Why You Might Want to Stay Away From Salon Pedicures

Rune Enstad for Unsplash

After visiting my doctor today for what looked suspiciously like a toenail fungus, let me tell you guys why you might want to stay away from salon pedicures.

I’m a summertime girl, love my flipflops and pretty nail polish. So, normally I go once a month or so and have a professional pedicure so my toes look great.

Evidently, one of the two salons I frequent must not sanitize their equipment properly, or bleach the floors after several pairs of feet walked on them that day.

I absolutely do have a nasty toenail fungus. You might think, so what’s the big deal about that? I’m about to tell you.

First, I consulted the internet who said any number of home remedies would cure it, including Vick’s vapor rub, tea tree essential oil, and mouthwash.

They were wrong.

My new podiatrist told me that fungus is a highly contagious organism that feeds off of your nails, spreads to your other nails, and likely, your PARTNER’S nails!!

So now, in addition to the expensive office visit, laser treatment, and multiple medications (topicals) that I will have to apply to kill these beasts, so will my husband.

My lovely new medication kit

We shower together, so unless we were in the habit of bleaching the shower floor after every use, he is also likely infected. (we’re not)

So I came home and bleached the heck out of both shower and tub.

In addition, you get a kit with your medications and a special shoe spray that you must spray all the shoes you normally wear at least once a week.

So that’s done as well.

Tonight, I will have to bath or wash my feet, then put another topical medication on them.

All together there is a lotion, a nail oil, and the shoe spray that must be applied.

We will have to bleach the shower frequently and treat our feet and shoes for several weeks, maybe months, until all this is gone. 

I will follow up with Dr. Woodly in 1 month.

Now, still want to go to the salon? I’m thinking when all this is over, I’ll paint my own, thanks!!

Or, I will make damn sure the salon I go to knows and can prove how well they sanitize their equipment and floors.

The assistant that did my treatment told me it could have been as simple as stepping on the floor barefoot where an infected person had been, then inserting my feet in the warm water where the fungus is having a party.

(Fungus likes warm, moist, dark places where it can thrive.)

So, next time you think of going to the nail salon for those sandal perfect pedicures, think again.

This foot is worse, but it’s on both.

Sorry for the ugly, graphic pictures, but I wanted y’all to see exactly what it looks like. The nail darkens, flakes, gets thicker, and even breaks in some places, because the fungus is literally eating your nail.

The takeaway here is, sometimes you must get treated by a doctor, alternative methods will not work!

I like my essential oils like all of you do, but they are not strong enough to get through all the layers of your nail.

The treatment starts with trimming and buffing your nails, then they use the laser on them which kills the outer layer where the fungus is.

Next they applied the medicated oil to each nail and rubbed it in.

They also gave my shoes and socks a complimentary spray so my treated feet didn’t go back in untreated shoes.

Then the third step in the treatment will be tonight after a bath. (In my nice, clean tub. 😊)

The good news is the fungus is treatable, it just takes a while and the treatment cost today was close to $600!

I can paint my nails if I want, but I’ll have to use a special, breathable nail polish ($9) from Sally’s. I’ll probably wait on that a while.

When my mom used to say, “Suffer to be beautiful,” I had no idea!🤣🤣 😥

What Keto Staples Can be Found at Sam’s Club for $10 or Less?

What keto staples can be found at Sam’s Club under $10? Turns out, quite a bit! I found this great post on Pinterest by Hip2Keto and I decided to break it down for you.

I scanned her list and found at least 20 items under $10 that you can eat or use in your recipes for your keto or low-carb diets.

In her wonderful article, Mary sited the nutritional info of each item and also included foods from Costco. I’ve never been there and we use Sam’s, so that’s my reasoning for my post.

I was trying to concentrate on inexpensive items, some are in bulk, that might save us all some money in the long run to feature here. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Snacks and Nuts

Member’s Mark Parmesan Crisps 9.5 oz. $9.76

Member’s Mark Creamy Almond Butter-240z. $9.98

Member’s Mark No-Stir Creamy Peanut Butter-40 oz. 2ct $8.98

Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Dip and Salad Dressing Mix- 16oz. $8.58

There are more keto snacks available, such as nuts and beef jerky, the prices are higher than $10 though, so I left them out.


