When Change is Good

Old door

Last year we changed our scenery from the south east coast of Texas to the place we call home, North Richland Hills, Texas. We came back be close to our families following the deaths of my mom, David’s dad, and then tragically, his older brother. Coming back here was a good change. We needed to be with our people, and they are glad we are home.

Last year, right before the holidays, we bought our new home. We thought we wanted a move-in ready home, but like all the homes we’ve lived in since we got married 31 years ago, this one needs a few changes. Like today, we changed the French doors leading to the patio to a shiny, new sliding glass door. This too was a change for the good.

New door

Of course, it needs trim, but it works beautifully, and I love it! As we age, we become more resistant to change, kind of set in our ways. So far, I’m not like that, I embrace it. Of course, I am more adaptable than most, since I moved around a lot as a child. Then, after high school I joined the Army and moved around some more. Since David and I have been married, we have moved ten times! I guess I’m a bit of a nomad, but for me, change is good. It’s a new beginning, a fresh slate. It sparks my imagination and makes me want to create.

We like making fresh new changes to the places we call home, we make them our own. Sometimes they need changing, like that door that didn’t work properly any more, sometimes, we just have a better idea or use for the space. Like the time David created a beautiful archway into the area off the living room at our second home (the first time we lived here in NRH). Or like in this house, he built a special platform in the corner of the living room to mount the tv on. I’m always so proud of the work that he does, and just like coming home, that’s when change is good.

Life is short, let’s not get stagnant, let’s embrace change and keep moving forward toward a shiny, new tomorrow.

Home Improvements

As we sit on the patio, awaiting whatever will become of our Friday night, I’m happily checking out my newly painted fish and “coral” that I finished and hung this afternoon.


I don’t know what it is about looking at a new creation or finished craft that produces a kind of high for me, let’s just say, even though these were gifted items, I’m proud to have given them a new look and its an exciting feeling, like I’m finally getting the decor more like what I want it to be. As we make more improvements, I’ll post more pics.

My goal is to have a comfy place for us and our friends and family to hang out, visit, and feel close to the beach-even if we’re not 😉.  Much more work is to be done but just having the new furniture, a few plants and pics and this newly finished project makes me feel that much closer!

For now, it’s time for a tasty beverage with my man, happy Friday everyone! Be seeing ya later, on the patio!

Work in Progress

So, today I thought I’d share a couple of the decorations I’ve been working on for my patio. Since we have only been in our new house a few months, it has taken me awhile to decide what I want for my patio to look like. My sisters-in-law have been helping me plan and the folks who lived here before us left some nice wall art, so….we decided to make it look like coral. Then my sister-in-law gave me some metal fish that look similar to the metal that will become the coral. Here is a preliminary look at what I have so far.



So there you have it, before and after, however, the coral needs a second coat and I only have one fish done. That’s ok, there’s always tomorrow! Maybe when the whole patio is done, I’ll post the pics and I’d love to get your feedback. It’s kind of a beachy, tropical theme and I also incorporating flip flops.

In the meantime, I need more paint and some new plants, among other things. It’s coming along though, all in due time. We are working inside the house as well, so….as time and money permit, ya know? This is how I spent one of my free days, and I’m happy with it!



imageWelcome to my patio, a place where we can relax, be ourselves, and talk about whatever we want. I’m sitting here on my brand new furniture, enjoying the morning with a hot cup of “bulletproof” coffee and thinking about what to transplant next. My sister-in-law gave me some new pots, and I’m just dying to fill them. I want to stick to a more tropical look, a feat since I live in north central Texas, where the heat and humidity are completely different than when we lived close to the coast in Groves.

Anyway, I want to invite all my former readers to stay with me here, and if you want to follow the old site, Essentially Paleo Life, it will find a new home at www.kimsmyth.org. There, I will continue my Paleo journey, as soon as I get the site designed and ready to go live, or I may change my mind and start something new. Here, I’m established already and I do hope to keep you engaged with new, fresh stories and posts. Let’s have some fun, dish about plants and anything else that crosses our minds, and let me know what your interests are. What do you want to know more about? What kind of plants do you like? How do you want your yard and/or patio to look. Do you like to cook, write, or dig in the dirt-because I do, and I love to listen to my favorite music while I’m at it (except for when writing that is), cause music makes everything better. Feel free to contribute ideas and ask questions and I’ll be seeing you, on the patio!