How Do You Feel?

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Earlier this morning as I watched the sleet coming down, I decided I was not going out to go to church, yet I could still attend due to the magic of the internet. I just pulled up the 8:30 service that was previously recorded and sat and enjoyed the message from the warm comfort of my own home. Is this “cheating” because I didn’t brave the cold and yuck to actually attend? I personally do not believe it is because I still listened to the message of God. How do you all feel about this? I even forwarded it to my Dad, in case he also did not want to attend his own church’s service.

First United Methodist Church of Hurst

Anyone can attend this way, all faiths welcome. If any would like a link to this morning’s service, let me know. You can also LiveStream a service, but I understand that there is a charge involved. My thought is that it helps raise money for the church, so the choice is yours how you want to watch. You can watch any of the services from today by going to and requesting their newsletter where you would find all the links necessary.

Thanks for visiting with me today and have a Blessed Sunday!

4 Replies to “How Do You Feel?”

  1. I actually love this option that most churches have made available. I feel that as long as one is connecting and has connected with the word of God, all is well. Of course, visiting the temple is held in high regard, if one is being fed spiritually by way of their church’s live stream, the word is still being delivered.

    1. Thank you Tre for visiting and for sharing your opinion! I enjoyed the feeling that I was there and will use this option whenever I can’t actually be present. 😊

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