Let it Bleed Challenge- Yearning

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Let it Bleed…the brainchild of Saumya Agrawal of RandomnessInked is a prose/poetry/photo challenge. Come join in.


“Oh Father I am burning,

and my heart is yearning,

For others to hear your truth, and then spread it wide.

Can you feel the joy,

that this mode would employ

If we all just reached out to each other and tried?”

An original poem by yours truly. Hope you enjoyed it.

Y’all come play along with Randomness Inked and give it a try! Yes, I know this is supposed to be a blog about alternative health and such, yet every once in a while I do a bit of creative writing, so this challenge kind of tickled my fancy. Now it’s your turn! Play along with Suze and I won’t ya?


4 Replies to “Let it Bleed Challenge- Yearning”

  1. Wow! This is great! The meaning it conveyed to me was real deep. <3

    Also, as I was scheduling the prompt post for tomorrow, I searched for your blog on Google as WordPress didn't let me open your blog. And to my surprise, I happened to discover that you've been participating in the event since a few weeks. I had no knowledge of it. (I so hate WordPress for not linking back the homepage of blog to the posts.) I'll just link tomorrow's posts to all your posts. And please do leave a comment if you aren't able to create a pingback. Would love to read more from you! <3
    Keep writing! 🙂

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