Keto For Beginners Is Now Alternative Lifestyle

New Name, Expanded Content

Well folks, I’ve gone and done it again! I felt a change was needed so Keto For Beginners is now Alternative Lifestyle!

I think the fact that I’m stuck at home unable to cook inspired this change, but I’m happy with it. It’s been brewing in my mind for a minute!

I will be writing about all the things I did and more on Keto For Beginners, yet I felt like I needed a broader scope so I could cover products, reviews, recipes, brands I like and use…whatever helps us live the alternative lifestyle.

I may even discuss music from time to time since my tastes definitely run to the alternative. Just ask my friends and family! 😉

I’m well-rounded really, I like all kinds of music, yet I’m passionate about hard rock, some metal, and other alternative sounding stuff.

We might discuss anything from my use of essential oils to controversial products like CBD, it’s all open for debate. I might review related books, or point you to an interesting YouTube video.

I hope you all stay with me as I add new content, well-researched articles, and explore a wider array of content.

Check out my updated pages and let me know if anything is glaringly wrong or could be improved. As always, I welcome your questions and suggestions. Thanks for being loyal followers, readers, and welcome new bloggers too!

I’ve changed some of the pictures in my header as well to reflect the new title and to showcase some of my favorite products. I’ll be adding more as I go along.

If you like my new name, let me know, if not, give me a better suggestion, I’m open to it.

Let me know if there is anything else you’d like me to cover or include in the blog, what subjects you want to know more about, etc.

Thanks for putting up with me as I further expand my horizons and welcome, I’m glad you’re here to join me!

Can Packaged Food Be Keto?

Although we all know that whole food is best on the Keto diet, many companies are jumping on the bandwagon to formulate packaged low-carb foods, so the question is can packaged food really be Keto?

I think it’s okay sometimes in moderation, for instance my breakfast this morning was some Skinny Pop low-carb popcorn and some Duke’s Shorty sausages.

Not whole food but not half bad either 😊

The macros worked out to 10g of carbs, 21g of fat, and 10 g of protein. There was only 1g of sugar and the sausages had no nitrates, were gluten free, no gmo, and most importantly, tasted delicious!

Here’s the backs showing nutrition info 😊

Relatively low carbs for pkg food

Remember an earlier post I showed you about the Nice cheese puffs exclusively from Walgreens? They have the same amount of carbs. One just needs to adjust accordingly the rest of the day.

Here’s the thing, with me in my current condition (on crutches, in a boot, can’t put weight on it) I need quick, convenient meals until Dave gets home at night to fix us a nutritious dinner.

Luckily, I had previously scoped these snacks out on a hungry trip to Walgreens and Dave has been making sure I have a good stock ever since! Along with these I discovered Ice brand now has delicious fizzy sugar-free waters!

Not only are they tasty on their own, they make great mixers for Keto adult beverages! Vodka has no carbs!

ICE Brand Sparkling Flavored Water

Yes, the sweetener is Sucralose, but every now and then, in moderation, I think it’s fine. Remember, I kind of practice lazy Keto, so as long as the macros fit, I call it a win!

I have a great source for more Keto snacks, it’s called Keto Farms on Amazon! Here’s a link to the article I read.

Of course, some other great snacks are real food, like cheese sticks, celery with cream cheese, salami, pickles, olives, pure peanut butter, veggies and Ranch dressing, avocados, the list goes on.

My lunch today was 2 pieces of salami wrapped around a cheese stick, a handful of baby carrots and a Tbsp of spicy hummus, a boiled egg, and a square of sugar-free chocolate with a dab of peanut butter smeared atop. 😊

My lunch

The worst thing I ate? You guessed it…the baby carrots. Luckily, I only ate about a 1/4 cup-so about 5 carbs. I know right?? But, it’s the sugar. Sometimes, I just get a craving, ya know?

What are your favorite snacks and how do you feel about the occasional use of packaged snacks? Would you, could you, or are you a Keto purist? Maybe yall can give me some new ideas!

A Quick Update

Morning everyone, and how is your Sunday going?

Today I just wanted to give you all a quick update for my readers who may not know the latest status on me and my ever-changing situation.

I may be absent, or not, due to yet another setback to my condition. I suffered a fracture to my ankle on Wednesday night. This is on top of the two injuries I was already dealing with.

This was the first night. The fracture is right of my ankle I think.

Tomorrow I see my knee doc who also does ankles, thank goodness. Hopefully he will see things my way, stabilize my ankle and go ahead with my knee surgery.

More than likely though, he will stabilize my ankle and make me wait even longer to do my knee surgery. I also had a back injury that left me with sciatica all down my right leg.

Luckily, all the injuries are on my right leg. If you want the whole story, it’s over on my other blog, Words on a Page.

I’ve been forced to sit pretty much all weekend, as it’s hard to get around on crutches (no weight bearing on my right foot) and Dave has had to do for me on top of all he has to deal with (which is a lot right now.)

