Did Someone Say Truffles?

Going Keto Doesn’t Mean No Dessert

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Happy Monday everyone, sorry I am blogging so late but it’s been a busy Monday here on the patio. After a pleasant weekend celebrating Dave and Sean’s birthdays, visiting with family and friends, and enjoying delicious food, I needed to get busy before the rain returns. It’s been a beautiful, warm, sunny day so after kitchen duties, I needed to work in the yard a bit and clean up my beds, and get rid of an abundance of clover that had taken over. And did I tell you, I made truffles? More on that in a moment.

Dave with his birthday present from Sean
The other birthday boy, Sean, with his brothers Chris and Josh and Josh’s girlfriend Chasity

I’m working from my new laptop, made possible by my hubby Dave and Apple support! See, I had to figure out why I could not retrieve my mail before I could start working on this machine. My Mac was nice, but Dave decided that I would like the new laptop better because it uses the windows platform. Well, I guess we will see, first I have to get used to a new keyboard, a new way of doing things, and figure out where everything is located on this new machine. Then, I had to work on the website itself, get SiteGround on here so everyone knows what great hosting I have and how you can too, and then Apple had to help me fix my email, which they did, and now I’m all set! I’m a happy camper at the moment.

This morning was very busy in the kitchen as usual. I made our egg cups for the week, boiled some eggs for later use in salads or just a quick breakfast or lunch, and then I made the most delicious version of No-Bake Almond Joy  CheesecakeTruffles. Can you believe they are Keto? Wait until you taste them, it really is miraculous they taste so good. Mine are a little bit different because I was out of Vanilla extract, so I used Orange and Almond extracts instead. I followed a recipe I pinned from Mouthwatering Motivation. Super simple, and if I hadn’t used orange extract, it really would have tasted like an Almond Joy! Ya’ll understand that clicking on the link will take you to her Pinterest page right? Cool! I personally LOVE the chocolate/orange taste sensation, but if you don’t, then just stick to her recipe. Now I will have a snack ready to grab when other people are eating dessert. Or when I’m tired of fat bombs or need a change of pace. After this weekend, I need to get back on track. 😉

Guys, these are seriously yummy!
Fresh from the freezer and ready to devour!

After kitchen work was yard work, I wasn’t about to waste this beautiful day inside writing all day when the rain will soon return.  I literally filled a garbage can full of weeds, leaves, and clover. If I could have mowed, I would have! Before you ask, Dave would have a fit, that’s why! I even took my outer shirt off for a little while (gasp!) it was that warm while working hard. The minute I came in, cleaned up, and got busy writing, I became cold again, so I had to close all the windows and put my shirt back on.  🙁

Not perfect but better after weed removal

I hope you’ll try the truffles and that your Monday was enjoyable if not productive. Shoot me a question or comment and thanks for stopping by the patio!




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Have You Tried Avocado Egg Nests?

I had a deliciously simple breakfast this morning that anyone can try if you like the combination of eggs and avocado. They are called avocado nests or cups and the recipe is so easy a child could make it (if properly supervised, of course!) I’m sharing mine off of Pinterest at Add a Pinch’s blog. (click the link for pics and the recipe)

Avocado Egg Nests

All you do is halve an avocado, scoop out the center a little bit where the pit used to be, crack an egg in each half, salt, pepper and if you’re like me, add some grated cheese. Place the halves in an oven-safe baking dish, pop them into a 400-degree oven for 15-20 minutes and BOOM! You have a quick, easy, delicious breakfast to go with your coffee! I only ate one half and now I’m wishing I had done two! Oh well, there’s always lunch!

We always try to eat farm-raised eggs and not buy eggs from the store. Luckily, my hubby Dave has a source where he works that provides him with plenty of fresh eggs-We eat A LOT of eggs. Egg cups, bacon, and eggs, avocado nests, boiled eggs for breakfast or adding to salads…like I said. They are a great, easy protein source-6g each that can be grabbed and eaten on the run, or incorporated into other recipes.

Avocados are one of the “good” fats you need to be eating when you’re on a keto diet. They are low carb (1/2 is 1g carb) and 10.5g fat and 1.5g protein. So, my macros for this morning’s breakfast were approximately 7.5g protein, 52.5g of fat, and 2g of carbs.  Lunch should be mostly concentrated on protein or skipped altogether for me to balance out just right for the day. Ideally, my daily macros should be 66g of protein, 65g of fat, and 25g of carbs based on my Keto Calculator. If you would like to figure out yours, just click on the link and follow the easy directions. The plug-in your values site gives you the values you need to strive for to obtain your goals, whether it be weight loss or maintaining ketosis.

