How To Enjoy Starbucks While Following a Keto Lifestyle

How do you manage to enjoy Starbucks while following a keto diet/lifestyle?

You just have to know what to order! I went and made very good use of a Starbucks gift card that my husband won at work.

Before I went, I consulted my Pinterest board for the best keto choices (so I wouldn’t look like a fool at Starbucks ;))

Here was my order:

Heaven in a cup!!

I had to go over it with the barista-in-training, yet it was well worth the wait. Ah, heaven in a cup I tell you!!

Now the cup doesn’t tell you the whole story, it was actually a Sugar-free Cinnamon Dulce Light Frappuccino with half water and half heavy cream. (instead of non-fat milk)

I adore cinnamon and caramel, so this was perfect! And to know it was sugar-free made it also guilt-free!! I didn’t ask what kind of cinnamon they used, at home I only use Ceylon Cinnamon, it’s the best kind.

This way, I don’t get a sugar-laden, calorie-filled beverage but a sugar-free with all the good fat version and the flavor was phenomenal!!!

Another choice could have been a Coffee Light Frappuccino with half water and half heavy cream. If you look on my Pinterest board, you will see the one for 13 keto Starbucks drinks you’ll love.

Originally posted by Trading Average.

This will be a favorite site for all you lovers of Starbucks. One tip: Use a gift card if you have one, a grande rung up at over $7!!!

Cheapos like me, will continue to make my keto beverages at home for the most part, but this was a lovely treat! Of course, you don’t want to make this a habit any more than eating a whole pan of keto brownies in one setting.

Still, we all need a treat like this once in a blue moon. So I encourage you to try it yourself, don’t be shy. The baristas are very patient and work with you, you are paying them good money, after all!

Does Your Keto Supplement Work For You?

Want to hear about a Keto supplement that will work for you?

One that tastes great, puts you in instant ketosis, and gives you focus, energy, and drive?

Want to hear my Keto story?

A few years ago, I heard some information about a whole food diet from one of those online gurus that was selling a new way of life.

A diet/lifestyle that would help me lose weight, give me energy, make me want to work out, fit in my clothes, and I only had to change a few things in my routine and shopping habits.

That was my introduction to the Paleo way of life. For a while it worked, I lost 20 pounds, went on a cruise feeling fabulous, and for a few years I stayed committed.

All I had to do was change my shopping habits, by certain staples, toss out anything from my pantry that was in a bag or a box. Eat whole food, meat, fruit, veggies, and roots.

Then I got complacent, I started cheating-no, I didn’t go back to packaged foods, but I started eating more chips and salsa, drinking more sugary margaritas, and eating the occasional piece of bread.

After a while, it added up and the pounds and the muffin top appeared again.

Enter Keto. I was looking for a new “thing,” something stricter than Paleo, that delivered the results I wanted faster. I cut the sugar, bread, pasta, and started counting carbs, macros, and protein.

That worked for a while too. Then I started feeling deprived, and slid into my old ways.

This story sounding familiar?

Which part of the story resonates with you?

Before long I was searching for a new “thing” again, and someone showed me a supplement that put you into instant ketosis, whether you followed the diet or not!

It tasted great, fit into my routine, and helped give me a reason to want to exercise again. I had become lax and lethargic but this new supplement made me dance around the kitchen!

Then I got injured and could exercise no more than a few stretches every day. My husband and I started going out for “date” nights…an excuse to “cheat” on my diet.

Granted, this stuff would work so much better if I kept to my strict ways, point is, it IS working! I still have fantastic energy, focus, and I’m maintaining my weight if nothing else.

Does YOUR supplement work like that? Are you looking for a way to get into ketosis and stay there?

Would you be interested in learning how to get your products for a discount, or maybe even free? Ask me how in the comments.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or you would like a few low-cost samples, click here to learn more:

Let me know in the comments if you’d like to try a five or ten day sample pack and I can get that ordered for you right away. Or, click on the link in the video that lets you purchase directly.

Where is Texas on the Medical Marijuana Front?

Many of You Want to Know What is the Current Law Concerning Medical Marijuana in Texas?

Having a relative with Parkinson’s disease makes this issue very important for me. My dad has a severe tremor which hampers his everyday activities. So far, none of his treatments are working.

According to an article from The Dallas News (which was corrected to represent the right date), Gov. Greg Abbot signed a bill into law on June 14 of this year that gives access to medicinal marijuana to those with all kinds of seizure disorders.

The bill, (3703) states that “specialty doctors will be able to prescribe medical marijuana to treat MS, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, terminal cancer, autism, and more kinds of seizure disorders.”

This expands on the past law that only allowed access to patients with intractable epilepsy to benefit from medical cannabis products. It’s important to note that these products cannot be smoked.

In the great state of Texas, the states only dispensary offer is medical marijuana in oil and inhaler forms.

Kimzy Manley for Unsplash

According to the article, Rep. Stephanie Klick an RN from Ft Worth, ushered in the state’s original Compassionate Use Act into law.

Texas Senate ER Dr. Donna Campbell who sponsored the bill, said it was just a small expansion of the state’s current law.

What I know is what we have tried with my dad so far, traditional Parkinson’s medication, CBD, and physical therapy, has not helped his tremor much at all.

Having permission to try medicinal marijuana could be the answer we’re looking for.

Until I researched this I was unaware that we were so close to being able to obtain medical marijuana or that it can actually be delivered to us from several different sources!

Of course, the first hurdle is to take him to a “recommending doctor” so he will even be eligible. Once qualified, he will need to obtain a medical marijuana card to enter a dispensary or receive a delivery.

These doctors are scarce, however, and I will have to fill out a form on the website for them to contact me about an appointment.

The Compassionate Use Program (CUP) says the Compassionate Use Registry has undergone the modifications necessary to allow the registration of physicians and to allow prescriptions for the above named additional conditions.

All of this should be great news to anyone reading these words that has one of the above qualifying conditions, recreational users will still have to wait a bit longer as no laws have been passed yet for them.

You too can take the same steps and search (if you haven’t already) for a recommending doctor to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana if you have a qualifying condition.

I would have never thought that I would be entertaining such an idea, but desperate times call for desperate measures! I want my dad to get his function back. To be able to write, text, eat, and shave, and play pool like he used to.

We take all these things for granted, us able bodied people. The CBD we have tried with my dad is the kind made from hemp, which may not be strong enough to stop his tremor.

To learn about the difference between CBD from hemp and CBD from marijuana, go here.

This is why I’m interested in doing what I have to do to get something stronger that will work. Hopefully, more doctors will become accustomed to the new law and be more open to the idea of treatments using medical marijuana.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Would you try medical marijuana if you had a seizure disorder? Have you? Can you enlighten me on news I can use? Share in the comments if you want!

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