If It’s Edible, It’s Not A Pinterest Fail, Right?

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We’ve all heard about a Pinterest fail, right? If it’s edible though, is it still a fail?

My cinnamon toast after taking it off the burnt pan, before cooling and cutting.

So today I wanted to try a sweet recipe using Fathead Dough (Keto) so I checked my Pinterest board and decided on cinnamon roll bread.

The original recipe is from Forget Sugar Friday, a great site I reference all the time. Check out all her posts and this recipe by clicking the link.

I took a screenshot of what the bread is “supposed” to look like right before it goes in the oven, since I forget to do that.

Mine almost didn’t come together! Finally, after much stirring, it formed a dough and I poured it onto my pan, exactly like hers in the photo below..

This is sort of what mine looked like going in the oven, mine was not quite as firm.

I placed it in the oven for 6 minutes as instructed and then pulled it out and put on the yummy cinnamon topping. Mine was much darker than hers.

Two changes I made to her recipe were 1) I used Paleo flour combo, which had almond, coconut, and arrowroot in it. 2) Instead of brown Swerve, I used coconut sugar to get the brown color.

The original recipe uses just coconut flour, but I was out. My gluten free flour would not work because it’s not Keto.

First thing that happened due to something on the bottom of my oven ( I guess) is that the smoke filled the house. The smoke alarm went off three times.

Also, the cinnamon topping flowed on to the Silmat, and that burned a little bit, which also made smoke. 🙄

I had to open the patio door and a window and run my tiny fan at full force, light a candle, and finally after an hour or so, it cleared out. 🤣

Once I pulled it out, it could have been frosted, but I wanted to see how it tasted before I wasted those ingredients. Ok, y’all know that pizza dessert you get at Pizza Inn?

That’s as close as I can come to describing the taste, yet without the yummy, gooey frosting. It certainly didn’t taste like toast!

Once cut, I thought it looked pretty good.

Next time I’ll frost it too! Still, it was pretty good!

Now let me show you hers.

Hers was thicker, lighter, fluffier and just looked more like toast!

I’m still amazed that bread, pizza crust, and bagels can be made from these simple ingredients; coconut flour, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, eggs, baking powder, and salt.

This one also had the addition of heavy whipping cream, Swerve Confectioners sugar, and cinnamon, of course!

I don’t know why my dough was so hard to come together unless it was my flour. You are supposed to be able to manage it with your hands. Ha!

Now, my last picture shows that my dough even had pockets of air. I don’t cook enough to know if this is good or bad.

Right or wrong, it still qualifies as bread if you ask me!

The last picture is hers, a screenshot of how it looks frosted, which I’m definitely doing next time!!

Looks delicious doesn’t it!

So, have y’all tried this recipe or some other easy sweet recipe using Fathead Dough? Tell me about it!

PS: I like Swerve sweetener because it has no after taste, it’s not bitter, and it’s even safe for people with diabetes! (I don’t have that by my friend Stephanie does)

Normally, I use Pyure Brand Stevia Blend, but I’ve been out and tried the Swerve. The frosting uses it too. Get the recipe at Forget Sugar Friday!