Day 11-Candy Crush Soda Saga

Here we are close to the end of Game Week and today, I’ve chosen Candy Crush Soda Saga.  This is different from the Candy Crush I began playing a few years ago. I quit that one when I became stuck on a level and could not get past it. Not exactly sure how long I’ve been playing this one, but here I am at level 162.


This one is pretty challenging and has many Hard levels, one of which this one is. I have not been playing this level but a few days though, I’ll get past it I’m sure. I love this game, next to Papa Pear, it is my favorite. I like the challenges, the bright colors, and when I have the sound on, they’re pretty funny too. I hardly have sound playing in any of my games because I don’t want to bother other people.

image image image

The pics above show the game’s progression, game board for this level, and proof that this level is deemed Hard. You also play this one alone, but can send help and lives to your friends, it is an app but is played through Facebook, if you want to play with friends. It also has worlds to conquer and once you do, you need help or money to advance. Luckily, I have nice friends that give me lives and so I always return the favor.

There is also challenges separate from the main game that you can switch over to for extra points and goodies, the current one is called Bubblegum Hill and you have to complete five hard levels to get the bubblegum troll’s crown.  I’ve tried, but never succeeded, I normally just play the main game unless I’m in the mood for a challenge.


As long as I’ve been playing all these games, I’m sure I don’t know everything they do or how to achieve certain goals, I just accidentally figure most stuff out as I go. Like, how do I earn gold bars, for example. I get points but I don’t know how to get gold bars. No matter, I just keep on trucking.

I also play another version of this game called Candy Crush Jelly Saga, however, I’m only on level 52 and for whatever reason, I don’t care for it as much as this one. Sorry King. (They make both games)

Tonight, the Olympics features my favs again, swimming and gymnastics. I’ll be watching, will you? That’s great! Let’s cheer on our teams and watch them take some more gold together. And when you’re done with that, or maybe while you’re watching, play some games yourself! I’ll see you on a board somewhere hopefully! Find me through Facebook or the Game Center, my name is still phleb 50. My name is just my name on Facebook,  Kimberly Smyth (although I go by Kim regularly). Have fun tonight everyone, see you tomorrow on the patio!




Day 10-Words With Friends


This is one of the best games out there for sharpening your vocabulary and using your brain to create the word with the highest point score, and, you get to do it with your friends! It does take a little more time per play, that’s ok, I can think of worse time killers-Facebook….but I digress, this game I had for awhile, burnt out or lost interest I’m not sure, but recently got it back and now I’m finding old friends and making new ones. It seems like everyone is playing this game again. It’s very easy, kind of a crossword puzzle that you take turns creating with another person. It reminds me of the way my mom and dad used to work their crossword puzzles. Mom would get to put in three words, then she would pass it to Dad and he would put in three and so on, until they finished the whole thing. If I went to visit, I was lucky if I got to help them get unstuck, by adding my word-if I could. It was rare they didn’t finish one. Of course, it was always the New York Times puzzle in the local newspaper, most of the time, it was a beast, good thing all three of us have an extensive vocabulary.


This updated version lets gives you a word of the day to try and make (hah, good luck) and gives you points if you complete the weekly challenge. I actually made it last week but the game is like new to me again. Hopefully, I stay exited and interested and have plenty of playing partners to keep me challenged. How about challenge me someone, and let’s match wits!

Anyone else like word games, tell me about it in the comments below and let me know if you need a challenger, I’m always up for something new! We all need to stay sharp and keep our minds busy, writing helps and so does playing fun word games. Come back tomorrow for one of the most played games out there!

Day 9-Game Week-Papa Pear Saga

Before I continue on with my next game review, I have to share some great news-I got a clean report and a gold star from my wonderful kidney doctor today! I don’t have to return for another six months, a sure sign that my disease has not progressed, and for that I am blessed. I believe a large part of that is due to my proactive attitude and behavior, however, I love my doctor as well for being so thorough as well as personable! He’s a charmer that Dr. Epstein, but serious as heart attack about being on top of my care. He is extremely accommodating and helpful as well, sharing whatever info I need to get the job done.

Ok, back to game week, a less serious subject and my contribution to the spirit of the games of the Olympiad. When I was considering themes for this week, I wanted to talk about something relevant, however, I’m no athlete so…..this is what you get, lol!


One of the games I’ve played the longest is this one from King called Papa Pear Saga. If you like pinball, you will like this game. There are many levels and worlds to conquer. Your goal is different for every level but in all games you start with your shooting ball (papa pear) which you ping off of different objects to either score points, light up buckets, or collect booster “balls” which can be several different things. There are peas, onions, cauliflower, fire pins, pears that grow larger and star pins for extra points. It’s a blast, each level gets more difficult and once you finish a “world” you must ask friends for help to unlock the next one, or if you are impatient, you can buy your way in (I never have).

image  image

It would take all night to explain all this game can do, you just have to try it yourself!