If you’ve never tried them, give them a shot and let me know what you think! Avocados and eggs are a heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth combination, I’m betting you’ll love it!



Test Post for Keto For Beginners

Hey guys, just a quick test post to see if you can see my new site, I’m still me, but I have a new domain name- you can find me now at https://www.kimmy1563.com


Please comment or like so I know you are still there! Thanks in advance!


A Day In The Life of a Petite Flower Deliverer

A couple of you said you’d like to hear how it was to deliver flowers for Bice’s Florist on the 13th and 14th of this month. Well, before I regale you with that tale, know in advance that I signed up for this voluntarily, so don’t view what I’m about to say as griping or complaining, just stating the facts from a petite woman’s point of view.

Imagine if you will, that you are a small woman of stature, say about four foot nine inches tall, weighing in at about 107lbs and recovering from neck surgery back in December. (I only include that so you understand my strength is not back to 100% yet). Nothing in our little part-time-flower-deliverer-class prepared me for the challenges I would face on these two days, or what an adventure it would turn out to be.

The first day I arrived thirty minutes early because I incorrectly figured that the earlier we got there, the more time we would have to familiarize ourselves with our load, where we were going, and maybe even get the first spot for the best routes. Ha! I and one other gentleman stood around freezing outside the back delivery area waiting until they had all the self-drivers (those taking their own vehicles) loaded and off. When we were finally made aware that we could have been inside the warm warehouse, we were a little miffed, yet still excited about the prospect of a good route. I was given a rental van, showed nothing at all about it, and sent off on what the dispatcher said was an “all over” route. I decided I was game for anything and went to check my load.

When I located my van, (a Grand Caravan van) it was chock full of roses and other beautiful flower arrangements, three arrangements (usually) to a long box with a small hole cut in it so they would stand upright. They were mid-to-full of water and seemed stable enough. I checked the names on my trip sheet, noticed they were all in the Ft Worth area and took off full of optimism that I would knock em out and go back for another run.

That most certainly did not happen and this is why. As a “petite” person, I literally had to climb inside the van, hover over a particular arrangement and then carefully wrestle it out of the box, while not grabbing it by the lip of the vase since we were told in class that they might break. You had to do this in a way that would not break any flowers because that is a no-no. Most every time, the arrangement next in line on my route was in the middle of the long box, making it near impossible for me to accomplish-but I did it! Once the flower was out, I had to manage it, the keys, and a clipboard and make my way into the residence or business and make my delivery, get a signature, write down the time, and rush off to the next one. A piece of cake, right?

Many times the arrangement was almost half the size of my body, making it difficult for the recipient to even see me walking in. I was rather dismayed at many of the reactions of those receiving flowers like it was no big deal or special thing to them, but a few did act appreciative and that made me smile. Anyway, the third run of the first day took me on an unnecessary thirty-minute side trip to Grand Prairie because of a miscommunication about the address. Even after I found the correct address, the person the arrangement was going to did not work there. Turned out she worked at Alliance Airport which is a good way from where I was. I decided to do her last. I wound my way through Ft Worth, Keller, and Roanoke and realized when I got to that last run, I was low on gas, my phone was dead (my GPS-I had taken off with the wrong kind of car charger) and I would not be able to make it there and back to the shop. So I called the dispatch and he told me just to come on in, they would work something out. Since it took me from 8:30 to 1:30 to do that first run, the boss said if I was coming back tomorrow, I could go on home, they didn’t have that many left to deliver anyway. That was day one.

Day two started at exactly 8am with a much warmer forecast (thank God) and a downtown destination-I was not happy about this but figured I would be ok, I had the right kind of charger now, and knew I had plenty of gas to make this trip. What I didn’t count on was unwieldy arrangements, too full of water and not loaded properly in the van. Every time I hit a bump (and there were many) or took off from sitting at a light (no matter how carefully) the flowers would tip over, spilling water and God forbid, threatening breakage. I don’t remember how many times I stopped to rearrange the load, but it just kept happening. One arrangement was in a bag, along with a teddy bear and some chocolate, thankfully they were each in their own plastic wrap. After the cardboard the flower was standing in became soaked, it simply would not stand up for any movement of the van, so I decided I needed to get that one delivered as soon as possible.

