What Keto Staples Can be Found at Sam’s Club for $10 or Less?

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What keto staples can be found at Sam’s Club under $10? Turns out, quite a bit! I found this great post on Pinterest by Hip2Keto and I decided to break it down for you.

I scanned her list and found at least 20 items under $10 that you can eat or use in your recipes for your keto or low-carb diets.

In her wonderful article, Mary sited the nutritional info of each item and also included foods from Costco. I’ve never been there and we use Sam’s, so that’s my reasoning for my post.

I was trying to concentrate on inexpensive items, some are in bulk, that might save us all some money in the long run to feature here. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Snacks and Nuts

Member’s Mark Parmesan Crisps 9.5 oz. $9.76

Member’s Mark Creamy Almond Butter-240z. $9.98

Member’s Mark No-Stir Creamy Peanut Butter-40 oz. 2ct $8.98

Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Dip and Salad Dressing Mix- 16oz. $8.58

There are more keto snacks available, such as nuts and beef jerky, the prices are higher than $10 though, so I left them out.


Member’s Mark Himalayan Pink Salt (10.58 oz.) $3.98 or (38 oz.) $9.98

Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise 36oz. 2pk-$8.88

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce-25oz. 2pk-$6.74

They also have olive oil and coconut oil, as well as almond flour-just not for under $10


Member’s Mark Beef Franks 48 oz. $8.98

Member’s Mark Chunk Light Tuna 5oz. 12pk-$8.24

Member’s Mark Premium Natural Chunk Chicken Breast 12.5oz cans, 6pk-$9.98

Rotisserie Chicken 3lbs. $4.98

Hormel Original Pepperoni 2lbs Value Pack $9.52

Member’s Mark Hard Salami-22oz ( Prices may vary)

Cheese and Dairy

Member’s Mark Jack Snack Cheese 19.5 oz. $7.48

Land O’ Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream 1qt. $4.58

Member’s Mark Exceptional Quality Cream Cheese Brick 3lbs $6.98

Member’s Mark Salted Organic Butter 16oz. 2pk- $8.98

Mini Baby Bel individual cheeses 0.75oz, 48pk- $8.98

Frigo Cheese Heads string Cheese 1oz. sticks, 48 pk- $8.98

The Happy Egg Co. Organic Lg Brown Grade A Eggs, 18 ct -$5.28

Bottled Water $3.98

Plus, they have a wide variety of fruits and veggies acceptable on a low-carb diet you would have to price for yourself. We sometimes get the big bag of broccoli and I think it’s around $4.00

All the items I listed for under $10 are also 0-2g of carbs (except for the nut butters) per serving.

If you want the macro breakdown of each item, check out Mary’s post on the Hip2Keto website and check it out before your shopping trip.

Or, if you shop at Costco, her list cover’s their prices and nutritional info as well.

So now you know, if you want to save money, head to Sam’s Club and purchase a few of these items as you can afford to, over time, your fridge and pantry will be stocked!

Items purchased in bulk mean less trips to the grocery store, thereby saving you money!


(I’m not making any money from this post, just sharing the good news!)