Although it’s played through Facebook, mainly to help other friends get unstuck or move to a new level, you play this one alone. It’s great to improve one’s manual dexterity, besides being just plain fun. I regularly at least check in on all my games daily, it only takes a few minutes, but this game I love to play a few rounds a night.

In fact, I’m off to see what’s up in Papa Pear world right now, so join me again tomorrow night when I review my next favorite game. One can’t work all the time and this is what I do to relax when not writing, reading or otherwise working. I can play while watching tv, pausing when the action gets really good (like gymnastics at the Olympics right now)! Join me, or play some games of your own, everyone needs a little down time, and like I said, they keep you sharp and build some skills as well. Besides, my dogs are jealous of me writing and need some attention!

Share your favorites in the comments below or find me on Facebook and join in the fun! See you on the patio tomorrow!

Day 8-Games Week-Trivia Crack

In the spirit of the games of the Olympics, I’ll be talking about games this week, but not those games however. Psyche! It’s kind of silly, but I want to talk about the games I like to play on my iPad, and iPhone. Some are kind of like team sports in a way, since you play with friends or some random person and some are to be enjoyed alone.


Unlike being ranked first like the US was today in volleyball, I do get a weekly ranking in some games. Why, today I was ranked 3rd for the week on one of my favorite games, Trivia Crack, in which you answer questions from several different categories like sports, history, arts, geography, entertainment and science, but my ranking was only because I’m only playing one other person right now. My worst category is history, so I’m trying to improve that (see, it’s educational) and my best categories are science and the arts.

I don’t feel bad about playing these games because in their own way they are helpful, whether just giving me something to do when experiencing down time (like while I’m watching the Olympics) or making me use the ole noggin, like this game which makes me remember facts.

image First person spins and gets a category in which they have a multiple image image imagechoice answer. You get to spin and guess your answers until you miss one, then it’s the other person’s turn. As you move through, you get chances to get each of the 6 characters that represent each category. First one to get all 6 wins.

Who wants to play next? My user name is kimberlysmyth.  What games (if any) do you like to play? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow where I’ll discuss another of my favorite games.


Day 7-Tax Free-Not For Me!

Happy Sunday everyone and I want to give thanks and welcome all my new followers!

Although I don’t have school age kids, my youngest son was in need of some new duds for work, so part of today’s shopping adventure took us by Grapevine Mills Mall. I guess since it is sort of the center of the metroplex explains why it has become like the melting pot of America in one huge mall. You can see people of every race, color and creed, all wandering around seemingly aimlessly, oblivious of those around them like zombies with sensory overload! It’s all too much man.

There is really only one place my youngest can find shorts and pants to fit him, that store being Aeropostle. Upon entering this place, not only did we notice it was 60 percent off today, but it was also tax-free weekend and literally everyone wanted to buy their back-to-school clothes here! I actually served as his place holder in line while he scurried around the store, grabbing what he needed and taking my place in line. Had it been me, I would have seen the line-which wrapped around one complete side of the store, and turned around and walked out. He was determined though, and to his credit, came out a winner, saving money and with a smile on his face, having struck up a conversation with the beautiful check out girl. I was impressed that he made it so gracefully and scored three pair of shorts and two shirts for $60. Yesterday, he also got a pair of shorts and a couple of shirts at Academy, so now he’s set for a while. I guess we were too absorbed in witty banter to notice if it was tax free, plus we were clueless to that fact before today. Again, not having kids in school anymore, sometimes I hear these things are going on and forget I heard it five minutes later.

Anyway, back to the mall, once we were done with that experience, we couldn’t get out of there fast enough. We had previously been to The Dump-a huge off price furniture store, and struck out looking for a new mattress that was supposed to be on sale, and before that Fryes, where I picked up one of those trendy Ped-Egg Roller things-can’t wait til I get some batteries so I can use that baby on my sandal roughened feet! I also got a new 6 ft lightening cord for our iPhones, can’t have too many of those, and my son got a new phone charger as well. So, it wasn’t that the trip was fruitless, just crowded and kind of frustrating with all of the self absorbed folks walking around, so thick at the mall you practically needed a plow to push your way through. Plus the fact that no one seems to care about each other anymore, there’s no courtesy or manners and I can’t blame it all one one particular group or another, the young, old, every ethnicity was at fault here. Say what you will about Walmart, I’d rather deal with that place any day-even though I have no idea what it was like this weekend, since that’s not where we decided to shop.

Be nice out there folks, stay safe and hopefully you all had more pleasant tax-free story. Did anyone else get out into the throng this weekend? Share you story in the comments and let me know how you came out. Have a good night and see you tomorrow.