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Morning everyone and how is your Friday morning going? It’s a chilly 45 degrees here but somehow it feels warm in the house, maybe because I am not feeling well, or maybe just in comparison to outside. For all you bloggers that may have missed the news yesterday, I did not have my neck surgery because Wednesday afternoon, I started coming down with some kind of virus.

Much like what’s left of my beautiful fountain I feel shattered this morning

I thought when I vomited (rare for me) that afternoon it was because I ate something old or maybe a slight case of nerves, but then I started freezing and by the time I left my Dad’s, all I wanted to do after picking Dave up from the auto shop, was crawl into my bed and try to get warm. Thinking I was still having surgery the next morning, I could not take any meds for pain or for my upset stomach. I was not hungry and alternated between burning up and freezing all night long, in addition, all my bones hurt (especially my lower back) and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest.

Later that evening, I still managed to make myself get up and take the required shower with the “special” soap, crawl into clean clothes and clean sheets and try to sleep until 4am. when I had to get up and repeat the process. I still felt bad, but we went anyway, thinking they were going to give me antibiotics by IV anyway. Then I started thinking, what if this is the flu and post surgery I’m still sick and vomit again? That would not be good after just having my neck redone. They agreed and canceled the surgery. 🙁

By five o’clock yesterday when I had to go pick take Dave t pick up his truck from the shop I was feeling better but still lethargic. This morning I thought the same, but by the time I fed the dogs, made my coffee (you know the process), watered the plants and got myself dressed (in no particular order did those things and more get done), I was exhausted and decided I would pound out my blog for today and then go sit on the couch for a while. I did feel like I was going to hurl (and still may) for a minute and my heart is beating too fast, but other than the weakness and lethargy, I feel fine. sneeze Scuse me.

They had taken me off of all of my vitamins, supplements and essential oils, but until I get rescheduled, I’m back on at least the EO’s in an effort to get over this…whatever this is. If it is indeed a virus, there is no point wasting my money at the doctor, they can’t do anything anyway. I am diffusing peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and frankincense and drinking water with a few drops of some of those same EO’s. Plus I did my oil pulling this morning with a super-sized mouthful of coconut oil and 2 drops of oregano essential oil. I WILL nip this in the bud!!


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  1. I hope you get over it soon Kim, it is going around down here also. We keep passing it back and forth here in the house. Best of luck.

  2. I went to the doctor this afternoon cause I’m still feeling weak and tired. She thinks it’s probably a virus but is calling in an antibiotic just to cover the bases. They checked for flu, strep, and a UTI-all negative. Said there’s been a stomach virus going around and took blood to check for EBV.
    Thanks for your commen and concern. You take care too!

  3. Sounds like you have that bug that is even getting people up here, take it easy and keep a heating pad and blanket on, sweat it out! I hope you feel better soon! Too bad about the surgery, but your health is more important! (hugs) T.

  4. Kim, I know you’re bumbed and not up to par, but perhaps it wasn’t the right time for your surgery. I dislike the cliche, but believe there’s a right time for everything and ‘stuff’ happens for a reason. Love you my friend, feel better soon! Glo

    1. Thank you Glo, I appreciate and second that thought. Like I said on Facebook last night to a friend from school, maybe the doc was off his game so God made me sick. Hoping you guys are doing good, Happy Holidays too!

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