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Good morning everyone, man it’s cold here today but I can’t complain, at least we aren’t buried in five feet of snow!

This morning I weighed in and checked my ketones which were at 40%. Testimony to the fact that even one alcoholic beverage can make a difference- although it was “skinny” and sugar-free, your body naturally wants to burn off the alcohol first instead of your fat, which takes a toll on your state of ketosis. On top of that, I seem to have gained two pounds back and that is weird because I have not eaten as much this week as last!

I had been doing so well, documenting every meal and then I got lazy, I need to find a specific place to write it down daily because it really keeps me on track and helps me maintain the proper macros.

“Date” night was last night and I once again picked a loser. 🙁  Chilis has been a good choice for us in the past with its variety of yummy things to eat, healthy choices and the fact that they offer skinny margaritas is a plus right now. Last night was not so swell. The margarita was so sour I could not drink it without adding some liquid Stevia and even then it was pretty bad. The food was bland and just ok, my asparagus tasted like grass for the most part but the Ancho salmon and broccoli was ok. It is hard to go to Mexican food places right now while I can’t have chips but we always enjoy our meal at least when we do. So…Dave gets to pick from now on. 😉

I have a luncheon with my Red Hat Society ladies tomorrow at Souper Salad, I’m looking forward to that and I may even crochet myself a purple hat band and go purchase a Red Hat pin to dress up my hat for the occasion. It will be my first time to wear it at an event! I had previously made a less-than-beautiful beaded hat band, it made it heavy and it kept falling off so…btw, we are called the Glitzee Girlz if I haven’t already told you that. Click the link above to get more info on this fun group and find a chapter in your area.

I’m so proud to say, my cousin,  Mary Fairley got another story published in Mississippi Magazine and I cannot wait to read it. I mentioned the fact to her that it was nice that she and some of my other friends are finding a measure of success later in life. Just another reason to never give up on your dreams! This was her best paying story to date and it gives me hope that I may someday reach that level of success. (This is a wonderful magazine btw, full of great stories, yummy recipes, and just a feel-good vibe, worth the price of a subscription.)

On that note, I still have not heard back from the magazine I submitted my article to yesterday, but I will keep you posted if I do and it is accepted. For now, I gotta go…lots to do and so little time!! Happy Friday everyone! 🙂








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  1. Here’s to you receiving only good news regarding the article you submitted, Kim. And, you better food experiences while eating out too.

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