Let It Bleed Challenge, April 2, 2018

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Let it Bleed Challenge

 is brought to you by Saumya Agrawal of RandomnessInked.com and the prompt for this week is “photo.”

My babies, Whiskey and Brandy

Other than food pictures, this is literally the only other picture I have on my new computer. They are my Shorkies, Whiskey on the right and Brandy on the left.

Shorkies are a mix of Yorkie and Shitzu and they are loveable, don’t shed or bother anyone with allergies. Whiskey has more of the Shitzu traits and Brandy the Yorkie ones.

Ok, your turn, why don’t you go to Randomness Inked and join in the fun? Click on the link and follow the guidelines to post your own favorite photo, or one that is special to you.


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  1. I LOVE that you did the same thing I did..used your own photo..it wasn’t until after I published that I wondered did Saumya mean to use HER photo as inspiration, or to use one of my own……….I chose my own. We can be Oops buddies on this one!

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