Oh, Good Grief!

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I am so sorry folks, I just realized I never published Friday’s blog, so instead of editing it for today, I panicked and pushed the Publish button, so you will see a blog for today and for Friday. Ugh!! I was probably going to add a picture and got busy and never got back to it, and that’s why it never got published! Good grief!!

I know I am whining, but it is soooo cold today, even in the house! I need to adjust the heat again because it’s 24 outside and feels about 50 in the house. I’m literally sitting at my “desk” wrapped up in a blanket while trying to type. Then again, maybe it’s time to eat and that would warm me up.

Speaking of eating…I had a bit of a cheat night last night because we were invited to dinner at my brother-in-law’s house and he was serving lasagna, salad, bread and of course, wine. So yeah, I did. I had two 1/2 glasses of 2 different types of Cabernet-very good Cabernet! Secondly, I had about a serving the size of a deck of cards of lasagna….heavenly but I have no idea how many carbs. Then Connie had made some delicious bread which is normally a complete no-no for me, but I just had to taste a bite because everyone was raving so. It was melt-in-your-mouth delicious! Her salad was what I ate the most of, it’s so good with spring greens, spinach, berries, and nuts and just the slightest bit of mint thrown in, topped with a raspberry vinaigrette. I know, probably more sugar than I should have eaten but…

At least when we got home and my husband went for a bowl of Blue Bell, I sat and drank my water and after another hour or so, while waiting what seemed like FOREVER for This Is Us to come on, I had one of my yummy fat bombs and that totally satisfied my desire for something sweet. I almost had a meltdown during the show when my TV locked up, I had to listen to one whole scene while the picture was locked where it stopped on the previous scene. Everything got wonky for a few minutes, I tried turning the channel, turning the TV off and on…then it threatened to not come back on! I was really freaking out by this point, thinking I would miss the show, I went and turned the TV on in the game room…just as the signal came back on in the living room! Phew, that was a close one! It was a great episode and remains one of my favorite shows I watch, thanks to Stephanie Kilgore for getting me started!

I also started a crochet project last night but I’m not happy with it, I may end up ripping it out and starting over, or I may just create something totally different than what I started with. I wanted to make some ear warmers, they may become a scarf, lol.  I did however make the headband to go on my Red Hat for the luncheon Saturday and here’s a picture of all of us eating at Souper Salad!

The Glitzee Girlz enjoying food and fellowship

The fact that I am cold and hungry is blocking my creativity and I cannot remember what else I was going to talk about so, I’m off to figure out something for breakfast. Have a lovely day everyone and keep thinking warm thoughts!

5 Replies to “Oh, Good Grief!”

  1. I am so sorry, I completely forgot who I was talking to. I feel like an idiot. Forgive me. We all take our sight for granted, I cannot imagine what it must be like.

  2. that sounded delicious! my stomach rumbled while i read.
    i could never get thehang of crochet, but my mom actually learned it with her fingers – she’s pretty good with it, though she lost the patience now.

    1. Thank you! It was delicious and probably sabotaged my efforts for the week, lol. You can find really easy tutorials on the web for how to crochet, you should give it another try! I’m no good, but I keep on practicing anyway. 😉

      1. i gave it a few tries before i became blind, just to appease my mom, but afterwardsi just said i didn’t like it. i do have a clock that i made with those x point things that my daughter uncovered a few days ago. there’s only the circle that will come around the clock to be finished and my brother’s wife took to finish it. i liked to do that, but not the crochet.

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