Do You Enjoy Trying New Things To Eat?

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How About Porridge?

I was searching (as usual) for a different yummy Keto breakfast option yesterday and found this great recipe for porridge by Martina Slajerova of the website. Clicking the link will take you straight to the recipe and a video showing the directions to make this easy peasy treat. I found it warm, satisfying, and delicious!

Cooking on the stove-quick and easy Cinnamon & Pecan porridge
Yummy, nutty goodness in my bowl!

No oats, just pecans, coconut and almond milk, nut butter-she uses almond but I used cashew-coconut oil, chia seeds, chopped pecans, toasted (or not) coconut, and cinnamon!

If you’re game for a new breakfast option and you get just a little tired of eggs on your Keto diet, this is a wonderfully filling choice. The recipe made two bowls and I ate about half of that and stayed full until lunch. Which I ate late. Which was more like a snack. I have been trying to do the intermittent fasting thing but can’t seem to actually skip the meal, I just eat a lot less. What I ended up having was a small bowl of salad and three leftover chicken wings Dave ordered with his Dominos pizza the other day.

I totally made up for it at supper, when I realized with horror that the delicious new Alfredo sauce I have been making and eating on my zoodles is not Keto! I tell you what though, I’m still gonna eat it, if only in small portions. 😉  I ate them alongside one of Dave’s delicious pork chops he dreamed up the other day, made in a sort of sauce piquante. I’m sure it wasn’t Keto either, but maybe everything else I’m doing will balance me out.  (Zoodles are spiralized zucchini btw! 🙂 )

I hope you give this a try and let me know how you like it. PS: I downloaded the app Stupid Simple Keto (because it was free and the other app was $6.99)  but I am still trying to figure it out. I at least figured out what my daily macros are supposed to be- if I’m doing it right I’m supposed to aim for 12g of carbs, 76g of protein, and 83g of fat per day.

Have a great day everyone and try to keep warm!





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  1. Normally I like that as well but right now during Keto I can’t have dried fruit but this porridge was excellent and you could add whatever you like!

  2. i enjoy trying new things to eat/bake. this one sounds great, especially with all these nuts . my kids and i love nuts of all kinds. we just pile them in a bowl late at night, add some raisens to it and snack on.

  3. Heinz Zoodles Animal Shaped Pasta with Tomato Sauce! I’m glad you specified about the Zoodles, I was getting worried you might of really slipped up, lol ! 😕

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