Celebrate World Kidney Day By Eating Clean!

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Good morning and here’s to hoping this post finds everyone feeling good and healthy this morning! It’s going to be a spring-like day here in the DFW area, with temps in the high 60’s. It is National Kidney Month and today is World Kidney Day! Support the PKD Foundation by wearing teal tomorrow and making a donation (if you feel moved to.) You can find all of the info at this link: PDK Foundation-http://www.pdkcure.org  

You can make sure your own kidneys are in their best shape by eating clean today (and every day). It is so important and easy to do. Just don’t put junk in your body! Give your body the vitamins, and nutrients it needs by eating a whole food diet as much as you possibly can. Fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, limit your salt and dairy, don’t buy anything from a box or a bag, and drink lots of water!!

Everyone should check with their doctors as well before making any drastic changes to their diets, however, eating clean couldn’t hurt! Clean eating means not only eating a whole food diet, but cutting out all sugar and wheat products. You can do it people! I am living proof that it can be done and tastefully at that! I eat plenty of food, and still get my sweet tooth satisfied with delicious fat bombs, and the occasional fruit smoothie made with berries.

Check out my favorite fat bomb recipe here: Craving Buster Fat Bombs.