Then there was the delivery that took me to a boarded-up house in a less-than-desirable neighborhood and I was very brave to get out of the van, go around the back and locate someone who told me I was on the wrong end of the street. I considered myself so lucky to have found nice people to help me, that when I found the correct address (on the other side of town) and made the delivery, I didn’t feel bad accepting my one and only tip. Somehow, I made all my deliveries and went back to the shop for another load. By this time I was tired but still felt able to do more, so I was super happy to get a run in my own neck-of-the-woods. What I wasn’t prepared for were several more HUGE arrangements which I miraculously managed to get unharmed, out of the van and delivered. My arms, neck, and shoulders were sore from the exertion of that, and my thighs were sore from then crouching down with the arrangement, before wiggling my way back out of the van because of my stupid knee. Gone are the days when I could simply have jumped in and out of the van.

One of my last two deliveries was a beautiful orchid arrangement when the lady opened the front door and saw them, she just about lost it she was so surprised and happy. That really made my day! One other lady previous to that delivery offered to give me a tip, I declined it and then was happy I did because her little dog ran out the front door and into the street! Luckily, a nice man working at a house nearby caught the little guy and held him until she walked over there to pick him up. My last delivery of the day was to a house which the recipient had not been at home the first time I tried. I called and left messages, but they were never answered. At last, I found a neighbor willing to take them for her, I left a tag on her door telling her where to pick them up and went back to the shop. By this time I was exhausted, it was close to 5pm, and I said that I was sorry, I just could not close the tailgate on that van one more time. Reaching up to my fullest height, pulling the heavy tailgate down and then wrestling to push it closed had taken a toll on my right arm, neck, and shoulder. When I got home, Dave asked me if there hadn’t been a button I could have pushed and it closes itself, I said if so, no one ever showed me and I would be so mad if I found out now!

I was still sore this morning but after a hot bath and some chia pudding for breakfast, I feel like a new woman! One thing that surprised me, I was never really hungry over those two days, I took a boiled egg, a cheese stick and some nuts the first day and ate the nuts and the cheese stick on the run.  The second day, I took a “peeled” boiled egg with some salt and pepper and a few pork skins and was able to eat that on the run and both days I felt full and satisfied. That’s the thing with Keto, you are less hungry with less food, my problem is I’m always cold. I also have a problem eating enough fat. It is working though, I’m down to 107lbs from 115, and my clothes are starting to fit better. I loosely enter my food on a keto calculator and it helps me somewhat manage my macros.

Well, there you have it, a day in the life, what do you think? Should I volunteer again for Mother’s day deliveries? Maybe I will be over all of my soreness and have built up some more strength by then, we’ll just have to wait and see. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by the patio!


The flowers my hubby got me plus two bonus flowers from my day of deliveries


Ok, a little confession, I did have two episodes of breakage, I decided to be completely honest about the whole thing and both recipients were more than understanding. 🙂



Waxing Poetic This Morning

Being rattled out of your sleep by the ear-piercing noises your hubby makes while getting ready in the morning sets the tone for a  grouchy morning, as I have found out on numerous occasions. He has no regard for my “disability” or “condition” or whatever one wants to label it, as he slams drawers in the bathroom, and makes me wish everything in the kitchen was rubberized, so it would mask the sound of metal silverware clanking in the stainless steel sink…setting my teeth on edge in the process. ( Followers will remember that I have acute tinnitus and hyperacusis) Even with me closing my ears off with my fingers doesn’t help, the sound comes through and now I’m up as well.

I rise to start my day only after finishing last night’s reading of a weirdly good story in The New Yorker’s Sunday edition called Tits Up in a Ditch by Annie Proulx. It’s a long read that has also probably lent a bit of melancholy to my mood, making me want to walk around the house talking like a country hick in the back of my mind. The story is from 2008, yet they saw it fit to include in their War-Torn issue yesterday and after reading it, I totally understand why.

The main character of the story, Dakotah

Click on the link if you’d like to find out for yourself.

After making my coffee, feeding the dogs and gathering up the laundry I will start once the temps are above freezing (call me old school), I go ahead and make my hubby’s egg cups, tasty morsels cooked in a muffin tin lovingly thrown together by combining 5 large eggs, a bit of heavy cream, a generous pinch of mixed shredded cheese, chopped up grape tomatoes and broccoli, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, turmeric, and nutritional yeast flakes for that cheesy, nutty flavor. Pre-cooked bacon is the meat of choice, pulled from the freezer, crumbled and nuked and then tossed in right before placing the muffin tin on a small baking tray and carefully transported to the oven. These make for a delicious and nutritious, portable breakfast for him for the week. He doesn’t know they fit the bill for a quick Keto breakfast.

