What Do You Know About Keto?

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What do you know about ketones and/or ketosis? I want to hear what your take is on the keto lifestyle, diet itself, and/or your questions regarding ketones and ketosis.

Why do you like the Keto lifestyle? Is it because it’s so easy to follow? Maybe not. Are you tired of counting macros? I am!

Is it that you have endless recipes and meal plans to follow? Um, no. If you’re like me, you are always on the hunt for something creative to eat besides the same old eggs, bacon, or salad options.

Do you know how to get into ketosis? Maybe, maybe not. It’s harder for some than others. Are you strict? Do you have good willpower to overcome your cravings? Some days, yes, somedays, not so much. Tell me your experiences.

Do you love bulletproof coffee as much as I do? What if I told you there’s a way to drink it and save your butter for your veggies, stop buying coconut oil by the gallon, and still have all the benefits of both?

Delicious coffee creamer with everything you need

Then there are the ketones drinks you simply blend with ice and water that taste super yummy, put you in instant ketosis, give you all-day energy, focus, and fat-burning mode. They are called Keto/Nat and come in several different flavors, one is surely going to please you!

Let me tell you again, if you haven’t seen my earlier posts, about these fabulous products I’m using (Actually I made the mistake of running out but they are coming soon)!! There is one you add to your coffee called Keto Crème that tastes delish, adds the necessary fats, calories, is low carb, and provides focus and energy.

Therapeutic ketones in a delicious drink form

Ask me for a 5 or 10 day sample here and let’s start you on your journey for better health! I want you to reach your goals, whether it’s that bikini body, more energy to work out, better focus throughout your day, or just developing lean muscles.

My team and I can answer any or all of your questions regarding what the products can do for you, which groups to join and get great tasting recipes, what to do if you too want to become a promoter or just a customer.

Just so you know though, promoters can earn 22% off future products, so if you love your samples as much as I did, you don’t ever want to run out (like I did, lol)!! Let’s get you fired up about Keto again, find your passion, give you energy to move and more!

Watch the Experience Keto video right here and tell me what you think. You don’t even have to be religious about the keto diet, the products just enhance it if you do!

Message me here or privately, give me a call, find me on Facebook or Instagram and let’s get you going so you can live your best life! I am lucky enough to have found these products and I want to Pruvit to you they work!

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      1. well, you did find two. The 3rd was the same as the previous one. Was I on spam? I can usually see ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’ on the posts, but not this time around.

  1. I’d like to do the keto diet one day, Kim, if only for the focus throughout the day. At the moment, it’s an expensive diet, especially when half of the things I can eat is not available on my side of the world.

    1. So you have a hard time obtaining Whole Foods? Where do you live? Its basically lots of low carb veggies, eggs, butter, coconut oil, meat, and nuts. Switch out milk for almond or coconut milk. Stuff like that

      1. Well, if I ask around, I’d probably find most of the things – almond milk, coconut, berries, almond flour, stavia and so on. But They’ll be on those expensive health food store, and my budget keeps me away from those.
        Well, I could do the chicken, meat, eggs and some veggies – but I don’t think the diet would be complete if I simply skipped on the rest.

  2. I like that you want to ‘Pruvit’ to us! 😉 I must admit I’d heard of Keto a while ago and took it to be another diet fad that hits the papers and headlines and sadly in a lot of these sorts of publications it becomes about restriction and diet to lose weight, without noting any of the ins and outs of Keto as a diet or lifestyle, nor any of the other benefits you can gain from it. It’s only through blogs such as yours that I’ve learned more about what it really is and truly involves, and though I’ve not tried it myself, it’s good to know there’s ample support for those who are interested! xx

    1. Yes ma’am and let me know if there’s any questions unanswered or gaps I can fill in for you! Stay tuned for more yummy recipes and more! I don’t do meal planning really because I don’t eat that much, but I can direct you to those that do. 😊

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