Suitable Sides for Keto Dinners

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Most nights we have a meat already prepared as well as a salad, but what makes a suitable side for a Keto Dinner?

Any non-starchy veggie would work, so I usually scour Pinterest until I come up with a recipe that will work for the veggie I happen to have on hand, which in this case is zucchini!

We all probably get tired of broccoli, and besides, it’s already in my salad, so I would like a change, please. 🙂 Enter zucchini noodles mac and cheese! I found this recipe through Kirbie’s Cravings on Pinterest and I’m betting it’s a winner winner chicken dinner!

I will link to the recipe below, but first, I wanted to talk about some other sides we have had in the past. How about seasoned and buttered Brussels Sprouts? Even better with bacon!

I tend to want sweet potatoes…a lot, yet they aren’t actually low carb (still good for you) so they are a sometimes cheat. Just one cup of sweet potatoes has 27g of carbs!!! However, the nutrition they provide just can’t be beat. So, I eat them from time to time.

Another great choice is asparagus, which is also good wrapped in bacon, lol! See a trend here? 🙂 I have done a post on the best low carb veggies here, so just grab any one off the list, add some butter, spices, and of course, bacon when appropriate!

Broccoli salad with bacon

Be like me and scour Pinterest Keto boards for more inspiration. Here is the recipe for the zucchini mac and cheese-just click the image!

Creamy zucchini noodles in a mac and cheese sauce
Provided by Kirbie’s Cravings

Of course, there have been nights all we did was add some slices of salted avocado to our plates along with our meat and a salad of some sort. Most nights, however, the avocado is already in my salad. (my salads are more like a meal) 🙂

What are your favorite side dishes? Do you like quick and easy, or do you tend to go all out and be a true chef in the kitchen? I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, or share a recipe!

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  1. You’re welcome 😊
    Just out of curiosity, what didn’t you like about the post?

  2. I bake my brussels sprouts with cubed sweet potatoes and real butter with drizzle of honey all over both the brussels sprouts and the potatoes and it comes out delicious. Usually I’ve put on the same pan that I make them on either salmon or ham

    1. Sounds delish! I have not looked at the carbs in honey, but I could use a different sweetener, or just leave it out altogether 😊

  3. My daughter is on the keto. I wish I could be but I am vegetarian because I hate meat. I hate the texture mostly. I don’t do eggs or some dairy because of allergies. The sad thing is I love butter and cheese. Is there hope for me here?

    1. Let me study up on that one! What about fish? Coconut oil? Cook all of your non-starchy veggies in coconut oil, try Kerrygold butter or ghee on them to add fat and calories. Make flax eggs, or use egg beaters to make recipes. If you like salami, start eating that too. How do you live without bacon?? Seriously 😳

      1. I gave up bacon and other pork 40 years ago. A doctor told me to avoid all pork if I didn’t want another gall bladder attack. I do eat the pretend bacon on occasion, but it is low in protein and high in salt so I only eat it once in a while. I’ll have to look up flax eggs. Egg beaters are just egg whites, right? That is the part of the eggs (albumen) that I am allergic to. I do use coconut oil but yet to try Kerrygold (I have heard good things about it) nor would I know ghee if it came up to bite me. Guess I have things I need to look into to try and incorporate into my diet. BTW, never like salami, did like pepperoni on pizza when I was a teen. :-/

        1. Ok, flax eggs are just flax and water, egg beaters are sold as whole or just whites. Kerrygold is grass-fed butter, ghee is clarified butter (which is a non dairy alternative). Pepperoni is fine on Keto! (But better with cheese)!!

          1. Cheese permitted! It’s why I want to do this! The rest I will look into and see where I can buy it cheapest. Thanks for helping me find an alternative way to eat healthy!

          2. You’re very welcome! Oh, maybe you could do the “Real Good” brand Cauliflower crust pizza! They can be found at Kroger and Walmart as well as the Real Good website but Walmart is cheapest!

          3. Good luck, let me know how you like it, I will try to post more recipes geared toward your needs!

          4. Thanks! If I don’t respond with a like, I got lost in the nets. Tap me on email or here to make sure I see it. Because I want to do healthy things.

  4. I’d have to turn this into a non-dairy sauce, but I like the idea. I don’t have a spiralizer. I think I could make “zoodles” with a peeler, though. 🙂

    1. I can’t imagine doing that! Spiralizers can be found everywhere, even Walgreens for cheap nowadays, but I’m ready for a fancy one. Maybe I should install a “donate to the cause” button on my site 🤣🤣

  5. Keto sides are a great way to moderate the day you need to get in.

    At maintenance? Pile on the butter / cream / cheese sauces.

    Trying to lose fat? Go for a leaner side, puddingp getting in fiber, or just enjoy more of the “whole food” fat + protein combo that is your main.

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