both my husband and I were up at different times, one of those, I snapped this pic of the radar, weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, southern Texas getting snow when we were not, however, we had no moisture to create any.

Strange weather in the south

That’s the news for today, wish me luck trying to get some of my flash fiction pieces accepted for publication, I got a rejection yesterday but I think it might be because I did my cover letter wrong. I will re-submit today and see how that goes. Happy Friday everyone, stay warm now, ya hear?!



Have You Tried Nutritional Yeast Flakes?

Good morning everyone and how are you doing this blustery, chilly day? I am normally so against the cold but even I have to admit, 80 degrees is just not normal for December! Maybe cooler weather will put me more in the spirit of things, lately,  I have just not been feeling it. Then again, I wasn’t feeling well so maybe that’s the problem. Anyway, today is better since I have been feeling almost back to normal! One of the first things I did this morning was cook egg cups for David’s breakfast.

Egg cups make a great portable breakfast!

I couldn’t reach the turmeric and didn’t want to bother with a ladder, so I decided to sneak in different beneficial ingredients…nutritional yeast flakes! Have you heard of these? They give food a cheesy protein-filled boost, and they are also a great source of fiber, amino acids, and vitamins. They can be sprinkled on popcorn, mixed into smoothies or casseroles, or as a seasoning for salads, soups, and gravies. One and a half tablespoons provide 4g of fiber and 8g of protein, and also 320mg of potassium.

Choose flakes that are GMO free and have Vit B12

Nutritional yeast has several benefits too:

  • It’s an inactive form of yeast, so no problem for people with yeast overgrowth
  • Antiviral and antibacterial properties
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • Improves digestion
  • Might aid in weight loss due to protein and thiamine
  • great for vegans and vegetarians as a non-animal source of protein

Don’t confuse Nutritional yeast with Brewer’s yeast, it is meant for flavoring-not brewing beer. They are grown from the same type of fungus which is usually grown on sugar beets, sugar beet molasses or sugar cane molasses, therefore making it gluten-free. Look for yeast flakes that are grown on sugarcane molasses for the best quality flakes.

Nutritional yeast flakes can be found in most health food stores, store it in a dark, cool cabinet where it will keep up to two years. It can also be stored in the refrigerator. I like to use it in places I would normally use cheese sprinkles for a bit of salty, savory flavor. Try it on just-popped popcorn for a real treat!

Personally, I can’t imagine it in smoothies, since the flavor is kind of nutty and cheesy, so I think I’ll stick to chia and flax seeds for that. Do try them though and let me know what you think. Now that I’m in a cooking mood, I may have to give some Paleo Christmas cookies a try! I found some on Pinterest last night that were so adorable! If I do, I’ll take pics if they don’t become a Pinterest fail!

Yall enjoy my snowflakes (if they are showing up) I get to keep them until Jan 4th! See ya later, on the patio!

Was It All Just Wasted Time?

Evening everyone, are yall ready for a cold front, not me!

So today I embarked on several different tasks, feeling a bit more energetic than I have been, anyway, one of those tasks was to import/export the content from my blog here to my website and vice-versa. I succeeded in the export part, but can’t figure out how to import the content and make it show up. My bright idea was that if I switched places with my blog and website, I could then accomplish with Write Where You Are what I have on Kimmy’s Patio. The other thing I wanted to accomplish was to be able to monetize Kimmy’s Patio-even if it was just by link building or whatever.

Well, that did not happen…yet. I’m not giving up totally, just for today, because now I have a headache. So was it all wasted time? Maybe, maybe not. If nothing else, I have the content on zip files that can be made into new blogs in case I totally screw up, problem is, I don’t know how to make that happen, obviously, or it would be done already. Should I even do it? I don’t know. Maybe that was the lesson I was supposed to learn, leave well enough alone! Makes me think of that popular Eagles song.


Another project that I got started (inadvertently) was joining Write Practice which is going to help me learn how to write better stories, maybe even a novel! I connected and took notes, joined them on social media and tried to do my first practice lesson, but was thwarted by Diquis, because when I originally signed up with them I had a different email address. Now it won’t let me comment on the blog. Grrrr. It’s been a Monday, let me tell ya.

I also went to put a check in my account but was denied because David isn’t listed on my account, and the check was made out to both of us. Stupid rules! I will have him sign it and try again. They said he had to be there but, we are married, it’s just a silly rule.

Then there was the incident at Walgreens, I thought ALL the vitamins and supplements were on bogo, but when I got checked out with my cranberry pills, naturally they weren’t, so after arguing with the manager, I went back and looked myself and sure enough. Doh!

Maybe tomorrow will be better. :0


Morning everyone and how is your Friday morning going? It’s a chilly 45 degrees here but somehow it feels warm in the house, maybe because I am not feeling well, or maybe just in comparison to outside. For all you bloggers that may have missed the news yesterday, I did not have my neck surgery because Wednesday afternoon, I started coming down with some kind of virus.

Much like what’s left of my beautiful fountain I feel shattered this morning

I thought when I vomited (rare for me) that afternoon it was because I ate something old or maybe a slight case of nerves, but then I started freezing and by the time I left my Dad’s, all I wanted to do after picking Dave up from the auto shop, was crawl into my bed and try to get warm. Thinking I was still having surgery the next morning, I could not take any meds for pain or for my upset stomach. I was not hungry and alternated between burning up and freezing all night long, in addition, all my bones hurt (especially my lower back) and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest.

Later that evening, I still managed to make myself get up and take the required shower with the “special” soap, crawl into clean clothes and clean sheets and try to sleep until 4am. when I had to get up and repeat the process. I still felt bad, but we went anyway, thinking they were going to give me antibiotics by IV anyway. Then I started thinking, what if this is the flu and post surgery I’m still sick and vomit again? That would not be good after just having my neck redone. They agreed and canceled the surgery. 🙁

By five o’clock yesterday when I had to go pick take Dave t pick up his truck from the shop I was feeling better but still lethargic. This morning I thought the same, but by the time I fed the dogs, made my coffee (you know the process), watered the plants and got myself dressed (in no particular order did those things and more get done), I was exhausted and decided I would pound out my blog for today and then go sit on the couch for a while. I did feel like I was going to hurl (and still may) for a minute and my heart is beating too fast, but other than the weakness and lethargy, I feel fine. sneeze Scuse me.

They had taken me off of all of my vitamins, supplements and essential oils, but until I get rescheduled, I’m back on at least the EO’s in an effort to get over this…whatever this is. If it is indeed a virus, there is no point wasting my money at the doctor, they can’t do anything anyway. I am diffusing peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and frankincense and drinking water with a few drops of some of those same EO’s. Plus I did my oil pulling this morning with a super-sized mouthful of coconut oil and 2 drops of oregano essential oil. I WILL nip this in the bud!!