What A Surprise!

Good morning everyone, I hope your Easter was blessed and you enjoyed time with friends, family, or both!

This morning I decided to try a blueberry recipe I found on Pinterest and what a surprise, the Lemon-berry Muffins were quite delightful, despite being made with coconut flour.

Typically in the past, I have not had the best results with coconut flour and prefer to bake with almond flour or some mixture of the two. These turned out moist, delicate, delicious! You should give them a go yourself!

Full disclosure; I use different sweeteners than she does, yet did everything else the same-somehow I came out short a few muffins, but 9 1/2 is good for me! Maybe I will share some with my dad. πŸ™‚

I also used fresh, not frozen blueberries (alone) and it turned out fine, very juicy and semi-sweet. The sweetener sprinkled on top makes them look pretty and adds just enough sweetness to the muffins, plus I love the lemon-blueberry combo!

The recipe was from Joy Filled Eats, I use her recipes a lot!! They always turn out good and she gives the nutritional info at the end of her posts. Click the link and it will take you to her blog post and recipe. πŸ™‚

I also always use silicone muffin liners so cleanup is easy, but I need to buy another set, because I only have 7 and this recipe makes 12 muffins (in theory). Do try these for yourself and let me know how you liked them!

Happy Monday everyone!

Small Bites For Little Appetites

Keto Mug Pancake
Keto Mug Pancake with bacon and sugar free maple syrup

Morning! I thought today I’d share some Keto snacks and/or smaller meals for when you don’t have an enormous appetite. That was me yesterday morning!

As I’ve said before, some days I’m tired of the same old egg and bacon, so I dive into Pinterest to find some inspiration. Yesterday’s recipe came from Forget Sugar Friday

It was easy to make, all the ingredients go into a coffee cup or mug, cook in the microwave for 1 minute, then just as quickly devoured! Make the “pancake”, cut in half, butter and top with a Tbs sugar-free syrup and some bacon. Voila!

Kept me full until lunch too. Clicking the above link will take you to her recipe and nutritional info. Moving on to the next quick snack/meal idea.

Salami slices with shredded cheddar cheese! Pair that with an avocado and you have yourself an easy lunch/breakfast/snack with the right amount of fat, protein, carbs, and calories!

Screen shot of my Keto tracker

Get yourself a keto macro app like Stupid Simple Diet and you can check any food for macros and track the foods you are eating a day. Trust me, it’s hard to stay on track if you don’t!

For example, one 5oz avocado has 100 calories, 13 carbs, 21.5g fat, and 2.8g protein. So I would only eat half of an avocado, like today, in my blueberry breakfast smoothie.

Quick and easy smoothie

Smoothies count as meals, especially if you have the fat of an avocado or coconut oil/cream in it. They could also be a snack if you haven’t reached your macro goals for the day.

The bulletproof coffee and the smoothie already have me past the halfway point in my daily goal, I will have to be careful with dinner to stay on track. So the next small meal idea would be a salad, maybe with some added protein, like chicken.

Eggs are good because they are naturally low carb, moderate fat, and a good source of protein…6g for a large egg. So boiled egg on a salad would also work. At my non-exercising state, my macros for the day will have to be under 1000 to have any effect on my weight.

This will be tough, but you can do it if you put your mind to it! You just need to plan the meals in advance to make it easier, that being said, I should have skipped the smoothie and gone for an egg. πŸ™

Other low to no carb options are Cheddar cheese sticks, turkey sticks, keto mug bread (90 sec), sunflower butter, and raw veggies dipped in Ranch dressing. Fat bombs are a great low carb snack, my Pinterest page is full of recipes!

Don’t limit yourself, try several different combinations like boiled eggs with avocado or two pieces of keto bread with cream cheese and a fried egg. Track your macros and you might find you can eat more than you think!