Does Your Keto Supplement Work For You?

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Want to hear about a Keto supplement that will work for you?

One that tastes great, puts you in instant ketosis, and gives you focus, energy, and drive?

Want to hear my Keto story?

A few years ago, I heard some information about a whole food diet from one of those online gurus that was selling a new way of life.

A diet/lifestyle that would help me lose weight, give me energy, make me want to work out, fit in my clothes, and I only had to change a few things in my routine and shopping habits.

That was my introduction to the Paleo way of life. For a while it worked, I lost 20 pounds, went on a cruise feeling fabulous, and for a few years I stayed committed.

All I had to do was change my shopping habits, by certain staples, toss out anything from my pantry that was in a bag or a box. Eat whole food, meat, fruit, veggies, and roots.

Then I got complacent, I started cheating-no, I didn’t go back to packaged foods, but I started eating more chips and salsa, drinking more sugary margaritas, and eating the occasional piece of bread.

After a while, it added up and the pounds and the muffin top appeared again.

Enter Keto. I was looking for a new “thing,” something stricter than Paleo, that delivered the results I wanted faster. I cut the sugar, bread, pasta, and started counting carbs, macros, and protein.

That worked for a while too. Then I started feeling deprived, and slid into my old ways.

This story sounding familiar?

Which part of the story resonates with you?

Before long I was searching for a new “thing” again, and someone showed me a supplement that put you into instant ketosis, whether you followed the diet or not!

It tasted great, fit into my routine, and helped give me a reason to want to exercise again. I had become lax and lethargic but this new supplement made me dance around the kitchen!

Then I got injured and could exercise no more than a few stretches every day. My husband and I started going out for “date” nights…an excuse to “cheat” on my diet.

Granted, this stuff would work so much better if I kept to my strict ways, point is, it IS working! I still have fantastic energy, focus, and I’m maintaining my weight if nothing else.

Does YOUR supplement work like that? Are you looking for a way to get into ketosis and stay there?

Would you be interested in learning how to get your products for a discount, or maybe even free? Ask me how in the comments.

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  1. glad the keto diet works for you!I have heard good things about it! I am on a diet too but not keto! I am losing steadily and am now down 28 pounds!

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