What is so frustrating is that as healthy as I try to be, my body keeps falling apart!

I appreciate your prayers, and patience as I work my way through all this, I’m more likely to post on the other blog right now since I can’t cook, or create anything to write about here. Thanks again, and have a blessed Sunday!!

Save on Basics With Amazon Prime Days

Amazon Prime Days are coming and you can save a bundle on the more expensive keto basics! Time to stock the pantry and fridge!

Originally, I was going to post about my review of Real Good (Brand) Mini Pizzas, however, Amazon Prime Days are coming and I think that’s more exciting!

My lunch of one serving of Real Good Mini Pizzas and salad

No offense to Real Good products, in fact, I can still talk about them because they are one of the more expensive products to try if you are on a Paleo/Primal/Keto diet.

What’s interesting is, I know for a fact that you can find Real Good Brand Pizzas and other tasty products on Amazon, however, I cannot find them in my affiliate account with a search warrant!

I did, however, find everything associated with pizza, like stones for cooking, games, bathing suits, kitchen essentials, and books on how to grill or otherwise cook the perfect pizza pie!

Pepperoni Pizza with Cauliflower Crust

Wait…I found them!! Go here and check out the Real Good Foods 7″ chicken crust pizza for yourself!

My suggestion if you’re curious about the savings come Prime Days, is to first go find the pizza of your choice on Amazon, the come July 15, or 16, check out the prices again if you have an Amazon Prime account and compare the prices.

Real Good Foods also makes enchiladas, regular sized pizzas, cauliflower pizzas, jalapeno poppers, and more.

Personal size pizza, I was only supposed to eat half…oops!

Check out this review I did previously on my first experience with Real Good Pizza-it explains everything you need to know and love about these products, especially if you eat low carb.

Of course, there are other things to check out come Prime Days than pizza- my basics for pantry and fridge are Kerrygold butter, coconut oil (I should by it by the gallon), ghee, sunflower butter, almond butter, almond flour, sweeteners, vanilla, Ceylon cinnamon, and more.

I found Kerrygold in tubs without olive oil added while on vacation!

All of these types of products are a little more expensive, yet a vital part of my keto lifestyle. All these products by themselves aren’t too much, but all together in one trip, they can really add up! Get them while they are on sale!

And what about kitchen essentials? I could not live without my Ninja Blender.

Lot’s of us are using a Keurig coffee maker these days, using air fryers, and Instant Pots or Crock Pots. So many things to save on come Amazon Prime Days.

Click my links, check the prices today and check back on Monday for the best deals!

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, now is the time to get a trial period!

You could buy what you want at huge savings during your 30 day trial period, then cancel after your payment is made, or keep the account, it’s up to you!!

During Prime Days, cash in on all kinds of special offers, such as $10 off when you spend $10 at Whole Foods!

Or get an Echo Input for only $14.99!! Echo Input adds Alexa to your existing external speaker and connects Bluetooth via 3.5 mm audio cable. Stream Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora or Sirius XM!

Other specials they have going are to get a Ring Video Doorbell Pro and get a free Echo Dot: $169!! Discounted magazines, Runtopia Smartwatch $59.99 (save $40)

So get your pantry basics and cash in on everything else you might want on Monday, July 15 with your Amazon Prime Account or get yourself a free trial membership for 30 days!!

Don’t forget, if you shop on Amazon from your Ibotta account, you will get cash back!!

What will you save on…? 😊

Healthy Peanut Butter That Delivers

Hi everyone, today I’d like to share with you a new find since I can enjoy peanut butter once again. This is healthy peanut butter that delivers on taste, as well as nutrients.

It’s called Smart Balance Creamy Peanut Butter and Oil Blend. It delivers a whopping 320mg of Omega3 ALA per serving! Of course, a serving is 2Tbs. and I never eat that much at one sitting.

This also means that I’m getting more like 4carbs per serving, not 8. If I were to eat a real serving, it would be 7g of protein, 190 calories, and 3g of sugar. So if I only eat around 1Tbs, that is cut in half for me.

My favorite way to consume this peanut butter is on a square of super dark chocolate. What a great snack!!! Of course, I could make some delicious fat bombs with it, which will likely be my next project-since I’m currently out of fat bombs. 🙁

Use it as a celery filler, make a tasty dip for keto crackers, or lick it right off the spoon, I promise, it tastes delicious all by itself!

When I was following a Paleo diet, peanut butter was off limits due to the phytic acid. I have never experienced any stomach upset from peanut butter however, so I am free to enjoy it on a Keto diet.

There is no trans fat, no hydrogenated oils, and the ingredients are simple. Peanuts, cane sugar, salt, molasses, palm oil, and flaxseed oils-a very healthy oil to have. Flax provides fiber and omega3 fatty acids, and may reduce inflammation.

If you would like to try this peanut butter, click on the link above and purchase from Amazon for under $3! You won’t regret it. Get the most from your peanut butter and try Smart Balance today!