Celebrate World Kidney Day By Eating Clean!

Good morning and here’s to hoping this post finds everyone feeling good and healthy this morning! It’s going to be a spring-like day here in the DFW area, with temps in the high 60’s. It is National Kidney Month and today is World Kidney Day! Support the PKD Foundation by wearing teal tomorrow and making a donation (if you feel moved to.) You can find all of the info at this link: PDK Foundation-http://www.pdkcure.org  

You can make sure your own kidneys are in their best shape by eating clean today (and every day). It is so important and easy to do. Just don’t put junk in your body! Give your body the vitamins, and nutrients it needs by eating a whole food diet as much as you possibly can. Fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, limit your salt and dairy, don’t buy anything from a box or a bag, and drink lots of water!!

Everyone should check with their doctors as well before making any drastic changes to their diets, however, eating clean couldn’t hurt! Clean eating means not only eating a whole food diet, but cutting out all sugar and wheat products. You can do it people! I am living proof that it can be done and tastefully at that! I eat plenty of food, and still get my sweet tooth satisfied with delicious fat bombs, and the occasional fruit smoothie made with berries.

Check out my favorite fat bomb recipe here: Craving Buster Fat Bombs.





When You Want To Eat Your Keto Smoothie

Do you love your keto smoothies but sometimes want to eat them with a spoon? Do you crave texture and crunch but still want that wonderful smoothie base? That’s what’s behind the latest breakfast sensation smoothie bowls, and why they have taken the internet by storm.  Just do a Pinterest search for smoothie bowls and see what pops up!

My Keto creation this morning

Super simple and quick to make, just create your preferred smoothie base with your choice of non-dairy nut milk, berries, half an avocado, and stevia. In my case this morning, I made what I dubbed a Berry Bliss Keto Smoothie Bowl. I simply combined some  Silk Coconut milk (unsweetened) with about 7 frozen strawberries, 7 frozen raspberries, a tsp of flax, half an avocado and 2 tsp of Pyure brand stevia (all-natural sweetener). Pour it in a bowl and add your favorite low-carb toppings. In my case, that was Enjoy Life chocolate chips, coconut, and walnuts. I love the different textures and how all the flavors play well together.

Enjoy Life dairy free chocolate chips

The avocado just ensures a creamier smoothie, while adding that much-needed good fat you need when following a keto diet. You don’t taste it, I promise! The sky is the limit on customizing your smoothie bowls, just make sure you use all low-carb ingredients.

I used to use bananas in my smoothies, now I know that they are not the best choice.  One banana has 27g of carbohydrates!  Really the only fruit you can have is berries, and while I miss a lot of the fruits I used to eat (Granny Smith apples in particular), that’s all forgotten the minute I sink my teeth into a cold, delicious smoothie bowl along with some of my favorite toppings.

My yield from a two dollar bag of whole walnuts I had to shell myself.

Enjoy Life chocolate chips, for instance, are allergy friendly, low sugar, nut free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and dairy free. They provide a satisfying crunchy texture and ease the craving for a bit of sweet that compliments the berries.  I also used unsweetened coconut flakes (I keep them in the freezer to add to recipes, it keeps them fresh), and walnuts since they are a low-carb choice.

A few weeks ago I did an experiment to see how much nut meat I would get from a $2 bag of whole walnuts my husband helped me shell them and we got almost a whole sandwich bag full! I call that a good deal because I’ve seen the price the grocery store charges for the same amount!

Next time you want a smoothie but crave that crunch, create your own smoothie bowl and tell me how you did it! Add your photos! I would love to see what you create, maybe I will add one to my own Pinterest board, Keto For Beginners. Check it out!