Starting Out Bad, Hope it Gets Better

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I woke up this morning (on my back, which is rare) and for a moment, I was pain-free…and then I rolled onto my right side, within minutes, my left shoulder was aching like a toothache. 🙁

I literally never heard my husband get up, the truck start, or the garage door going up and down- Must have been the extra Gabapentin I took last night! Well! I may have to do that again, at least I felt no pain until I woke up.

As I got up and started moving around, I realized I was very weak on my left side in particular, but really all over. My left shoulder feels like it’s being pulled down, and I really should be sitting in my recliner, but I wanted to get this post out for some reason. First, I spent too long on the usual distractions, emails, reading tons of other blogs (but I like that) and finding out if there was work available, there is, but I don’t feel like doing it right now. 🙁

I went about my usual routine, thinking when I’m done, I can go sit down…but then I thought, I really need to write today. I did my swish and held it while I made the bed, tossed in a load of laundry, put my contact in, then I spit it in the trash and brushed my teeth, but not before cleaning the sink out, and the dirty pan my hubby left on the stove. Then I fixed my coffee, got the dogs their food, and sat down here at the computer which is temporarily on my dining table.

Now that this is done, I will go fix myself some breakfast and reheat my coffee so I can take a pain pill and relax. Maybe I’ll just start with an Aleve and if that doesn’t work, I’ll add the pain pill. 🙂

Today’s breakfast, prepared on Monday-pop out of freezer to bowl and add toppings

Of course, I’ll do a set of my exercises first, that may help the most since it will get my shoulders moving and my blood circulating everywhere.

I hope it gets better and I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday and get all your Holiday shopping and prep done while it’s warm. That’s what I would do if I could leave the house. But I can’t so I may do my last minute shopping on Amazon. Btw, a note to Steph if she’s reading this, I changed my smile donations from the ASPCA to MDA, it covers every type of disability under MDA I believe (like FA).

Peace out and Y’all have a Merry Christmas if I don’t return for a while. I go for my check up with the doctor tomorrow, I may update you if there’s anything new to say. 🙂




14 Replies to “Starting Out Bad, Hope it Gets Better”

  1. My husband had torn rotator cup last year. The pain pills were too much for him(couldn’t lift arm,walk over doorway)He tried Tylenol Arthritis Formula capsules. They helped.

    1. That’s great that the Tylenol arthritis formula worked for him, I wish I could take Tylenol, but because of my PKD I cannot. When I don’t want to take pain pills I take Aleve.

  2. Please just take it easy. Post surgery is always harder on us the third or fourth day than the first. Take your pain meds…I know you don’t like to but you heal twice as fast if the pain is controlled. tell the hubby that “Suze said to do your own dishes”…maybe it will help! lol

    1. Thanks Suze, turns out I was doing too much too fast and I weaned off the pain pills too early. So you are right! My problem is I can’t stand dishes in the sink, laundry piling up and dirty floors. But I absolutely can’t do the floors, so I’ve been doing the things I can. My therapist said try to relax. Right! This close to Christmas? I was hoping to be well by then. I guess it takes longer to recover from major surgery than I thought. 😕

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