What are Chaffles? Healthy Waffles! Delicious!

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What are Chaffles? Healthy and Delicious Waffles!

Most of you know I had done a previous post on Waffles being healthy. Unfortunately, due to an error on my part, I trashed that post and can never get it back.

So. I’m doing a new post on Chaffles, what they are and why they are taking the keto world by storm.

Whether you follow a keto, Paleo, or any other kind of diet, these things are delicious and nutritious, as well as versatile and easy to make.

As soon as I found the recipe, I knew I had to make them.

Whipping out my Belgian waffle maker, however, soon made me realize I had the wrong “tool” for creating the perfect Chaffle, which is a cheese and egg creation perfectly legal on all low carb diets.

The very next chance I got, I rushed out to get a Dash mini-waffle maker-that is the right appliance for perfect Chaffles every time.

See, the Chaffle is used as a bread substitute in most recipes. Each Chaffle is like a slice of bread or a bun for sandwiches, burgers, heck even tacos!

That makes them very versatile and you are going to love making and eating them as much as I do!

Important to know: the recipe makes two Chaffles, so put exactly half the recipe in your pre-heated, greased Dash mini-waffle maker.

The basic recipe for a Chaffle is one large egg and a half cup of shredded cheese. Some add a 1/4 t of baking powder to make them fluffier.

That first bite of a bread-like sandwich was pure delight. I was hooked and wanted to try all the variations one could make with this thing.

Since then, I have made churro Chaffles, chocolate Chaffles with a creamy peanut butter spread in the middle, Wonder Bread Chaffles, and they were all delicious!

You can even make dessert Chaffles like the Oreo Chaffle with a sweet creamy spread in the middle.

They are great for ham and cheese sandwiches, burgers, pulled pork…whatever you can imagine!

Play around with all the recipes and whatever you do, go get a Dash! They can be found everywhere from Target to Amazon. $9.99 is all you’ll pay!

They even make one now that can cook 4 Chaffles at the same time! Make a bunch and freeze them for grab and go meals.

Check my Pinterest board for lots of tasty varieties! All the recipes can be found there like this original one I started with.

Here is the nutrition info for a basic Chaffle: per Chaffle! Calories: 150 Fat:  12g Carbs: 1g Fiber: 0g Protein: 9g Net Carbs: 1g

Please do yourself a favor, go get your Dash, make some Chaffles and report back to me! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, new recipe ideas, whatever!



7 Replies to “What are Chaffles? Healthy Waffles! Delicious!”

  1. ahhhhh, I see what you mean about being a bread substitute….unfortunately, those of us that have had gall bladder removal can not eat these. we MUST maintain a rigid low-egg, low-milk products diet or we undergo rather excruciating abdominal pain and bowel problems. we simply no longer have the means of processing them. We also have to be on a low protein diet….so Keto (and it’s like dietary changes) simply will not work for us.
    proteins I can process are chicken or fish…I adore beef and pork but they are off the menu now. very VERY little milk or milk products and I can have one egg white about every week or so.

    1. Oh, bummer! I’m sorry, I don’t know what I would do without eggs and cheese!!

  2. I read this as ‘chafe-els’ first (like chafing and rubbing), rather than chaffles like waffles. It made me very confused 😂
    These look pretty damn good, and I love that you can fairly easily make them in the waffle press thingybobby. Quite versatile too if you want to add tasty fillings between two. Nom! Shame about the earlier post you deleted but you did well covering it here.
    Caz xx

    1. Thanks! You should try them, they are so tasty! Try the easiest ones first and put a slice of cheese and ham or something in between. Yum! Also, I forgot to mention, they crisp up on the plate after you take them out of the waffle maker. Or, you can further toast them in a toaster oven for a minute.

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