Now that the eggs are done, I am free to take on the writing for the day, whatever that will be before I decide I need a break and go take a drive to the post office, do some housework, or tackle that crochet project I started last night. I also boiled myself some eggs for the week for snacks or a bit of protein to add to my salad later on. It will be an extremely busy week for me, a change of pace, and I’m at once nervous and excited. I am delivering Valentine’s Day flowers for Bice’s Florist on Tuesday and Wednesday, then helping Ms. Stephanie out on Thursday. When I first awoke this morning my thought was “I really need to start sleeping in the guest room during the week” but this week, it would not even matter since I will be getting up at the same time as David all week.

I will just resign myself to the fact that it will be a blow-and-go week and try to get my ducks all in a row to ensure I’m not headed out the door half-cocked each morning, it’s not like I’ll be able to come back to the house if I forget something. I need to remember to take a car charger for my phone so I can operate my maps feature while looking for the addresses of my deliveries, something portable to eat myself, so my diet isn’t thrown out of wack, and a small flashlight, so I can check my list against the flowers that are pre-loaded into a waiting van in the morning bright and early. This may be the only writing day I will have unless I get a little done Friday morning…I plan to ask Dad if he would like to do lunch and hang out since I will miss our normal day for that.

Now my coffee has gone cold, I am off to re-heat it and grab myself an egg or an egg cup, then get busy doing what I do. I hope you all have an inspired Monday and I’ll plan on talking to you again on Friday. So long, from the patio!

How Do You Feel?

Earlier this morning as I watched the sleet coming down, I decided I was not going out to go to church, yet I could still attend due to the magic of the internet. I just pulled up the 8:30 service that was previously recorded and sat and enjoyed the message from the warm comfort of my own home. Is this “cheating” because I didn’t brave the cold and yuck to actually attend? I personally do not believe it is because I still listened to the message of God. How do you all feel about this? I even forwarded it to my Dad, in case he also did not want to attend his own church’s service.

First United Methodist Church of Hurst

Anyone can attend this way, all faiths welcome. If any would like a link to this morning’s service, let me know. You can also LiveStream a service, but I understand that there is a charge involved. My thought is that it helps raise money for the church, so the choice is yours how you want to watch. You can watch any of the services from today by going to info@fumchurst.org and requesting their newsletter where you would find all the links necessary.

Thanks for visiting with me today and have a Blessed Sunday!

Do You Enjoy Trying New Things To Eat?

How About Porridge?

I was searching (as usual) for a different yummy Keto breakfast option yesterday and found this great recipe for porridge by Martina Slajerova of the KetoDietApp.com website. Clicking the link will take you straight to the recipe and a video showing the directions to make this easy peasy treat. I found it warm, satisfying, and delicious!

Cooking on the stove-quick and easy Cinnamon & Pecan porridge
Yummy, nutty goodness in my bowl!

No oats, just pecans, coconut and almond milk, nut butter-she uses almond but I used cashew-coconut oil, chia seeds, chopped pecans, toasted (or not) coconut, and cinnamon!

If you’re game for a new breakfast option and you get just a little tired of eggs on your Keto diet, this is a wonderfully filling choice. The recipe made two bowls and I ate about half of that and stayed full until lunch. Which I ate late. Which was more like a snack. I have been trying to do the intermittent fasting thing but can’t seem to actually skip the meal, I just eat a lot less. What I ended up having was a small bowl of salad and three leftover chicken wings Dave ordered with his Dominos pizza the other day.

I totally made up for it at supper, when I realized with horror that the delicious new Alfredo sauce I have been making and eating on my zoodles is not Keto! I tell you what though, I’m still gonna eat it, if only in small portions. 😉  I ate them alongside one of Dave’s delicious pork chops he dreamed up the other day, made in a sort of sauce piquante. I’m sure it wasn’t Keto either, but maybe everything else I’m doing will balance me out.  (Zoodles are spiralized zucchini btw! 🙂 )

I hope you give this a try and let me know how you like it. PS: I downloaded the app Stupid Simple Keto (because it was free and the other app was $6.99)  but I am still trying to figure it out. I at least figured out what my daily macros are supposed to be- if I’m doing it right I’m supposed to aim for 12g of carbs, 76g of protein, and 83g of fat per day.

Have a great day everyone and try to keep warm!





Oh, Good Grief!

I am so sorry folks, I just realized I never published Friday’s blog, so instead of editing it for today, I panicked and pushed the Publish button, so you will see a blog for today and for Friday. Ugh!! I was probably going to add a picture and got busy and never got back to it, and that’s why it never got published! Good grief!!

