How About An Informal Poll?

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Morning folks, sorry I’ve been away for awhile…how about taking an informal poll so I’ll know just what kind of posts you all are interested in.

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When I started this blog, it was because I had made the change from Paleo to Keto and I was excited to share my findings with you. Are you enjoying my content, or do you feel it’s lacking something?

I want this blog to be as helpful as possible so I need to know what keeps you coming back? Be honest and help me address your needs.

What kind of posts do you like to see? Recipes? Info graphs? Written content with lots of pretty pictures?

Deals, coupons, prize opportunities, or freebies?

I’m trying to get a good idea so I can post at least once a week, relevant content that will be of interest to you and what you are looking for out of this blog.

Thank you so much. I appreciate all of my readers/followers and just want you to enjoy what you find here.


7 Replies to “How About An Informal Poll?”

  1. Great post idea! How about making the transition affordable for reluctant vegetarians (as in I rarely afford meat and catch my fish from the Columbia River)?

  2. Can you please give us a good
    1. 21 day keto plan – 21 days to establish a new habit
    2. budget keto recipes
    3. Good shops to buy keto foods cheap- beef, turkey, eggs etc..,
    4. Discuss about whether it is worth buying MCT oil, collagen and so on?
    5. Ask for topics to debate on- a debate is good, where you could be the moderator.


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