Member’s Mark Himalayan Pink Salt (10.58 oz.) $3.98 or (38 oz.) $9.98

Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise 36oz. 2pk-$8.88

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce-25oz. 2pk-$6.74

They also have olive oil and coconut oil, as well as almond flour-just not for under $10


Member’s Mark Beef Franks 48 oz. $8.98

Member’s Mark Chunk Light Tuna 5oz. 12pk-$8.24

Member’s Mark Premium Natural Chunk Chicken Breast 12.5oz cans, 6pk-$9.98

Rotisserie Chicken 3lbs. $4.98

Hormel Original Pepperoni 2lbs Value Pack $9.52

Member’s Mark Hard Salami-22oz ( Prices may vary)

Cheese and Dairy

Member’s Mark Jack Snack Cheese 19.5 oz. $7.48

Land O’ Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream 1qt. $4.58

Member’s Mark Exceptional Quality Cream Cheese Brick 3lbs $6.98

Member’s Mark Salted Organic Butter 16oz. 2pk- $8.98

Mini Baby Bel individual cheeses 0.75oz, 48pk- $8.98

Frigo Cheese Heads string Cheese 1oz. sticks, 48 pk- $8.98

The Happy Egg Co. Organic Lg Brown Grade A Eggs, 18 ct -$5.28

Bottled Water $3.98

Plus, they have a wide variety of fruits and veggies acceptable on a low-carb diet you would have to price for yourself. We sometimes get the big bag of broccoli and I think it’s around $4.00

All the items I listed for under $10 are also 0-2g of carbs (except for the nut butters) per serving.

If you want the macro breakdown of each item, check out Mary’s post on the Hip2Keto website and check it out before your shopping trip.

Or, if you shop at Costco, her list cover’s their prices and nutritional info as well.

So now you know, if you want to save money, head to Sam’s Club and purchase a few of these items as you can afford to, over time, your fridge and pantry will be stocked!

Items purchased in bulk mean less trips to the grocery store, thereby saving you money!


(I’m not making any money from this post, just sharing the good news!)

A Happy Accident

My essential oils lined up on my coffee bar

This morning started out with a happy accident of sorts, as I reached for the Coffee essential oil, I grabbed Lemon essential oil instead, this went into my coffee, y’all!

You know what though? It wasn’t horrible! Nope, actually, it kind of lightened up the flavor a bit and took away some of the bitterness coffee has.

I drank it all no problem. I drink bulletproof coffee anyway, so there were plenty of other things going on that helped cover the strong lemon taste. Like coconut oil.

Know why I put all those things in my coffee? First off, creamers are chock full of sugar.

The second reason is because the ingredients I use in my coffee promote energy, focus, and appetite suppression.

Butter (grass-fed) also goes in my coffee. Ceylon cinnamon too. Then I add some stevia for sweetness with no sugar, and no rise in blood sugar either. Safe for diabetics.

Coconut oil is essential because it has medium chain triglycerides (there’s now a shortcut in a specially made oil) which is an easily digestible fat. A good for you fat.

I had been using Ancient Nutrition Coffee essential oil in my coffee for a while, just as a flavor booster, and it sits next to other essential oils on my shelf. That is how this happy accident happened.

Now, if you were to try an experiment with essential oils and your coffee, let me suggest a different oil than lemon next time. However, if you feel froggy…

Some good ones to try might be Wild orange, peppermint, cardamom, cinnamon bark, or lavender. I have not tried any of these yet, I have sweet orange and peppermint though.

All essential oils provide benefits so you would only be enhancing the flavor and performance of your morning cuppa joe.

Do your research, buy quality essential oils from reputable sources, and let me know what you think if you give one a try. I’m sure the lemon gave me a much-needed boost of energy, it’s good for that sort of thing!

(Just so you know, I am not advocating or selling one brand of essential oil, and no one is sponsoring this post.)