Keto Biscuits Made Easy

Today’s post is about how to make easy keto biscuits, essential if you miss Grandma’s warm, flaky biscuits or bread in general.

The key is finely ground and blanched almond flour and the secret to making moist, tasty biscuits is sour cream.

I got my recipe from Yummly


Start with : 1 lg egg

add 1/4 C sour cream

1/4 t sea salt

1 Cup finely ground almond flour (blanched)

2tsp baking powder


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Mix all ingredients together and drop 6 mounds onto silicone mat or parchment paper-lined cookie sheet-don’t mash down

Bake for 15-18 minutes-serve warm

That’s it, easy peasy! Now you have enough biscuits for a week’s worth of delicious keto breakfast! Serve warm with real butter, a dab of sugar-free jam, or sugar-free maple syrup.

Also great with an egg and cheese, or an egg and bacon. However you normally eat your biscuits, now you have a keto version that also tastes great!

From Chaffles to Fathead dough, I like to have different versions of alternative bread from time to time. For me they have to be low-carb.

What are your favorite bread sources? Share them in the comments and check back here often for more recipes, tips and tricks.