Why The Silence

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Where Have I Been All Week?

So, I introduce myself in a new blog one week, then you don’t hear from me again until now. What gives?

Well, I have been distracted for one thing. Trying to figure out some things regarding my writing and what to post. You could say I’ve been uninspired.

I Got A Cat Ya’ll!

Well, I acquired a cat, a baby kitten. My boys rescued it from my dad’s old boat. They couldn’t keep it or find it’s mother, so I brought it home with me to see how my dogs took to it before I decided whether to take it to the no-kill shelter.

Thing is, I miss my old cat and have been talking about getting another. However, my dogs are spoiled rotten, they use a doggy door and what does that lead to?? My cat learning how to get out, that’s what.

So now I have a dilemma. Yes, she’s a distraction and takes lots of time and attention. Yes, my writing has suffered this week. But I keep trying to reason with myself that I can make this work.

I need your help and input! What is the solution? Keep her or wean and train her and find her a home? She gets along fine with my dogs, I thought maybe I could train her to potty outside (after I litter train her of course) and then maybe she would get used to that and not run off.

Any help with this would be great. I talked to Stephanie’s sister-in-law who fosters kittens and cats, she wants to know if I want more!!! I don’t think I have time for all that! She did help me out by telling me what to feed my little one though.

I found a formula on the internet and she has been loving it, however, I can tell she needs more sustenance, so I will get her some solid food today (if I decide to keep her). That means I need to go get some litter soon too. So far, she poops on a towel.

I Got Some Great Advice On Freelancing

One of the bloggers I follow suggested that I get a new app called Brain.fm    to help with distractions. She just started a new blog herself called Imperfectly Perfect Mama-A Blog For Imperfect Moms, which shows just how together she is!

She has been blogging for years and teaches others how to do it now. You CAN make a living at it, I just don’t have all my ducks in a row yet. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels some days. She says you have to have a plan. True, and I still don’t.

If you guys are interested, I provided the link to her new blog, just click on the underlined words Imperfectly Perfect Mama up there. Elna Cain is her name and she has lots of great advice for writers. (And new moms)

I know, I’m supposed to be posting about some Keto recipe, or great product I’ve tried, but she has a point with the fact that I have not developed a plan and that is why I’m failing as a freelancer. This is important ya’ll. Any other writers out there having a problem “getting your sh*t together, or is it just me???)

I’m just being honest here, time sucks like Facebook and Pinterest are killing my productivity and now I have the added distraction of my kitty (wait, did I just say “mine”), so I’m sorry if I have been ‘present’ this week. My point is, (I know I have one around here somewhere) my writing is all over the place, and so is my head.

I need to get my head in the game if I’m gonna make this thing work, so I need to take some time and work on a plan. Maybe take some of Elna’s advice, implement her suggestions and come back with a bang.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this video showing me feeding the kitty, and you will see why my decision is so hard. Feel free to leave your questions and/or comments and have a great day!!


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7 Replies to “Why The Silence”

    1. Oh thank you, she and I seem to have “adopted”each other, lol. 😊😉🤣

  1. I had wondered about the absence. and, keep the kitten! they’re more independent than dogs, so, after the initial training they practically take care of themselves. you can name her Jina… lol.

    1. Haha, I never thought of that. I already came up with a name btw, I’m calling her Callie since the Spanish word for white socks is Calcetines blancos. 🤣 We’ve been on a learning Spanish kick lately 😊

  2. All my cats were always outside cats and they never ran off so maybe it would be okay. She would probably provide lots of topics for writing

  3. Can I just say “awwwwwwwwwwwwww!” what a sweet baby! Okay, we ave a dog door..both our cats were indoor only until they followed the dogs outside. Now they hang out in the back yard all day…they also, the minute we took away their litter pan to clean it, started going outside to do their business. A towel is exactly the wrong thing for the kitty to litteron…they will graduate to anything CLOTH after you take it away. Get a pan NOW!

    1. Done! But now Dave is saying he doesn’t think she’s gonna work out cause Brandy is too aggressive and he is scared she will kill her. If I showed you the video from this morning, she just looks curious. Tonight she was just mad I think that we wouldn’t let her down off the couch to play with them. I got some litter and put it in a shoebox lid, she promptly went on the floor, lol.

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