My Review of Real Good Pizza With Cauliflower Crust

Pepperoni Pizza with Cauliflower Crust

Afternoon everyone, sorry I’ve been gone so long, yet today I’m back with my review of Real Good Pizza with Cauliflower Crust.

I’m sorry to say that I will honestly have to give this one a thumbs down. 😔

Not that it wasn’t edible, it was, but after having (and loving) the Real Good Pizza that uses chicken as it’s crust, this one was tasteless and dry.

I’m not sure where they went wrong, I’ve made Cauliflower Crust before and it turned out great. Maybe they added too much almond flour or not enough spices.

There was not very much marinara sauce either. If it weren’t for the mozzarella and pepperoni toppings, this one would have ended up in the trash.

One note, read the box! You are only supposed to eat 1/4 of the pizza for the proper macros. I remember the first Real Good Pizza I ate, I did not read the box-I ate the WHOLE thing, lol.

I saw 4 carbs and 25g of protein and thought that was for the whole pizza! 🤣 No! It’s for 1/2 the pizza. Now, remember, I’m talking about the one with the chicken Crust.

Nutrition information

This pizza that I tried today was Pepperoni with Cauliflower Crust. This one has 6g of carbs and 19g of protein per serving, which is 1/4 the pizza. It’s also 18g of fat, so I had a delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bomb for dessert.

When you are following a Keto diet, you are supposed to have more (good) fat than anything. Fat bombs are a great way to get there! My Pinterest page has lots of different flavors if you’re interested!

Real Good has many different products to choose from, if I were you, I would try the chicken crust products, including pizza, enchiladas, and poppers. 😊

No, I’m not getting paid by Real Good Pizza or any of their products, I just wanted to share my honest opinion. As for me, I’m sticking to their original pepperoni pizza, must be the meat lover in me!

Questions, comments? Tell me what you think.


I just want to apologize for my absence as of late. My mother-in-law is on hospice and I have been overwhelmed and uninspired to write. I have not set any goals, nor made any resolutions. Right now I’m feeling tired and if I feel like cheating by taking some small comfort from food, I have…albeit not too much. I can’t seem to eat very much lately without feeling too full, so hopefully I haven’t fallen too far off the track.

I appreciate your patience, kind words and understanding during this difficult time and I will be back to blogging when I can. Please say a prayer for my husband’s mother as well as for him, he needs all the uplifting he can get right now. Thank you.