I know I am whining, but it is soooo cold today, even in the house! I need to adjust the heat again because it’s 24 outside and feels about 50 in the house. I’m literally sitting at my “desk” wrapped up in a blanket while trying to type. Then again, maybe it’s time to eat and that would warm me up.

Speaking of eating…I had a bit of a cheat night last night because we were invited to dinner at my brother-in-law’s house and he was serving lasagna, salad, bread and of course, wine. So yeah, I did. I had two 1/2 glasses of 2 different types of Cabernet-very good Cabernet! Secondly, I had about a serving the size of a deck of cards of lasagna….heavenly but I have no idea how many carbs. Then Connie had made some delicious bread which is normally a complete no-no for me, but I just had to taste a bite because everyone was raving so. It was melt-in-your-mouth delicious! Her salad was what I ate the most of, it’s so good with spring greens, spinach, berries, and nuts and just the slightest bit of mint thrown in, topped with a raspberry vinaigrette. I know, probably more sugar than I should have eaten but…

At least when we got home and my husband went for a bowl of Blue Bell, I sat and drank my water and after another hour or so, while waiting what seemed like FOREVER for This Is Us to come on, I had one of my yummy fat bombs and that totally satisfied my desire for something sweet. I almost had a meltdown during the show when my TV locked up, I had to listen to one whole scene while the picture was locked where it stopped on the previous scene. Everything got wonky for a few minutes, I tried turning the channel, turning the TV off and on…then it threatened to not come back on! I was really freaking out by this point, thinking I would miss the show, I went and turned the TV on in the game room…just as the signal came back on in the living room! Phew, that was a close one! It was a great episode and remains one of my favorite shows I watch, thanks to Stephanie Kilgore for getting me started!

I also started a crochet project last night but I’m not happy with it, I may end up ripping it out and starting over, or I may just create something totally different than what I started with. I wanted to make some ear warmers, they may become a scarf, lol.  I did however make the headband to go on my Red Hat for the luncheon Saturday and here’s a picture of all of us eating at Souper Salad!

The Glitzee Girlz enjoying food and fellowship

The fact that I am cold and hungry is blocking my creativity and I cannot remember what else I was going to talk about so, I’m off to figure out something for breakfast. Have a lovely day everyone and keep thinking warm thoughts!

Just A Note

Good morning everyone, man it’s cold here today but I can’t complain, at least we aren’t buried in five feet of snow!

This morning I weighed in and checked my ketones which were at 40%. Testimony to the fact that even one alcoholic beverage can make a difference- although it was “skinny” and sugar-free, your body naturally wants to burn off the alcohol first instead of your fat, which takes a toll on your state of ketosis. On top of that, I seem to have gained two pounds back and that is weird because I have not eaten as much this week as last!

I had been doing so well, documenting every meal and then I got lazy, I need to find a specific place to write it down daily because it really keeps me on track and helps me maintain the proper macros.

“Date” night was last night and I once again picked a loser. 🙁  Chilis has been a good choice for us in the past with its variety of yummy things to eat, healthy choices and the fact that they offer skinny margaritas is a plus right now. Last night was not so swell. The margarita was so sour I could not drink it without adding some liquid Stevia and even then it was pretty bad. The food was bland and just ok, my asparagus tasted like grass for the most part but the Ancho salmon and broccoli was ok. It is hard to go to Mexican food places right now while I can’t have chips but we always enjoy our meal at least when we do. So…Dave gets to pick from now on. 😉

I have a luncheon with my Red Hat Society ladies tomorrow at Souper Salad, I’m looking forward to that and I may even crochet myself a purple hat band and go purchase a Red Hat pin to dress up my hat for the occasion. It will be my first time to wear it at an event! I had previously made a less-than-beautiful beaded hat band, it made it heavy and it kept falling off so…btw, we are called the Glitzee Girlz if I haven’t already told you that. Click the link above to get more info on this fun group and find a chapter in your area.

I’m so proud to say, my cousin,  Mary Fairley got another story published in Mississippi Magazine and I cannot wait to read it. I mentioned the fact to her that it was nice that she and some of my other friends are finding a measure of success later in life. Just another reason to never give up on your dreams! This was her best paying story to date and it gives me hope that I may someday reach that level of success. (This is a wonderful magazine btw, full of great stories, yummy recipes, and just a feel-good vibe, worth the price of a subscription.)

On that note, I still have not heard back from the magazine I submitted my article to yesterday, but I will keep you posted if I do and it is accepted. For now, I gotta go…lots to do and so little time!! Happy Friday everyone! 🙂