Where is Texas on the Medical Marijuana Front?

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Many of You Want to Know What is the Current Law Concerning Medical Marijuana in Texas?

Having a relative with Parkinson’s disease makes this issue very important for me. My dad has a severe tremor which hampers his everyday activities. So far, none of his treatments are working.

According to an article from The Dallas News (which was corrected to represent the right date), Gov. Greg Abbot signed a bill into law on June 14 of this year that gives access to medicinal marijuana to those with all kinds of seizure disorders.

The bill, (3703) states that “specialty doctors will be able to prescribe medical marijuana to treat MS, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, terminal cancer, autism, and more kinds of seizure disorders.”

This expands on the past law that only allowed access to patients with intractable epilepsy to benefit from medical cannabis products. It’s important to note that these products cannot be smoked.

In the great state of Texas, the states only dispensary offer is medical marijuana in oil and inhaler forms.

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According to the article, Rep. Stephanie Klick an RN from Ft Worth, ushered in the state’s original Compassionate Use Act into law.

Texas Senate ER Dr. Donna Campbell who sponsored the bill, said it was just a small expansion of the state’s current law.

What I know is what we have tried with my dad so far, traditional Parkinson’s medication, CBD, and physical therapy, has not helped his tremor much at all.

Having permission to try medicinal marijuana could be the answer we’re looking for.

Until I researched this I was unaware that we were so close to being able to obtain medical marijuana or that it can actually be delivered to us from several different sources!

Of course, the first hurdle is to take him to a “recommending doctor” so he will even be eligible. Once qualified, he will need to obtain a medical marijuana card to enter a dispensary or receive a delivery.

These doctors are scarce, however, and I will have to fill out a form on the TXdispensaries.com website for them to contact me about an appointment.

The Compassionate Use Program (CUP) says the Compassionate Use Registry has undergone the modifications necessary to allow the registration of physicians and to allow prescriptions for the above named additional conditions.

All of this should be great news to anyone reading these words that has one of the above qualifying conditions, recreational users will still have to wait a bit longer as no laws have been passed yet for them.

You too can take the same steps and search (if you haven’t already) for a recommending doctor to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana if you have a qualifying condition.

I would have never thought that I would be entertaining such an idea, but desperate times call for desperate measures! I want my dad to get his function back. To be able to write, text, eat, and shave, and play pool like he used to.

We take all these things for granted, us able bodied people. The CBD we have tried with my dad is the kind made from hemp, which may not be strong enough to stop his tremor.

To learn about the difference between CBD from hemp and CBD from marijuana, go here.

This is why I’m interested in doing what I have to do to get something stronger that will work. Hopefully, more doctors will become accustomed to the new law and be more open to the idea of treatments using medical marijuana.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Would you try medical marijuana if you had a seizure disorder? Have you? Can you enlighten me on news I can use? Share in the comments if you want!

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6 Replies to “Where is Texas on the Medical Marijuana Front?”

  1. Given that I live in Canada where marijuana is legal I find it so hard to believe that it is considered to be illegal in so many parts of the states. There are so many natural benefits to marijuana no matter what form one takes it in. I have used for my depression and inability to sleep. And it gets delivered to me. Yes I have to go to post office if I am not at home and show my i.d. and sign but at least I no longer have to feel like a criminal for using something that at times helps by far more than traditional medicine. Never mind that amount of taxes being generated and collected by the gov’t. Federal and Provincial. As you can tell I am huge proponent of marijuana being legal and available. I do not understand (well I can guess) why something that is natural is illegal while pills that can kill are handed out like candy. Time is coming for change. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. medical marijuana (maritol) has been on the national market since 1932. It is produced by the bayer aspirin company. it has no thc at all..and has been used successfully fin treating glaucoma and seizure disorder. The medical marijuana everyone is having fits over bringing into law is the thc laden product…at least it is in Oklahoma. We’ve had cbd oils for years here..they also sort of work, but taste disgusting according to users. Colorado has very progressive use laws, but they are proscribing bud, not oils or inhalants. I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing to be honest. As a drug counselor I worry…….

    1. Have you ever looked on sites like Leafly and Ganjapreneur? Iโ€™ve been studying this stuff for a while, the difference between CBD from hemp and CBD from cannabis. Plus, there are superstores online for just about any product you want-CBD wise, but of course you can only get medicinal marijuana with a prescription in the form of an inhaler or edibles. There is so much information out there itโ€™s confusing to sift through it all and find reliable news.

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