We're Gonna Party On The Patio!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I want to wish all of you a safe and fun Independence Day!

Here at my house, we plan on a good day with friends and family, lots of food and pool time…if the sun comes back out! Last night into this morning, we had intense thunderstorms but the projected temp is 95 and sunshine, so it should be fine later today.

When we moved into this new home, this monument was a part of the corner garden, I thought it was appropriate to share as part of my post today. We love it and decided to keep it there. My husband and I both served in the military as did many of our family members, so we think it fits!

  • image

I also want to thank those who served and died for our independence and those who continue to do so.

Yesterday, we went to visit my mother and husband’s father at DFW National Cemetery, a beautiful place to memorialize vets and their spouses. They were both cremated, as we have both decided to be as well, and so they were placed in a wall instead of in the ground.


My dad is the veteran, so his name is placed above Mom’s so that when he passes, he will be interred with her. They are called columbariums.


It was a perfect way to spend part of our holiday weekend, remembering our loved ones and taking the time to visit them. My youngest son had never been out there and I was glad he came with us to experience it.

Now, we are gearing up for this afternoon’s festivities, clean up, prepare the food and maybe even decorate a little. If not, hey, at least we have our flag out!! My husband even trimmed the bushes up to make the backyard more presentable. He works hard around here, that’s for sure.


This is just one section of hedges, but I like this shot showing the pool and patio.

Tell me how you all spend your fourth and what is important to you this extended holiday weekend. Comment below or shoot me an email and we’ll talk about it.

Where is Your Zen?


When I walked out on my patio this morning, I was wishing I could just sit here and enjoy the cool for a while and listen to the birds sing while enjoying my coffee. Alas, That was not to be, since Thursday is one of my work days. That’s cool though, I love my job. It was 75 degrees though, and I knew it would be brief since the projected high for today was 99!

Later on in the day, it hit me that I neglected to mention in my post yesterday that it would have been my mom’s 85th birthday, something that had been on my mind all day. Maybe I was protecting my family from being sad or maybe I put up my own mental block, I don’t know. Anyway, Dad and I know what all the significant days are but neither of us mention it. We all have our own ways of coping with loss and I guess ours is just being together for each other. It might be my need to heal or mother but I have to say, it is always tempting to say something, I’m always afraid he will think I’m forgetting-as if I could…ever. But I don’t, because I don’t want to make him cry and he is still very emotional, of course.

This evening, when I got home, I walked back out there again and realized I’m creating an oasis of sorts, a peaceful place to relax and reflect, tropical in decor, zen in my mind. At least when it’s not being used for the main purpose, which is entertaining family and friends. I look forward to a long holiday weekend, no matter what we do, and I hope everyone reading has a safe, happy 4th of July! Tell me your plans, what or where is your happy place? Is it a physical place or a place you go to in your mind? Feel free to comment below, I look forward to hearing all about it!

Wednesdays Are For Dad

img_3237 A few weeks after starting my part time job, I started visiting my dad on Wednesdays and we sort of developed a routine. I go over around lunch, we eat, either at his house or out somewhere, we go back and play a few games of pool (more like 10!) and then somewhere in there, I help him fold his laundry. Just a few hours, but they have become important for both of us. Now that my mom is gone, we need each other more than ever and, besides Sunday dinner, this is a block of time reserved for each other. We have become quite comfy with this routine and the hardest part of it is trying to decide where to go for lunch! Today was to a local Chinese restaurant that we have both grown fond of. We end up getting three meals out of it because, with my eating a mostly Paleo diet, he always gets my egg roll, rice, and whatever of his entree he doesn’t finish, not bad for around $11.

Sure, I do other things on Wednesday as well, but I look forward to our afternoons together and I’m sure it’s a break for him as well from the monotony of another day spent mostly alone, save his old chocolate lab named Sophie. Technically, she was my mom’s, but he loves her just as much. My oldest son lives with him as well, however, he works all day during the week and doesn’t see him much. Some weeks I see him more, some less, but now, we always have our Wednedsays. Oh, and as for that fortune I got today, I ain’t buyin it…unless the numbers on the back are the same ones I got on my lottery ticket, and it wins. Fat luck!!

Tuesday's Are Meant For Writing

Except, that’s not what happened, nor does it most Tuesday’s. See, even though I’m “retired” from the medical field and as such, have been trying to become, if not a copywriter, some kind of paid writer, I took a part time job as a caregiver. Besides the fact that I always want to help people, my thought process was that when I get paid, I can pay for writing expenses such as maintaining a website, or taking classes to make me a better writer. However, that didn’t happen either, lol. My pay checks usually go for  helping with groceries, or things that I want to spruce up the patio or some service I want like my hair or nails done. In the beginning I had decided to devote my Tuesday off for writing and Wednesday for hanging out with my Dad. Of course, I try to fit writing in wherever I can.

As you can imagine, days off get filled up with to do lists, most are necessary but some are self imposed, I guess I feel guilty if I’m writing when I could be doing housework or other things, as if my writing isn’t my business. I’m sure I’d be making money by now if I treated it more as such. That, in part, is why I’ve decided to join my fellow blogger over at http://Www.heartseverywhere.com, in taking the 365 day essay a day writing project, starting July 1. At least if I don’t get any other type of writing done, I will be forced to write SOMETHING! That will build my writing skills and hopefully my blogging skills as well. And hopefully, I’ll have my network of fellow bloggers at least, to keep me accountable.

So, what did I do with my day off you might ask? Well, I took my darling Shorkies, Whiskey and Brandy to the groomers, made my hubby a delicious summer squash casserole, went to Ft Worth to pick up some sausage from a friend who was kind enough to get it for us on her recent trip home, washed clothes, ran the dishes and put them up and processed the produce my brother kindly gifted us with over the weekend! image image image image image

I don’t care what anyone says, this counts for some writing today! Wish me luck on my new challenge and please, check out Galina over at Hearts Everywhere, her blog is awesome!

I also want to make it known that I love my part time job and my client Stephanie, we have lots of fun times together. Why, just this weekend, we had her over for some swim time and Sunday dinner before going back to her house for a sleepover, which included mini-facials and some Big Brother viewing. She is a joy to work with and handles life head on, even though she has a disability. Some of you may know from past posts,for those who don’t, she has a rare form of muscular dystrophy that affects her balance, coordination, hearing and vision, among other things. Her strong faith gives her the positive outlook she has and her spirit is away so friendly and cheerful. I love her to death and speak of her often. (I have her blessing to do so, lol.) Here we are chilling in the pool. image