Dealing With The Deep Freeze

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Morning everyone and how are you all handling the bitter temperatures? My solution was to stay inside and try to keep warm the best way I could!

And while we had no snow or ice to speak of, just frigid temps in the teens (this morning it was 13!) I could not get my hands and feet warm to save my life! This morning is a tiny bit better because I’m wearing sweatpants, socks and tennis shoes, my pajama top and a light sweater over that! The stupid heater is running non-stop yet won’t reach the temp of 71 to turn off…I think it’s running the fan!!!

I’m sorry to say that so far, the helichrysum blend is not stopping the ringing in my ears and the previous over-sensitivity to sound is back with a vengeance! I will keep on using it because one of the testimonials said it took as long as a month to work.

Today I will have to leave the relative warmth of the house to attend a Red Hat Society function…we are going to see Star Wars the Last Jedi and as usual, I’m dreaming of popcorn, fellowship, and fun! By that time the temperature will have reached 30 degrees (it is 12 now) so there’s that!

Not your Mama’s oatmeal

Yesterday I made one of my baked blueberry oatmeal dishes and I am about to sample it 😉  I used toasted pecans for this one.   Maybe that will warm me up! Sorry I have nothing in the giving-back-to-you-department this morning. 🙁   No sage advice, recipes, tips, or tricks. My brain is in story mode, trying to dream up a new one for Creative Nonfiction Magazine’s True Story issue. Yesterday I fine-tuned a story for a monthly challenge on Medium and now I have to get it submitted to their Slack community (so the community can read and review and make sure it’s worthy of publishing). It’s kind of cool and it will be my first one to have critiqued by other writers so…

I also got a story published this morning on one of the Medium pubs I contribute to, The Creative Cafe.   Did you know there is actually a name for the anger I feel when noises bother me? Yeah, check it out.

Saturday most of the family got together and went to Outback for dinner. It was nice and the kindly gentleman making balloon animals and such for the kiddos waiting in the long line made me a lovely balloon bouquet.

Flowers anyone?

I have no idea why he picked me, but I felt special. 😉

I also ran into an old co-worker there I had not seen in forever, that was nice but I didn’t have much time to reminisce, we got called to our table mid-conversation. 🙁

Well! The heater finally cut off- I cannot imagine what our electric bill is going to be!! Speaking of bills, we got the bill from the hospital yesterday…I thought Dave was gonna stroke out! It was ridiculous, and that was after insurance. Let me just say, it was in the triple digits!!!

Well, I’m done with the rant and I need to get to work finding work, lol. Nothing back from any of my proposals I sent to Upwork, I did hear back from an editor at a magazine I pitched to but I responded and she has not answered back yet. It all takes so much time in the writing world. You just have to be patient, diligent, and keep on truckin. Stay warm friends, peace out!

14 Replies to “Dealing With The Deep Freeze”

  1. Good luck in dealing with the cold weather and the hospital bill. I assume you live in the US since your bill was so high. What a crazy system!

    1. Yes, I do, Texas to be exact. Thank God for Dave’s insurance or I would have had to get a room and clean floors or something…possibly for eternity! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh my! That’s crazy your bill is that much! I am so glad of our medical insurance, it’s not perfect but at least we don’t get bills! The only time you have to pay for a surgery is if it is elective…(not medically necessary)
    Sounds like you guys don’t have any insulation in your house?? We keep our house at a constant 67f and our power bill is about $120 a month in winter, but we live in a damp cold place!
    Good luck with your writing Kim, stay warm!

    1. You live in a place whose cost of living is totally different than ours. We do have insulation, but I think air comes in a few spots (some windows and the doggy door) and I should probably buy some of those draft dodger things you put at the doors to block the cold air coming in.
      Our bills are 3x what yours are and we have extreme heat in the summer. This is the coldest winter we have had in a while!
      Thanks for wishing me luck, good luck to you too! Stay warm and dry!

      1. That is quite a difference! 3 times? Wow! we only have a month or so really hot, I know there are different sizes/strength of insulation and houses here wouldn’t last a minute (or the people in them) in Northern Canada. I’m blown away by the indigenous natives here, it can be freezing and they walk around in shorts and a t-shirt, and we;re in mittens and a parka! lol..

        1. Yep, that would be me as well. Maybe our insulation really does need to be checked because all of our windows are double paned and properly sealed, yet it is coldest next to them. I can’t seem to find a warm place to work in the house right now without being totally dressed and either a sweater on or a blanket covering me. The heater struggles to make it to 72! You stay warm too!

  3. Thank you Suze, luckily we have insurance so our part is a fraction of that…it is the point that the charges for a two-day stay and the neck surgery were so astronomical. I wasn’t in there weeks, just two days!! The bill was over $100,000!! It’s highway robbery!

  4. go over that bill item by can then get some charges reduced. it is worth a shot. It was my two hospital bills that broke us and sent us into homelessness. I pray you will okay.

  5. I hope you hear back from one of them soon. It is cold here, this tiny heatpump is doing nothing to scratch the sudden 0 degree temps that dropped on us. It was 45 in my office when I got in here.

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