Day 14- Blame it on The Birds

Well, since Sunday is a “free subject day” deemed by myself, I was going to talk about another successful family dinner which pretty much turned into a meat party! We had ribs, chicken, boudin and sausage. That was going to be the topic of discussion until my husband turned on The Birds. It matters not how many times I’ve seen this classic movie by Hitchcock, I can’t take my eyes off the screen. I swear I notice something different every time I watch it. There’s just something about the imagery, those classic camera angles and the interaction between the characters, not to mention the brain that thought up this “could maybe really happen” tale to begin with. So many horror movies have attempted similar story lines, but none were as successful as his. Isn’t it easier to believe that birds could behave in such a way, than say, tarantulas taking over the earth? Back then, there wasn’t any reason given why such an occurrence would or could happen, such as, chemical or biological contamination. It was purely a freak of nature, never explained by Mr Hitchcock.


This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love the sound effects, the scenery and how Mitch is the brave hero and the women are portrayed and how we never gave a care about all that, it was exiting, mystical, sad, romantic and horrifying all at the same time. What a perfect way to wrap up a lovely Sunday, long after family went home and we were chillin on the couch following tonight’s episode of Big Brother. I’ll just have to catch up on all the Olympics action tomorrow. Until then, stay cool everyone, I know I will on the patio.


Day 13-8-Ball Pool by Miniclip

Lucky for all you who love the games out there, I decided to do one more! Heheh. For those of you who love action with a competitive edge, today’s game is 8-Ball Pool by Miniclip.

image image image image

I decided to save space and put the pics together, it’s pretty self explanatory if you’re a pool player. I like this game because it’s very realistic and does not take long for you to build your skill levels and rank up. Second, I like that you can choose to play against either a random player, one of your friends, or in a tournament setting.

Through the game, there are bonuses too, like your pool cue auto-charging, and there a shop where you can use your coins earned to buy new pool cues, convo-packs (so you can talk to each other) or the hourly bonus earnings you can pick up.

Theres also the Vip club for players who have leveled up or purchased coins. This membership earns you more free coins on your bonuses plus more advantages.

This is a great app for those who enjoy a skill game such as pool, bowling, ski-ball and the like. I’ve played all those but stuck with this pool game because I like the challenge and all the options. Short post tonight being it was a late one getting to bed last night and this girl’s tired. I hope you’ve all enjoyed game week and also watching the Olympics. Jeez, I’m so tired, I forgot what next week’s theme was going to be. I should really utilize that calendar huh? Tune in anyway, maybe we’ll all get a surprise, lol. Nite all! 💤

Day 12-Dice With Buddies

Howdy folks and welcome to another installment of Games Week, my way of honoring the Olympics. These aren’t athletic games, unless you count your brain as a muscle and you’re looking for a good workout! I have one more game to highlight tonite, unless i go for the gold and post a final favorite tomorrow. You’ll just have to come and see!

Tonight’s game is the one i have been playing the longest, even if i don’t play daily. I have been playing this one at least six years, cause I remember sitting on the front porch of my rent house in Groves playing it with my hubby (who was in the house, lol) and that was over five years ago.

image This is the front screen

imageMy stats page and how to find me as a player

If you like Yahtzee, this is very similar, however, there is a classic Yahtzee game as well, I just don’t have it. I rather like this game because I’m used to it. Basic and easy, but it still features challenges and tournaments and opportunities to get cool, fun dice in different colors and designs.

imageThis is one of the spots you can enter a tournament from

imageHere is another

imageAn example of a full house, bottom board (from your phone)

You get three rolls to make your best choice of a play, with all the regular moves you find in Yahtzee.

imageTop board

I used to play on my iPad, but took it off and now only play on my phone.  I also used to play a bunch of folks, now I’m down to three. What can I say, the other games just take up all my time, this one is great when I’m stuck in a dr’s office or “somewhere” and need to catch up with my friend’s match. I still like it, or I would have deleted it long ago.

So there you have it, tell me your favs and join in the fun. Find me and give me a new challenge, a reason to keep it around. Also, tell me what you think about my idea for vacation week-Aug 22-28, to keep up with my blog during that week, I thought I’d post photos and if time permits, little sub stories about them, like what we do at the beach, shopping trips, deep sea fishing-whatever. I haven’t decided what next week’s theme will be yet, you can help me with that as well if anyone has a good idea. Until tomorrow’s game (maybe?) have a fabulous Friday and see ya on the patio!

Day 11-Candy Crush Soda Saga

Here we are close to the end of Game Week and today, I’ve chosen Candy Crush Soda Saga.  This is different from the Candy Crush I began playing a few years ago. I quit that one when I became stuck on a level and could not get past it. Not exactly sure how long I’ve been playing this one, but here I am at level 162.


This one is pretty challenging and has many Hard levels, one of which this one is. I have not been playing this level but a few days though, I’ll get past it I’m sure. I love this game, next to Papa Pear, it is my favorite. I like the challenges, the bright colors, and when I have the sound on, they’re pretty funny too. I hardly have sound playing in any of my games because I don’t want to bother other people.

image image image

The pics above show the game’s progression, game board for this level, and proof that this level is deemed Hard. You also play this one alone, but can send help and lives to your friends, it is an app but is played through Facebook, if you want to play with friends. It also has worlds to conquer and once you do, you need help or money to advance. Luckily, I have nice friends that give me lives and so I always return the favor.

There is also challenges separate from the main game that you can switch over to for extra points and goodies, the current one is called Bubblegum Hill and you have to complete five hard levels to get the bubblegum troll’s crown.  I’ve tried, but never succeeded, I normally just play the main game unless I’m in the mood for a challenge.


As long as I’ve been playing all these games, I’m sure I don’t know everything they do or how to achieve certain goals, I just accidentally figure most stuff out as I go. Like, how do I earn gold bars, for example. I get points but I don’t know how to get gold bars. No matter, I just keep on trucking.

I also play another version of this game called Candy Crush Jelly Saga, however, I’m only on level 52 and for whatever reason, I don’t care for it as much as this one. Sorry King. (They make both games)

Tonight, the Olympics features my favs again, swimming and gymnastics. I’ll be watching, will you? That’s great! Let’s cheer on our teams and watch them take some more gold together. And when you’re done with that, or maybe while you’re watching, play some games yourself! I’ll see you on a board somewhere hopefully! Find me through Facebook or the Game Center, my name is still phleb 50. My name is just my name on Facebook,  Kimberly Smyth (although I go by Kim regularly). Have fun tonight everyone, see you tomorrow on the patio!