Will You Help Me Out?

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Hey Guys

I have an assignment on Skillshare as part of a class to create a survey for my readers. Will you please take it so I’ll get credit? It should only take a couple of minutes and will really help me out. Just click the link and the survey will open. Thanks in advance!





12 Replies to “Will You Help Me Out?”

  1. Ok I did it:) Wanted to let you know that I also figured out a contact me page- it’s attached to my about me. Thanks for letting me know my old one wasn’t showing up!

  2. i clicked on the link and tried to take the survey. it isn’t much compatible with my assisstive software, but i think i answered some questions right. at the end i had only five out of 25, and i think it didn’t accept the submit when i pressed it, because the page never changed.

      1. it actually happens a lot to me.
        it does read what’s on the page, but the difference is that it doesn’t tell me where to click -or if there’s anything to click.
        for example, when it’s a, let’s say like button, it will tell me: ‘like’ button, press space or enter to click.
        on the survey it read to me the choices a, b, c, sometimes just the letters, though sometimes it gave me the options. when i clicked, on a, for example, i wasn’t sure if that’s where i was supposed to click or on the choices, so i clicked on both. seeing that i was only able to click on five out of 25, i guess it wasn’t working.

        1. I appreciate that you gave it a shot anyway. Now I have to figure out where to find the answers now that I’m on a computer. It wouldn’t let me do it from my iPad last night. 🙁

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